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Brigid Whipple writes:

7h  · A “reporter” was on t.v this morning, on some city street, being interviewed by some anchor in the station. She was discussing the “monumental toll” the nation has now surpassed in deaths attributed to kovid, and she wanted to know what was the one thing that stood out in his mind the most in his days of reporting on this since last spring. His answer?

“The people who don’t believe in it”.

Not the deaths, not the tragedies, the “frontline” workers, the race for a jab, the people out of work, the billionaires making billions, the elderly dying alone, the inept and profitable intubation that killed many, the governors decisions to send sick people into care homes, the rocketing suicides, the thousands going hungry, the food lines, the new homeless, the overdoses, the school closures, the business closures, the controversial pcr tests, the upending of culture, the supposed desire of so many to just get back to hugging and “normal life”, etc, etc,…

No, none of that, not even a poignant memory of some sweet family whose loved one died or bravely overcame illness. It was those who don’t believe that there is a pandemic going on worthy of shutting down the world, who see another agenda at play, and question the narrative. That’s what “stuck in his mind” (or rather was written in his script). This is the most dangerous/memorable element of the past year… those who are asking questions, those who don’t “believe”. And that’s exactly what the media wants you to know when they run segments like this. That the people who question the narrative are more dangerous than “The Great Pandemic” itself. They are to be feared more than the illness. That in fact, to a large extent, they are the illness, and that is what is to be remembered…. “Those who don’t believe”.

The push is on, and has been on to silence the questioners. With headlines such as “Don’t do your own research when it comes to science” (Forbes), “Don’t go down the rabbit hole” (nyt), or all the other headlines through out the last year that paint the questioners as stupid, dangerous, narcissistic, conspiracy lunatic sociopaths. Don’t ask questions, got it? It’s dangerous. Simply believe. It’s so much easier than questioning the same people who have sold us lies, war, and poison for decades while profiting from it. Just believe. Its a comfortable place, kinda like a nice nap in a cozy bed, and not too dissimilar from a quiet, peaceful death. Shhh.

Simon Wood writes:

3h  · Suddenly the flu has disappeared. Oh! But where did it go??

It surely is a mystery worthy of Mr Bellend Rabbithutch. 


Got that? Lockdowns, masks, and hand sanitizers reduced the flu to zero (and you believe that, don’t you?), so therefore YOU will continue using hand sanitizers and wearing masks after the coronavirus pandemic. FOREVER. You signed up for that. Not to mention, every person on earth will be injected with whatever pharma product the gods of science determine necessary, all the time. FOREVER.

A better idea:

Fascist puppets and their overlords can eat shit and die.

How about some REAL science instead? (timely articles)

From the article above:

Facts about Covid-19

Updated: February 2021; Share onTwitter / Facebook

Fully referenced facts about covid-19, provided by experts in the field, to help our readers make a realistic risk assessment. (Regular updates below).

“The only means to fight the plague is honesty.” (Albert Camus, 1947)


  1. Lethality: According to the latest immunological studies, the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) of covid-19 in the general population is about 0.1% to 0.5% in most countries, which is most closely comparable to the medium influenza pandemics of 1957 and 1968.
  2. Treatment: For people at high risk or high exposure, early or prophylactic treatment is essential to prevent progression of the disease. According to numerous international studies, early outpatient treatment of covid may reduce hospitalizations and deaths by about 80%.
  3. Age profile: The median age of covid deaths is over 80 years in most Western countries (but 78 in the US) and only about 5% of the deceased had no serious preconditions. The age and risk profile of covid mortality is therefore comparable to normal mortality, but increases it proportionally.
  4. Nursing homes: In many Western countries, up to two thirds of all covid deaths have occurred in nursing homes, which require targeted and humane protection. In some cases it is not clearwhether the residents really died of covid or of weeks of stress and isolation.
  5. Excess mortality: Up to 30% of all additional deaths may have been caused not by covid, but by the effects of lockdowns, panic and fear. For example, the treatment of heart attacks and strokes decreased by up to 40% because many patients no longer dared to go to hospital.
  6. Antibodies: By summer 2020, global hotspots such as New York City and Bergamo had reached antibody seroprevalence levels of approximately 25%. Capital cities such as Madrid, London and Stockholm were around 15%. Large parts of Europe and the US, however, were still below 5%. Above about 30%, a significant slowdown of the infection process has been observed.
  7. Symptoms: Up to 40% of all infected persons show no symptoms, about 80% show at most mild symptoms, and about 95% show at most moderate symptoms and do not require hospitalization. Mild cases may be due to protective T-cells from earlier common cold coronavirus infections.
  8. Long covid: About 10% of symptomatic people report post-acute or long covid, i.e. symptoms that last for several weeks or months. This also affects younger and previously healthy people with a strong immune response. The post-viral syndrome is known from severe influenza, too.
  9. Transmission: According to current knowledge, the main routes of transmission of the virus are indoor aerosols and droplets produced when speaking or coughing, while outdoor aerosols as well as most object surfaces appear to play a minor role.
  10. Masks: There is still little to no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of cloth face masks in the general population, and the introduction of mandatory masks couldn’t contain or slow the epidemic in most countries. If used improperly, masks may increase the risk of infection.
  11. Children and schools: In contrast to influenza, the risk of disease and transmission in children is very low in the case of covid. There was and is therefore no medical reason for the closure of elementary schools or other measures specifically aimed at children.
  12. Contact tracing: A WHO study of 2019 on measures against influenza pandemics concluded that from a medical perspective, contact tracing is “not recommended in any circumstances”. Contact tracing apps on cell phones have also failed in most countries.
  13. PCR tests: The virus test kits used internationally may in some cases produce false positive and false negative results or react to non-infectious virus fragments from a previous infection. In this regard, the so-called cycle threshold or ct value is an important parameter.
  14. Medical mismanagement: In the US and some other countries, fatal medical mismanagement of some covid patients occurred due to questionable financial incentives and inappropriate protocols. In most countries, covid in-hospital mortality has since decreased significantly.
  15. Lockdowns: In contrast to early border controls, lockdowns have had no significant effect on the pandemic. Rather, the WHO warned that lockdowns have caused a “terrible global catastrophe”and according to the UN, lockdowns may put the livelihood of 1.6 billion people at acute risk and may push an additional 150 million children into poverty.
  16. Sweden: In Sweden, covid mortality without a lockdown is comparable to a strong influenza season and close to the EU average. About 70% of Swedish deaths occurred in nursing facilities and the median age of Swedish covid deaths is about 84 years.
  17. Media: The reporting of many media has been unprofessional, has maximized fear and panic in the population and has led to a massive overestimation of the lethality and mortality of covid. Some media even used manipulative pictures and videos to dramatize the situation.
  18. Vaccines: Due to their rapid development, little is yet known about the long-term effectiveness and safety of the covid vaccines. Following several deaths, Norway advises against RNA vaccination in frail persons over 80 years of age. Some other groups of people are also advised against RNA vaccination because of possible complications.
  19. Virus origin: The origin of the new corona virus remains unclear, but the best evidence currently points to a covid-like pneumonia incident in a Chinese mine in 2012, whose virus samples were collected, stored and researched by the Virology Institute in Wuhan (WIV).
  20. Surveillance: NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned that the covid pandemic may be used to expand global surveillance. In several parts of the world, the population is being monitored by drones and facing serious police overreach during lockdowns.
See also
  1. On the treatment of Covid-19
  2. Studies on Covid-19 lethality 
  3. The evidence on face masks
  4. On post-acute (“long”) Covid
  5. On the origin of SARS-CoV-2

unfounded distortion = intolerable horseshit

The news media (and the pharmacology industry through all its tentacles) promotes comparison of 2020 to the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Reasonable people have understood this to be unfounded distortion since last summer, and yet people do continue repeating the idea that we should tolerate lockdowns, masks, injections, pharma “passports”, and so on, “because we live through a time now like the 1918 pandemic.”

