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Briefing For a Descent Into Hell

Well, that’s the title of Doris Lessing’s 1971 book, Briefing For a Descent Into Hell. Which I bought as a kid but never read. Always meant to though… Back then I thought it was science fiction, but for fuck’s sake now… Feldman’s reply here (in the video clip) is of course weaker than, …I don’t […]

Let’s Talk about Doctors

We’re taught, I mean actively, we’re taught to respect and even admire doctors. Above all, to trust them. This teaching happens in many ways. Education itself, I mean, first of all, it’s the primary lesson, the very purpose of education. What did we learn from 12 years of school, plus “university” after that? Really not […]

I have near zero people in my circle of family and friends who admire Trump

Kathi Roussel I’m in western NY, and I have to say, that the majority of people I’m acquainted with are all pro vax, pro mask, pro lockdown, and so on. These are people in the arts who I’d always imagined were free thinkers and non conformists. It’s been shocking to discover that the quite opposite […]

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