This is intolerable horseshit.

I put the numbers for 2 countries in a table. Compare for yourself.

Source links:–the-whole-country/population-and-population-changes/

The Swedish data is clear and from official Swedish data source. There is no error there that I can see. But the US data looked bad and I checked the calculations for the US graph I’d found previously on Twitter (had sourced that here but now deleted that source) and I replace that source and edited the US data.

I’m using this for the US 1918 data now: but as you can see, the data for the US is unclear there too, and likewise, the 2020 US data seems not completely clear as well. I think everyone can rely on the Swedish data though.

For broader overview of the entire landscape of horseshit, read the latest from CJ Hopkins:

journal – 22Feb2021

CJ Hopkins writes:

“A silent march was held today in Berlin to demonstrate against the corona emergency measures. Observers did not see any right-wing demonstrators. Nevertheless, the participants were insulted and called ‘Nazis.'” Congratulations to the government and media propagandists, and all those who unquestioningly believe them … what a hateful little totalitarian world you have brought into being!

Lena Bloch
CJ, did you know that to say anything against the government covid totalitarianism is now also “antisemitic”? therefore more reason to call them “Nazis”, I guess.

Sabine Amann
CJ Hopkins How much Berlin has changed! I don’t recognize it anymore!

CJ Hopkins
Lena Bloch Of course … “‘Corona deniers’ are ‘conspiracy theorists.’ Anti-Semitism includes conspiracy theories. Therefore, all opponents of the corona measures are potential anti-Semites.” Who can argue with such logic?

I wrote to a friend:

I see your post about Adam Grant’s article:

This case study in modern “messaging”, ends with:

“I no longer believe it’s my place to change anyone’s mind. All I can do is try to understand their thinking and ask if they’re open to some rethinking. The rest is up to them.”

I assume you agree with the plan, articulated frequently by Bill Gates, for injecting every person on earth with pharma products because of COVID.

Are you “open to some rethinking”?

Ha. 😀 there is a claim there about who is and who is not in possession of reasonableness. 

Probably, I don’t know, we’re so far apart in our perception of what passes as “reasonable” that discussion will certainly fail before even beginning. 

But just starting with that, the premise from the NYT article — to be in exclusive possession of reasonableness — that kind of has to be addressed in some way first.

Coincidentally (or not), John Steppling hosted a podcast discussion about that idea, yesterday: 

Since I live in Sweden I was interested in this report on Swedish mortality in 2020, written by a Swede in English:

Final Report on Swedish Mortality 2020, Anno Covidius

Posted on January 15, 2021 by swdevperestroika

Luciana Bohne


I can’t understand why Sweden refuses the script. I don’t mean I disapprove. I’m merely interested in the cause of the effect.

Zsuzsa Betak
That’s not really the case. My friend lives in Goteborg, she’s told me they are about to introduce stricter restrictions etc. and they sort of follow the script. The only country which refused to follow it was Belorussia.

  • Rob Snyder
    you really have to recalibrate when talking to (apparently many) Swedes. They’re not anywhere near as well tuned into what’s going on anywhere outside of Sweden as they typically believe themselves to be.

    For one, they are so accustomed to a kind of baseline reasonableness in everything, within Sweden (I know, reasonableness is being dismantled as neoliberalism ramps up, gradually, so gradually Swedes don’t notice), … they’re so accustomed to reasonable tranquility as the basis of everyone and everything that they mistakenly assume that anyone they’re talking with is reasonable.

    It’s beyond their comprehension that there are people elsewhere who aren’t reasonable.

    They’re aware that they’re often caricatured as naive, but, awareness of the caricature doesn’t alter the fact: they are naive.

    The effect of that seems to work like this.

    1. When Swedes watch or read foreign media, like news stories from the US or UK, or official policies of these, Swedes believe whatever political rhetoric they’re fed from those sources, because as if they’re born yesterday, they have no idea that corruption exists, or if it does, how it works. They believe anything said, and believe that any policy put forward, is put there from a position of reasonableness. However,

    2. Swedes tend to believe that any criticism of mainstream rhetoric and policy, from outside the mainstream, is coming from a position of non-reasonableness BY DEFINITION, because if it were reasonable then it would be mainstream! In other words, Swedes are highly susceptible to being thrown off the scent by any accusation of “conspiracy theory”.

    3. The result of 1 and 2 with regard to coronavirus is that any non Swedish commentator relating first hand experience of the horror of lockdown and so on in the US and UK and elsewhere, Swedes typically dismiss these accounts as exaggeration, and often, the critic as a “conspiracy theorist”. Swedish belief in the reasonableness of everything mainstream approaches infantile levels of naivety.

    This is a long way of saying that when a Swede says “tougher coronavirus policies are going to be introduced”, you should take care in calibrating the meaning of the word “tougher”.

    It has not anywhere near the same meaning as it has elsewhere.

    The conversation with the Swede is exceedingly difficult because the Swede is not aware of the difference in calibration, and when you try to introduce some evidence of what “tougher” actually means in the US or the UK, Swedes are largely unable to understand what you mean. If you show them evidence of the horror of unreasonable policies, they fail to comprehend this evidence because it falls so far outside the bounds of reasonableness that they either dismiss your report as unreasonable exaggeration (and tending toward non-mainstream “conspiracy theory”), or they are simply unable to see and hear such evidence at all. It simply doesn’t register.

    The latter is prevalent. In Sweden the mainstream is EVERYTHING. Being perceived as being outside of the mainstream is the worst possible trauma the Swedish mind can conceive. It’s like in the movie Dune (“…that place you dare not look”). To not fit in, is terror.

    This long comment now soon ends…

    Over the last year, in Sweden we’ve seen many example of “tougher” (calibrated to Swedish measurement) C19 policies. These have been like listening for a Swede to raise his voice. To non-Swedes, the change in volume, tone, or pace, is imperceptible.

    But, the external pressure on Sweden is no doubt intense, and the draconian boot no doubt does hover over our heads and may at any moment stomp down on our faces.

    The Swedish reaction to that I fear: passivity. Everything, no matter what, is always reasonable, by definition, as long as it is mainstream.

    Sean Stinson
    …I fear the phenomena you describe applies much more broadly than just to the Swedes.

    Zsuzsa Betak
    thank you as Sean said it’s a great summary but this friend of mine stayed for a longer period in two Eastern European countries during the harshest quarantine conditions to be with her mother so she had an insight into different conditions.

    Rob Snyder
    still, when Swedish newspapers report “tougher” is coming, calibration is needed, and anyone living in Sweden soon will adjust to Swedish calibration without noticing. Still, the boot hovers over our heads. I should add, Swedes going abroad immediately accept whatever is normal abroad as normal/mainstream. And so because draconian C19 policy is normal all over the world outside of Sweden, that makes Sweden outside the mainstream, which is intolerable. There is a strong internal compulsion to conform with what is normal outside of Sweden. So many Swedes are compelled to push the government to introduce mask mandates and lockdowns, because not doing so makes Sweden abnormal.

    And that aligns perfectly with corrupted mainstream news media in Sweden (that likewise promotes these things) that Swedes have no idea is or can be corrupted.

    Zsuzsa Betak
    what I see now mainly in Europe, there are stages people are going through. First it was fear and panic, then came the anger and some resistance. Now all I can see people are less and less resisting, they’ve become apathetic and frustrated.

    Zsuzsa Betak
    yes totally agree. I think you’ve misunderstood what I wrote first. This friend of mine didn’t complain and as I see, no one complains there as you’ve stated above Swedes are accustomed to reasonable tranquility and safety and they tend to be naive in their perceptions.

    Kevin Brooke HudsonSean Stinson in my experience it applies to democratic liberal elites in the US.

    Sean Stinson
    I find this fascinating. I think we could probably expand this, although i don’t know enough about Sweden beyond the stereotypes. I’m thinking about the Marshall plan and how Europe was coddled in the wake of WWII, how the working class were granted major concessions essentially to stop them from going red. This was in a sense a kind of psy-op. Democratic socialism was never any more than an illusion. And Sweden is probably the most extreme example that comes to mind. So yeah, millions of brainwashed people, conditioned to a kind of ‘reasonableness’ that never existed. Yeah, I get that.

From Robert Rope:

“You’ve got to learn to leave the table

When love’s no longer being served…”

Nina Simone came to us, North Carolina,

this day in 1933…

She shared with us so much beauty & wisdom…

“Once I understood Bach’s music,

I wanted to be a concert pianist.

Bach made me dedicate my life to music…”

“I had spent many years pursuing excellence,

because that is what classical music is all about…

Now it was dedicated to freedom, 

and that was far more important.”

“To most white people,

jazz means black and jazz means dirt,

and that’s not what I play.

I play black classical music.”

“Life is short. People are not easy to know.

They’re not easy to know,

so if you don’t tell them how you feel,

you’re not going to get anywhere, I feel.”

She was fearless, she had no trouble telling anybody

how she felt…

“Slavery has never been abolished

from America’s way of thinking.”

“Greed has driven the world crazy…

It was always Marx, Lenin,

and revolution – real girl’s talk.”

“…I think the rich will eventually have to cave in too,

because the economic situation around the world

is not gonna tolerate the United States

being on top forever….”

She expatriated in 1970, moving to Barbados,

then Liberia, Switzerland, Netherlands,

finally settling in France in 1992.

She wouldn’t pay American taxes,

refusing to finance the atrocity

of United States Government policy…

“…I think if I were over there in America,

protest music would be more important.

But I’m not going.”

“…There’s no excuse for the young people not knowing

who the heroes and heroines are or were.”

Our great American heroine Nina Simone

went on ahead of us in April, 2003…”

Stephen Lendman writes:

“Sanctions as used by the US are economic terrorism.

They’re weapons of human immiseration by inflicting pain and suffering on populations of targeted nations.

They’re war by other means on invented enemies.

They’re used to try suffocating nations and populations into submission to Washington’s will.

They include prohibitions on the import or export of designated commercial goods, products and services related to technology, arms and munitions, restrictions on loans and credit, asset freezes, travel bans, and for other purposes.

US imposed sanctions have nothing to do with changing undesirable behavior, everything to do with pressuring, bullying, threatening, and intimidating other nations to subordinate their sovereign rights to its interests.

They’re high crimes against humanity, what core international laws ban.”

Martin Sieff writes: 

“Biden’s Betrayal of the Western Hemisphere 

And now, of course, Biden is even, insanely, trying to meddle in the internal political affairs of a thermonuclear superpower by lecturing President Vladimir Putin on what to do about Akexei Navalny, whom Biden and his foreign policy clowns (sorry – I should have written “team” I suppose) have clearly chosen as their Guaido clone to dismantle Russia.

Biden, like the 19th century fast-fading last Bourbon kings of France, in Talleyrand’s famous epigram, has remembered nothing and forgotten nothing. Only last week, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Oxford University personal favorite Myanmar Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi was toppled by the country’s armed forces after a shamelessly manipulated election “victory.” Perhaps Biden felt a particular personal empathy with her.” 

https://www (dot) strategic-culture (dot) org/news/2021/02/16/biden-betrayal-of-western-hemisphere/

Schwab Family Values

Is the real Klaus Schwab a kindly old uncle figure wishing to do good for humanity, or is he really the son of a Nazi collaborator who used slave labour and aided Nazi efforts to obtain the first atomic bomb? Johnny Vedmore investigates.

Phil Hollenbeck

Yesterday at 3:34 AM

·Our Corp-Gov, and *concerned citizens™*, really need to do something about those _conspiracy theorists_, like goddamn health freaks – the ones who read food labels, want their water and air-quality tested, mothers who breast-feed & decline SSRIs for their kids, buy organic stuff & supplements, do yoga/qi-gong/meditation/massage/pranayama, think TV billionaire health experts could possibly not be impeccably philanthropic, believe kids need outdoors, sunlight, oxygen and playmates, who read pharma side-effects inserts, don’t want to kill all germs even!

And those idiots who see different colored humans and point out privilege, don’t understand that the rich are smarter than us and need to talk together without interruptions in an environment of which they are entitled and used to, who question our military being the most humanitarian/altruistic/benevolent force for good on earth, question our need for wise religious intercessor/priests in funny hats, who selfishly want to have their own private conversations, morons who read world history and think its important even though historical science is settled, who care about dirt and forests [ffs!] and believe in animal sentience, or ones who stupidly go outside and look up at the sky, think music and art has value, who greedily think they have the right to freely travel and engage with other cultures, are ignorant about how traditional cultures and useless dangerous wild animals (and bugs!) all need to go extinct, hell, they even question official government edicts and pronouncements in press-releases via our professionally-trained media spokespersons! Even worse, they think they can’t effectively protest injustice while at home on their smart-phones. It’s that bad!

There are even those who express AI-Human-Hybrid Hesitancy and are apathetic about abandoning a dead Earth and they and their descendants living as happy serfs on Mars! 

It’s dangerous to our democracy!

Jackie Guyot

February 20 at 10:39 PM:

Martin Sieff writes: 

“A Tale Told by an Idiot: The Second Impeachment of Donald Trump 

The aging, absurd, senile and drooling old Democratic political elite in Washington were led over the edge of a political cliff yet again by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer and House congressional “expert” Congressman Adam Schiff. They will still revere and mindlessly follow them. Gadarene Swine are incapable of doing anything else.

The Democrats failed to discredit or even politically damage Trump. They revealed themselves as stupid, malignant fools, trying to impeach a powerless president who had already been cast out of office. They failed to plausibly document any of their charges against him. They made a mockery of President Biden’s half-hearted, dazedly delivered pledge of bipartisanship and burying of political enmities in his already forgotten Inaugural Address.

They also handed to the Republicans a perfect precedent for impeaching Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris if they regain control of Congress in 2022, assuming the ramshackle US political system can even survive until then.

The outcome of Trump’s second impeachment was therefore a catastrophe for the Democrats. It repeated Obama and Biden’s disastrous bungled start to their 2009 administration and it already heralds the rapid isolation and collapse of the Biden regime.” 

https://www (dot) strategic (dash) culture (dot) org/news/2021/02/18/a-tale-told-by-an-idiot-the-second-impeachment-of-donald-trump/ 

From the article:

“Yet impeachment is supposed to Mean Something. Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 rather than melt into blubber beneath its merciless glare. Bill Clinton, who was widely suspected of being guilty of so much, beat an impeachment rap only for lying in public that he had slept with a naive young girl intern.

George W. Bush surely rated impeachment for his unprecedented incompetence in so many areas: He bankrupted the country: He destroyed civil liberties. He failed to prevent the killing of nearly 3,000 Americans on 9/11. He ignored Mississippi flood defenses thereby drowning of the city of New Orleans, killing thousands more. He unleashed unnecessary, endless wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. He got thosuands of youn g American soldeirs killed and ten thousands more hideously maimed for life – for nothing.

Yet the Democratic majorities that ran both chambers of Congress during the last two years of Bush’s presidency never had the guts or decency to dare to impeach him for any of these terrible, shameful things.

Bush’s successor Barack Obama blithely presided over the destruction of democracy in Ukraine, risking nuclear war with Russia. He locked the United States into a $1.5 trillion 30-years-long new nuclear arms race. He unleashed war, rebellion, anarchy and chaos in Yemen, Syria and Libya, killing untold millions more. The Republicans who controlled Congress never dared – or bothered – to impeach him either.”

…as my friends well know, I believe EVERYTHING I see in mainstream media, and this is a clip from a mainstream program about science and space… so, when a science documentary showcases a former astronaut who says:

“We don’t have the technology to go to the moon; we used to have it, but we destroyed that technology”

I believe it! Of course! 

I just want to know more. Like, I mean, a most amazing technology, we had, and then destroyed it. I want to know, among other things:

WHO are the fuckers who destroyed this technology?

and then I’d really like some more information about:

HOW did they destroy the technology? What were the methods of the destruction of the technology?

Who did the destruction, and how did they do it?

This certainly would reveal important information about how to avoid destruction of critical technology in the future. And as well, what about accountability? I mean, is no one to be held responsible for failure of such magnitude? I mean, this would have to involve a number of people making really very poor decisions, you know, for technology of such importance to be destroyed. Why aren’t they, at least, being hauled out for questioning?
  • Robert Rope
    An easy fix. Just get in the time machine, the latest model, go back to just before the tech was destroyed, say, “Hey! Don’t destroy that!”

    Rob Snyder
    even a used time machine will do

    Noam Chomsky Talks Time Travel and Biden’s Barber!

    Noam Chomsky Talks Time Travel and Biden’s Barber!

    Robert Rope
    Not a terrible impression. Not as grating as the actual meander. And we could go back to 9/10/01, because no matter Noam’s assertion, Lots care who did it, so would be nice to un-do it.
    But first I’d go back and see to the un-invention of the television & the telephone.

    Elvan Savkli
    They did not go to moon.

    Jonny Toop
    People can’t clean the oceans and take care of the fish or grow crops in deserts or arctic regions, but we can go to Mars and grow stuff. In the back of these space mission promoters minds IMO is the term “Let’s not and say we did”. In space no one can hear taxpayer money die.

    Randle McMurphy
    the TR3B and the fluxliner use a different propulsion than the moon shots of 60’s… more like gravity neutralizers, the liners create a direct distortion in the gravity field, and boom, warp speed for real.

    Rob Snyder
    those also are technologies the USA formerly had and then destroyed. Recreating those technologies now: a painful process

    Randle McMurphyyou think they gave up the mercury vortex of the tr3b? naahh… breakaway civilisation maybe, but tis is getting surreal.

    Rob Snyder
    ah! That’s why Don Petit says “we can’t go to the moon in a nanosecond, we don’t have that technology anymore because we destroyed it.”

    It’s the TR3B fluxliner gravity neutralizer field distortion warp engine, …we had that tech, destroyed it, hence no going to the moon in a nanosecond.

    Thanks. You clarified a real puzzler. Now I get it. Yep, nanosecond is the operative word

    Salim Mohammed
    The most amazing feat ever accomplished by humanity , captured on hundreds of tapes, and inexplicably NASA records over the tapes to save money .
    For me the orange juice incident was the best .

    Rob Snyder
    orange juice incident?

    Yoshinori Todo
    Honestly, I understand the Russians are behind this, and most likely Putin himself. I understand the Americans are getting ready to impose a new round of sanctions on Russia over this… 

Danica Niketic

February 19 at 12:00 AM

The single most destructive force on earth in 2020.

Geoffrey M Young

· February 17 at 1:19 PM

I first started to wake up in 1973-1974 in high school when I read 2 books by Noam Chomsky about the US war against Vietnam. I realized that everything I had been taught about US history in the previous 11 years was false propaganda – American Exceptionalism. I was angry at all of the history textbooks and the entire MSM, especially the New York Times. That was also the time I read Gandhi’s autobiography and became a lifelong antiwar activist.

Lars Sociolog Jorgensen
February 17 at 9:43 AM

Sean Stinson

Western liberal academia has spent 50 years destroying epistemological standards, and now they call us cranks and conspiracy theorists when we question authority.

Prove to me there is a killer virus. Prove to me there is an effective vaxxine. You can’t. And that’s the truth. You have brought this on yourself.

It began with cultural constructivism and the denial of objective fact. It ends with cultural relativism which places everything on a spectrum, including the very fundamentals of logic and reason. No more true and false. No more cause and effect. And it scarcely needs to be said, no more good and bad or right and wrong either. 

Is it any wonder that sexual dimorphism has now been replaced by a ‘spectrum’ of gender identities?

I watched it happen. I watched the construction of the post-modern meta-narrative in real time. I read the death of the author and against method back to back. I watched as knowledge was subverted by belief. I watched the speaker’s meaning give way to the listener’s interpretation. I watched quantifiable, falsifiable, objective science reduced to socially constructed ‘discourse’ and ‘narrative’. 

And now you tell me skepticism has gone to far? That distrust in authority is a disturbing new trend? That free speech and public debate must be outlawed because they pose a danger to society? 

Deconstruct this.

Yesterday at 12:11 AM

A friend writes

“Let me make this – once again – abundantly clear:

Mass vaccination is for cattle, not for human beings.

The mass vaccination scheme is the clearest indication yet that humanity is now governed by quacks and criminals.”

“Now that Biden is president,  CBS is ramping up the warmongering propaganda on Syria once  again to justify whatever the neoliberalcon Biden administration decides to do in the region ..”

Geoffrey M Young
All lies.

Salina Rain
I’ve noticed and also recently read yet another article saying it’s proven he didn’t release the gas on his people. Wonder who actually did?

Jonny Toop
Even better, who covered up the truth? Reuters did, when two whistleblowers came out… we can believe nothing from Reuters concerning geopolitics.

Ernest Henry
The “Assad gassing his own people” narrative is being reintroduced into TV show storylines as well.

Escalating the new Cold War with Russia via Ukraine: Biden’s Unprincipled Stands Involving Covert Operations, Blackmail, Corruption, Nepotism and State Terrorism·

Part 5 in our Biden Series: The long suppressed facts involving Biden and the Ukraine are clear, documented, and undisputed, even though you will never read them in The New York Times. 

James Spione

There is just an insane level of denial out there about the damage being inflicted on all of us, particularly children, by the destruction of normal social interaction that has been carried out over the past year. 

Life-sustaining, healthy, joyful human connection and socializing, so deeply significant and vital for the well-being of adults and in particular developing children, has not just been efficiently reduced by policy measures but also relentlessly attacked, even demonized by a stream of fear porn propaganda, in a quest to attain an ever-changing series of goals, a chimera of perfect “safety” that never seems to arrive. 

It should be clear by now that these are not just public health measures. Whether you agree with them or think they are working is irrelevant to the fact they are also methods of social control, imposed in a completely anti-democratic way by individual executives, that are creating a deeply complex bureaucracy of surveillance, intrusion and manipulation over nearly every aspect of our personal lives.

This must not be allowed to become “normal.” It is NOT normal. We cannot keep naively assuming that these structures are temporary. We will never get a normal, healthy, joyful way of life back unless we demand it.

February 20 at 6:48 PM

“magical thinking…(covid hysteria)”

“In my last article, Who’s the Sceptic?, I challenged the “magical thinking” that suggests that “rationalists” are “sceptics” and must answer and justify all their data points to the “Covidians.” Yet it is the latter, who in repeated spasms of magical thinking, believe we can “lock down” the planet and impose our will on the entire economic, social, medical, emotional ecosystem.

They are the ones curiously “skeptical” of all public health wisdom up to 2020 (which has a far better track record than the disastrous overall non-results of 2020 in getting us past real menaces even though we had arguably less medical savvy, so society and people and life expectancy continued to move forward).

They think they can assert cloth masks, can stop the almost infitesimally small aerosols and droplets when they clearly medically cannot (another Lancet study has added to the Danish, Hong Kong and earlier Vietnam studies, and these are real peer reviewed studies, not extrapolations or assertions).

They cluelessly opine that indefinite economic shutdown and enforced bankruptcy (as long as you have a caste who does all your delivery, runs society for your insulated comfort, and can be “sacrificed” on the very altar we claim would expunge so many of us) is somehow acceptable for a middling influenza strain that even with souped up death certificates with the most curious view of “with” versus “from” COVID deaths (completely at odds, by the way, with WHO guidelines) amounted to no more than roughly 3% of global mortality in 2020.

Oh, and your cancer not screened, your heart condition not checked, your depression left unsupported, your life prospects being destroyed as interaction and education are pulled away, these “life sceptics” assert none of that matters against a coronavirus with a 99% recovery rate for the below 60 (absent serious comorbidities). And how they do assert that? They just do!

And “magical thinking” says poverty for millions, starvation, education destruction, surge of once controlled illnesses, widescale destruction of businesses without any means for us to provide for alternate subsistence, people stripped of liberties, and removed from families, can all be justified, will somehow be “cured”, will leave no indelible scars… as long as this one virus is brought to heel (defined by what metric we don’t know).

No one should spend 30 seconds “persuading” these “humanity sceptics” these “viral idolaters” who want us to eke out a few more locked up years beyond life expectancy, who can’t even “spell” QALY (quality adjusted life years) of anything. No one owes them a persuasive statistic. You don’t shut down the world over unproven models, over a pathogen whose age and population adjusted impact on excess deaths is nil to unremarkable, and then say you must be assuaged and persuaded.

These folks are desperate. Though they currently have the temporal power, and we are all rattling the cages of our confinement, they know absent “magical thinking” this will blow up. And the sheer devastation of what they and their “reality skepticism” has wrought will not bear thinking about.

When you are called a “COVID denier”, simply smile and say,

“I know there’s a virus, you’re a humanity denier, by thinking you can control it, or everyone’s lives, out of your terror of facing a 1%-3% chance of death, when you take your life in your hands far more by crossing the street, or having high dosages of junk food, or breathing deeply in Mumbai or Beijing.”

And at least then you’re not “denying” children need education, or that people have a right to work and the right to assess their own risks. If you’re scared, stay home! “Magical thinking” is you get to tell everyone else what makes life worth living when you clearly don’t have a clue.

Pandemic Magical Thinking

COVID is rife with “magical thinking.” Look at the death rate versus population of Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and ask why their borders are shut, and why they are cowering in fear, and when they intend to call off the craziness. Did we do this for polio, TB, malaria, HIV, Ebola, SARS, terrorism, anything of this ilk? Of course not. Hence regions flourished and moved forward. Now, for a tarted up cold, even if with significantly more “bite” than most, we are willing to abridge life as we know it indefinitely.

Vaccine “magical thinking” follows suit. These are vaccines not fully tested for efficacy, no one is sure if you can be reinfected after receiving them, no one is sure if you can still transmit after taking them, none of the test trials were done on those over 75 (though the median age of death for this otherwise middling viral strain is above 80), so we don’t know they are safe or that they will save those who really need them. Yet this is the alleged “savior.” And it may yet get the credit as vaccination coincides with natural immunity. However, the current plummeting C-19 numbers, set in well before vaccination could have been the catalyst for them, particularly given the low number of those vaccinated in the US and Europe.

But beyond that, this virus is not an equal opportunity offender. Asia has 370,000 “COVID ascribed” deaths (unsure if all are “from” or “with” given no common agreement on how death certificates are filled out) among 2.2 million deaths asserted worldwide! No one in their rational right mind, looking at Asia’s population could proclaim “Pandemic!” Much less, “Beware, life as we know it is threatened.” No, that dubious achievement, where we see over-reaction on that continent in pockets, of unraveling life as we know it, belongs to us, and our politically mandated cringing, our data-free fear fomented by WHO witch doctors.

Africa has even lower numbers. And forget claims that we’re not documenting assiduously. If we’re off by 100,000, it wouldn’t materially change the assessment, and there clearly aren’t millions of corpses secretly being stockpiled all over Africa and Asia to throw “Worldometers” off. Asia Pacific, and Africa, don’t need a vaccine savior for COVID. It’s uncertain anywhere does, except “possibly” if they are shown safe for the most vulnerable.

And whenever there is another spike, showing the utter inability of “lockdown and mask” to achieve much of anything other than yet another wave, the “magical thinking” orthodoxy is “should have locked down faster and harder”. And no one asks, why keep repeating what clearly keeps failing, ever more strenuously?

Nor does anyone ask,

“Why does one death matter more than another?”

Who decided this one source of mortality, which hasn’t even tipped global mortality appreciably, despite lumping all kinds of deaths together, despite the strange “disappearance” of the flu and influenza (any suspicion they are embedded in C-19 stats along with many other respiratory illnesses given the perverse imprecision of PCR testing?), and given the shocking destruction of livelihood and education, is what all of our life and focus has to revolve around?

And magical thinking leads to “magical counting.” In the UK, despite bloviating about “worst year since 1940,” if you look at real data, adjust for age and population, the mortality figures were worse in 2008 than 2020. As commentator James Delingpole pointed out:

“The age-standardized mortality rate in 2020 of 1,043.5 deaths per 100,000 of the population was surpassed not only in 2008 (1,091.9 deaths per 100,000), but also in 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001 and 2000 (on the same basis).”

And here’s the “magical thinking” no one seems to want to confront. How and who will deal with the collateral damage of “not considering” cost-benefits? This is the very essence of magical thinking derangement. Here is a smattering of headlines reported by the wonderful folk at Rational Ground from around the world which will never get discussed as having been “avoidable” ills not from the pandemic, but our magical thinking fueled pandemic response:

“Over 70% of youth seeking psych care amid COVID report suicidal thoughts.”

“Pandemic raises Japan suicide rate after decade of decline.”

“New study shows every week of lockdown increases binge drinking.”

“Nearly 8 million Americans have fallen into poverty since the summer.”

“Canada-wide survey of women’s shelters shows abuse more severe during pandemic.”

“COVID-driven recession likely to push 2m UK families into poverty.”

“Half of Europe’s smaller businesses risk bankruptcy within year.”

“Lockdown fuels child labor in Zimbabwe.”

“Parents warned of ‘sharp rise’ in eating disorders.”

“Record hunger in the Philippines as COVID-19 restrictions bite.”

“World Food Program to assist largest number of hungry people ever, as coronavirus devastates poor nations.” (Those poor nations are not being devastated by viral respiratory deaths, but our fevered, frenzied, all-or-nothing over-reaction clearly)

“The cost of inaction: C-19 related service disruptions cause hundreds of thousands of extra deaths from HIV.” (That projected number based on WHO and UNAIDS is 500,000!)

To sum up, as a commentator said in horror and shock,

“It’s pretty incredible to consider that right now governments are saying, ‘in order to keep you safe, we need to impoverish you, imprison you, force mask and vaccinate you, plus separate you from your family’ and there are millions of people out there just saying ‘okay’.”

We can thank Providence, that a smattering of countries or jurisdictions (Belarus, Sweden, South Asia, States like Florida and Georgia, among others) have turned the corner away from this anti-human nonsense, and in “pockets,” Sri Lanka of late for example, freedom is expanding. And all those who pride themselves as evangelists for expanding human freedom, self-proclaimed bastions of rectitude, could stand reminding that “human rights” include the right to be free from the above impositions on life and liberty as well.

The Magical Thinking Absurdity We Must Finally Transcend

“Zero COVID” is the silliest assertion, the final outbreak of Magical Thinking. It is what it says, we never let up, until there is no COVID. There is a lexicon of things wrong with this aspiration:

There is no precedent, only smallpox has been eliminated in our constellation of pandemic foes completely. And that took roughly two centuries.

Showing Australia, which enforces police states over a few cases, and New Zealand, which is small and isolated and already needing Chinese economic resuscitation and has converted COVID into mass psychosis, as “case studies.” No rational person on the numbers globally, much less in Asia Pacific, much less in Oceania, would on any cost-benefit basis, cheer for this.

On this basis, what do you do when the next coronavirus or other contagious pathogen lands? No one ever, in magical thinking land, will even address this. Do this all over again? Who with a straight face and half a mind would propose that? People in places that never shut down really or have opened back up, increasingly tell me, with the wisdom of sages, “It’s a virus, we have to live with this.” They are stating what billions of years of natural history testify to.

Why ever then open your borders? You’d have to wait for the planetary eradication of C-19. If you’re a country that can survive for several years like this, and hope mutations don’t outpace vaccinations, “possibly.” But I don’t know such a country. This is a promise you can’t fulfill; it is magical thinking incarnate.

And inside the barricaded citadel, let’s be aware this is a totalitarian aim for a totalitarian regime. Period.

High time now to shed “magical thinking” and commit to economic growth, and recommit to social development, and trust that what has kept this pathogen at bay in many regions and countries and states, is more resilient and represents more native wisdom than all our control fetishism.

When you use “real” thinking, you can then truly create magic. We did it in the Industrial Revolution, we did it in civil rights legislation in the US, Japan went from Hiroshima to Sony and beyond, scientifically we went “quantum” and reinvented possibility via the microchip. Medicine and life expectancy grew in leaps and bounds. Women helped us outgrow stultifying roles that held their potential in check… progress there, however imperfect. Humanity’s history is a history of halting but definite progress, growing through challenges and disasters, calibrating towards a “more perfect” union and expression of our capabilities, however much still that’s a work in progress.

Let’s do more of that. Real thinking and real action flowing from that. Real magic.”

Billy Bob
Oooh, I turn on CNN this morning and they are leading with “Chinese gang rape in genocidal concentration camps”.

Do people really believe this crazy shit?  

Ajamu Baraka 
I prefer the crude, honest white supremacy of Trump over the disarming slick morally pretentious white supremacy of Biden. The difference? Trump represents the aggressive, U.S. centric nationalists, where Biden represents cosmopolitan transnational finance & corporate rulers.

Ajamu Baraka 
CNN & corporate media are propaganda instruments for ruling class & its war agenda. Hey CNN, what about the two million incarcerated in the U.S. with half Black folks? What about documented rapes of women by male guards in women’s prisons? Drop the warmongering against China.

Rob Snyder
I figured it out. The missing puzzle piece. The distinction between Covid deaths and vaccine deaths.

It SOUNDS like a contradiction, that:

1. any death from any cause (gun shot, car accident, cancer, 100 years old…) within 28 days of a PCR detection of a 30 base pairs fragment of a coronavirus (not unique to Sars Cov 2), is death caused by Covid 19, and

2. Zero cases of deaths within a couple of months after Covid Vaccine are caused by the vaccine. The CDC has identified no such cases.

But it is no contradiction AT ALL. 

It has to do with intent. The intention oF vaccine companies is GOOD. The intention of coronaviruses is BAD.

See? There. 1 and 2 are satisfactorily reconciled, completely!

You’re welcome.

Lars Sociolog Jorgensen
The excellent Swedish doctor/writer with a book on COVID-19. I’m definetely buying it!

“The author’s conclusion is that the covid policy that most of the world’s governments – including Sweden’s – are NOT GROUNDED on facts. The measures taken have therefore often been either without effect or caused more damage than the virus itself.”

Martin Halvorson
I’ve talked a lot about the perils of delayed diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses. We all have.

But I haven’t heard many people say much about the obvious consequences of telling all patients with respiratory virus symptoms to stay home alone until they can’t breath!

Take bacterial pneumonia for instance – early intervention with antibiotics and it’s a pretty benign illness, let it advance so far that you’re having trouble breathing (and add in overwhelming fear and anxiety and isolation) and even the strongest would have trouble surviving!

The consequences of this sort of policy during the flu season last year (and this year) are monstrous!

Martin Larner
That was exactly what happened as described by the Italian Doctor I’ve posted about.

Martin Halvorson
yes I had just summed it up in short form in hopes that more would get it; so many people only read headlines without opening articles. And I’m sort of gobsmacked by how simple and obvious it is, and I’ve never really heard it articulated like in that article you posted

Martin Larner
I’ve just been talking about it on Charlotte’s post. See your DMs.

Rob Snyder
I was amazed by that article too. Have you found confirmation that such directives were given to doctors in other countries?

Martin Larner
Very similar things looked to have happened across the Western world. I think it was passed down from WHO so hence the compliance.

Rob Snyder
this is the biggest story of the entire shit show if confirmed. And if doctors acquiesced to this en masse it demonstrates an absolutely shocking degree of both stupidity and obedience

Lena Bloch
In America,,contrary to Europe, doctors don’t do house visits. Here, if you are sick, you have to physically GO to your doctor – and if you are so sick that you cannot go, call ambulance and they will drive you to hospital. If you don’t want to go to a hospital, just want a right treatment at home – too bad, you will not get it. No way. You won’t get a prescription or you won’t be able to fill it. As all doctors appointments were cancelled and doctors offices closed, people were not able to go to any doctor at all. So al they could do, is wait until too late without treatment and then be driven to hospital to be put on a ventilator. Which meant death. That’s how all people died in NY State.

Martin Halvorson
well I know that’s what we were all told in Canada – if you’re symptomatic stay home and isolate and fall an ambulance if you can’t breathe!

Rob Snyder
Jesus. Was that in newspapers? TV news? Can you find any links?

Martin Halvorson
oh yes it was widely publicized

Rob Snyder
i’d like to blog some examples of those messages

Rob Snyder
Also, the article  talks about a directive communicated to Italian doctors from the Italian health ministry. I want to find confirmation of those directives, in Italy and elsewhere

Italian Doctor: in Covid I Acted as Usual, I Had No Death or ICU Hospitalization

Italian Doctor: in Covid I Acted as Usual, I Had No Death or ICU Hospitalization

Martin Halvorson
this is an early example:

Martin Halvorson
I know that the Chief public health officers for BC and Alberta and Canada are former employees/consultants of the WHO, they’ve been catechized…

Lena Bloch
Rob, in 2019, I had high fever for 4 days, could not eat and could not stop coughing, could not breathe. I had a televisit with a random doctor, who told me to get antibiotics in the pharmacy which I could not get because I could not walk or even get up. I was only eating paracetamol and drinking water. If I would be 20 or 25 years older, I would probably die. Instead, I got out, somehow, very weak, could not really function right a couple of months later, could not stop coughing for another 3 months, was wheezing and whistling in my chest for 6 months. Nobody took any tests, except X-ray and CT scan of my lungs – but of course when I wasn’t sick with fever already. Nobody knows what that was. It says “respiratory infection”. It is the situation with all respiratory illnesses or flu, that people have no chance to go to doctors if they have it real bad. Or – you can go but if you have high fever and literally chocking from cough, you can’t imagine a torture of being in a hospital’s waiting room for hours, without attendance or even water. I REALLY do not know how sick people can get any help in the US.

David Revell
all the symptoms put forward could apply to a shit load of different problems… even an allergy to pet fur

Brigid Whipple
is the above article you posted in the comments the one that Martin Larner was also mentioning?

Rob Snyder
I think so. Not certain

Rob Snyder
a few times in the last 30 years or so I’ve had pretty severe lung infection that lingered for weeks. I’d gone to the same local family practice doctor every time, in Lexington Kentucky, and twice that I remember he prescribed antibiotics for that. Thinking back, I made office visits for that, to his family practice office. Then went to the drug store on my way home to pick up the drugs. Once these were the type taken for 7 to 10 days or something, and another time was the 5 day type, I think, if I remember. Both times the severe weeks-long coughing ended and I returned to normal, after the antibiotics.

Now I wonder if this happened to me in 2020, would I not have received this treatment.

Ha. Christ! I imagine wearing a fucking mask in that condition, trying to breathe, with fucking pneumonia. God damn. Yeah, I’d surely be dead now, with such condition untreated, then hauled into hospital near death, to the ventilator!

And after my certain death, my masked liberal friends (I’m a recovering believer since 2011), walking around masked “saving lives!” With the greatest “concern”, listening to violins 


′′ This is probably the best article written about the pandemic. We are actually winding down democracy! Now it is time to end freedom restrictions, and the pandemic law should be abolished immediately.”

-Sven Roman on Twitter

Janice Kortkamp

9h  · Obama’s legacy was to make wars cool for this generation of liberals. The number of US soldiers coming back in caskets has been reduced by using modern, high price tag technology – also mercenaries and proxies – while the numbers of victims of our war machine keeps rising. We’ve become very efficient at mass murder.

Americans in general *say* they’re against war but in truth, most of them love it. Both left and right – absolutely love the death, destruction, the carnage, the lies, the propaganda.Some outright cheer it all on while others show their “love” by their silent acquiescence.

People on the left think our war machine is “helping” people by bombing, drone striking, sanctioning to starvation, sponsoring numerous death squads and terrorist proxies, and overthrowing governments.

While people on the right tend to equate US [fake] “greatness” with conquest. Those lines are getting blurred now – there’s just an overall sense of acceptance of the empire and a growing glorying in it.And this phenomenon is almost 100% media marketing – not just “news” – which the majority of Americans don’t follow seriously anyhow – it’s entertainment media that also drives this mentality.I have a dear, now anti-war, friend who used to be involved in military intelligence – he said he always knew when the US was planning a new war because of the hollywood movies that were coming out.

60 Minutes did a new hit piece against Syria’s leader last night. A real yawner regurgitating all the “Assad is a monster” bullcrap the media has been shoving down everyone’s throats to justify the US regime change addicts’ ten years of terrorism against the Syrian people. Why have we been trying to overthrow the secular, women-empowering, non-aggressive Syrian government?Because the neocons “War on Terror” was a ruse – a great game by the Israel-first neocons to wage war on behalf of Israeli greed and ambitions primarily, in addition to pursuing the post-WWII goals of US hegemony over the Middle East.

Once you wake up from the propaganda induced coma and realize that the truth of the ME conflicts is 180 degrees from what we’ve been told, the wars make a lot more sense. It is a brutal awakening – nauseating – depressing. But understanding the truth is better than being manipulated because of ignorance.


Clear Messaging

Yesterday's conversation continues. 

Sean Stinson

So far the main difference between the virus and the poxine is the virus only kills the elderly.

Jay Hall

Corinne Fornow

Pierre Potgieter
For the average healthy person the chances of dying from the virus, are the same as dying from the poxine. So, they’ve effectively doubled our chances of dying.

Sean Stinson 438 dead in Europe after taking the poxine.

David Haswell Many more.

Jay Hall
What was the cause of death? If you gave 10 million people a vegemite sandwich, and of those say 3 million were in aged care homes, and say 438 died, would you ban vegemite?

Rob Snyder

there are many things I would do before banning the Vegemite sandwich. First I’d use a PCR test on 20% of the population every 5 weeks to detect a molecular fragment of any of the ingredients of the Vegemite sandwich. Then I’d order the population to stand 2 meters apart to reduce transmission of those molecules through respiration. Then I’d close businesses and schools and prohibit gatherings. Then I’d inject gene modification products into everyone to reduce symptoms of those infected with vegemite sandwich particles. And only then, after doing everything possible to mitigate Vegemite sandwich infection, I would enhance all of these measures, strengthen and continue them as long as it takes to eliminate all molecular evidence of Vegemite sandwiches, Zero Vegemite. so that none of this has to happen again (with regard to Vegemite sandwiches)

Sean Stinson
you win the internet today.

Jay Hall
well I must admit, it was a cool reply. But, has anyone answered the core thrust in a numerical and un emotive manner? I mean name calling is one thing , but numbers are another

Jay Hall
and I must retire, thank you for the memories folks

Rob Snyder
I live in Sweden. A Swede analyzed numbers here 

This was said by a friend yesterday and will have to be understood eventually. Otherwise we’ll be isolating, locking down, masking, and injecting ourselves every year, permanently:

Seems to me that vaccinations, which may or may not turn out to positively affect average life expectancy in the context of viral pandemic, are to be seen in terms of a panacea. The problem that they purport to solve is actually unsolvable in principle since it is mortality itself and the effect of the law of diminishing returns of medical technologies applied in advanced capitalist societies characterised by an aging population and falling birth rate.

Thomas Beavitt

Jay Hall
But for real, correlation Does not equal causality. No matter how much really want it to

Sean Stinson
it did when old people with multiple comorbidities were dying from the virus. 

Perfectly reasonable questions. Also necessary.

There is nothing complex in answering them. Only the will to answer them and apply the most minimal of functional reasoning.

1. Which years among the last 120 years should Sweden NOT have been locked down, masked, and injected, if Sweden should have been locked down, masked, and injected in 2020?

2. For the next 120 years (until the year 2141), what is the target mortality rate that would justify lifting the restrictions — that should have been imposed in 2020 and 114 of the last 120 years that had a higher death rate than 2020 — ending lockdown, masking, and injections?

Jay Hall
interesting read, thanks, very detailed analysis. It certainly acknowledged some poor decisions in state infrastructure investment but does not discuss vaccination related mortality rates.

Rob Snyder
it’s an analysis of 2020 mortality data in Sweden. Vaccinations were not administered for Covid in 2020.

Rob Snyder
I ask 2 questions:

1. Which years among the last 120 years should Sweden NOT have been locked down, masked, and injected, if Sweden should have been locked down, masked, and injected in 2020?

2. For the next 120 years, through 2141, what is the target mortality rate that would justify lifting the restrictions — that should have been imposed in 2020 and 114 of the last 120 years that had a higher death rate — ending lockdown, masking, and injections?

114 of the last 120 years were deadlier than 2020 in Sweden (deaths per population).

The 6 years of the last 120 that were less deadly (slightly) than 2020 were 2014, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 2019.

2019 was the least deadly year in Sweden in the last 120 years, and possibly the least deadly ever in the history of Sweden. 2020 is slightly higher, a bit less than 2013.

2020 death rate in Sweden is near all time low

Jay Hall
Those are good questions for which I do not have the answer. Is it possible that there are.multiple factors related to the death rate in 2020 some of which may have even been related to lockdown( I’m thinking say automobile deaths, etc) not really where I was coming from in originally responding to an assertion regarding vaccine deaths though

Jay Hall
that is exactly my point in the context of discussion related to Sean’s post

Jay Hall
Oops, my comment above was in response to yours acknowledging it did not include vaccination stats

Rob Snyder
there are no vaccination stats for 2020 in Sweden because no Covid vaccination was done in 2020.

Your point about possible reduction in auto fatalities in Sweden in 2020 due to reduced driving resulting from increased work from home because of C19 policy may be true. But a small effect. Only about 300 people die per year in car crashes in Sweden

Even a reduction of 100% would not be very significant in all-cause mortality of over 90,000 deaths per year.

Jay Hall
that was just a basic what if there are also other factors related to reduction, sorry if it seemed like I was claiming a fact. I’ll just ask that you see the op statement and provide some objective evidence of the claim that covid vaccination is causing more deaths than th e virus, without ad hominem if possible

Rob Snyder
“without ad hominem if possible”. That’s an ad hominem. You understand that. Right? I have not attacked your person, your motivations. You just implied that I did. That’s an ad hominem. A smear.

Rob Snyder
A variation of the loaded question… “have you stopped beating your wife?”, contains within it an unwarranted assumption (presumption of guilt)

This is like the Covid narrative itself.

An entire population should receive experimental injections, not because of demonstrably abnormal illness or death rates, but because “vaccine hesitancy” is a symptom of anti-social psychopathy.

“You should be vaccinated because not doing so indicates narcissistic personality disorder”

The loaded question (manipulative) nature of C19 narrative deserves a great deal more scrutiny.

Likewise, Covid vaccination harm (injury, death) warrants continuous scrutiny. Adverse Reaction databases that actually are made available (not hidden or obfuscated) over the coming weeks and months will provide some insight, no doubt.

Rob Snyder
Jay Hall, your comment —- “”that was just a basic what if there are also other factors related to reduction, sorry if it seemed like I was claiming a fact. I’ll just ask that you see the op statement and provide some objective evidence of the claim that covid vaccination is causing more deaths than th e virus, without ad hominem if possible”” —- contained ad hominem, loaded question, and straw man logic distortions. The straw man is your claim that the original post claimed that “Covid vaccination is causing more deaths than the virus itself”.

That certainly is not the claim made in the original post, which says:

“So far the main difference between the virus and the poxine is the virus only kills the elderly.”

Jay Hall
Yeah, that was a general request and I can see how it may have been taken that way, sorry. Your reply was straightforward

Jay Hall
And yes , I’ve just scrolled back up and realised I took another assertion not made by Sean regarding the chances of dying from the vaccine relative to dying from the virus, which is wildly innacurate.

Jay Hall
I will be watching with more than a passing interest how the vaccine impacts people, as I expect that I will be likely getting one myself sometime later this year. But while I will be cautious, I’m not really concerned that there’s any deep state/ nanobot / DNA modification agenda going on. It interests me how far some of the reactions go at the moment.

Sean Stinson
the mRNA vaxxines are DNA altering by definition,. The Deep State Nano Bots may be optional.

Sean Stinson
Did I say deep state nanobots? I meant gay frog autism nanobots.

Jay Hall
apparently not, but it does sound cool to say they do, adds a real spooky overtone to the narrative.

Jay Hall
This conversation timeline is wayyy fragmented , literally would do a halfway sane person to madness. Fo the record, I can state as follows

1) I do not believe claims that the vac is intended to alter our DNA

2) I am interested but not deeply afraid over the number and type of adverse reactions reported, and shall read on before I get myself and family jabbed

3) I just want to go snowboarding in Japan next year, and I’ll take my gay frog autism nanobots if that gets me there, then die quietly to keep bill gates happy, on the condition that it happens after my holiday

Rob Snyder
on 1, I think it’s best to listen to Bill Gates himself. Whatever mRNA vaccines are, Gates calls the technology a “platform”, which means exactly what he says next: it’s a space where more vaccines will be developed continuously:

When we accept being compelled to be vaccinated against what effectively is mortality itself (normal mortality), we’re signing up for continuous injections rolled out from this platform. The platform includes not only the technology, but also the narrative/messaging production, and the media, regulatory, governing authorities control apparatus (corruption).

It may be worthwhile to take note of Bill Gates’ abiding interest in “platforms”:

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been reflecting on his time at the company when crucial decisions were made over its mobile operating system. During a recent interview at Village Global, a venture capital firm, Gates revealed his “greatest mistake ever” was Microsoft missing the Android opportunity:

“In the software world, particularly for platforms, these are winner-take-all markets. So the greatest mistake ever is whatever mismanagement I engaged in that caused Microsoft not to be what Android is. That is, Android is the standard non-Apple phone platform. That was a natural thing for Microsoft to win. It really is winner take all. If you’re there with half as many apps or 90 percent as many apps, you’re on your way to complete doom. There’s room for exactly one non-Apple operating system and what’s that worth? $400 billion that would be transferred from company G to company M.”

Jay Hall
I’ll check that out tomorrow, cheers. But I did look at the report on adverse reactions this evening provided in this link, seems not really scary.

Rob Snyder
I’d like to watch the data for confirmation of Pierre Potgieter’s comment: “For the average healthy person the chances of dying from the virus, are the same as dying from the poxine. So, they’ve effectively doubled our chances of dying.”

That’s different from your characterization. In fact, the data shows uncontroversially, that the chance of dying from the virus, for average healthy people — excluding people who are at or near or beyond age of life expectancy (median age of Covid death in Sweden is 2 years older than Swedish life expectancy) — is very low, the chance exceedingly small. It is reasonable to ask if rate of death from the mRNA pharma product will reach similar levels.

If so, which is not unlikely as the number of c19 deaths among average healthy people is exceedingly small, then Pierre’s assertion is correct.

Jay Hall
we’ve got a pretty good dataset, 132m doses, death rate minimal in comparison, health workers etc could be considered the healthy test group ? I’m not convinced,

Rob Snyder
you might consider it worthwhile to doubt the adverse affects reports from the pharma companies themselves, and others. For example, deaths are likely under reported because they’re classified as Covid deaths. There are a whole range of serious scientific questions that would have to be applied scientifically in evaluating all of it. That work is largely not being done. To cut short: science is corrupted. Extensively.

Rob Snyder
Likewise, it’s still very early. What happens to people a year later, 3, 5, 10 years later? You take the mRNA pharma product now and you make yourself an uninformed participant in a clinical trial. And you’ll be taking another injection set next year, and the year after, and..

Jay Hall
I understood that the adverse incidents come from public health reporting? They are the ones administering and collating the info now? And bear in mind that not all internet forum traffic on the subject is objective. There is a level of scrutiny on this that has never before been seen. And yet we all get access to near real time reporting of incidents that send some folk into a massive spin and discussion threads that are more based in hysteria than reality

Jay Hall
YES we do not have long term studies, fair point.

Rob Snyder
there is persuasive documentation of the corruption of public health authorities. They just follow directives from the WHO and whatever the apparatus is that drives all of this. They classify deaths in the way that they’re told to do so. And those directives have been seen. Many are published. Actual journalists have done the job of sorting through the effects. But they’re marginalized as “conspiracy theorists”, their work ignored. One of many analyses: 

Rob Snyder
Likewise, contrary to mainstream reporting, clinical trials have not been completed:

Rob Snyder
The Bill Gates’ video from the other day is only about 90 seconds long. He’s got well crafted messaging there. He tells you really everything you need to know:

And I think the comment from Thomas Beavitt is the clearest interpretation I’ve seen yet and will have to be understood eventually. Otherwise we will be isolating, locking down, masking, and injecting ourselves every year, permanently:

“Seems to me that vaccinations, which may or may not turn out to positively affect average life expectancy in the context of viral pandemic, are to be seen in terms of a panacea. The problem that they purport to solve is actually unsolvable in principle since it is mortality itself and the effect of the law of diminishing returns of medical technologies applied in advanced capitalist societies characterised by an aging population and falling birth rate.”

Thomas Beavitt

We’re not confronted with science. We’re confronted with what the former editor in chief of The New England Journal of Medicine describes above.




Zero Vegemite

Sean Stinson

So far the main difference between the virus and the poxine is the virus only kills the elderly.

Jay Hall

Corinne Fornow

Pierre Potgieter
For the average healthy person the chances of dying from the virus, are the same as dying from the poxine. So, they’ve effectively doubled our chances of dying.

Sean Stinson 438 dead in Europe after taking the poxine.

David Haswell Many more.

Jay Hall
What was the cause of death? If you gave 10 million people a vegemite sandwich, and of those say 3 million were in aged care homes, and say 438 died, would you ban vegemite?

Rob Snyder

there are many things I would do before banning the Vegemite sandwich. First I’d use a PCR test on 20% of the population every 5 weeks to detect a molecular fragment of any of the ingredients of the Vegemite sandwich. Then I’d order the population to stand 2 meters apart to reduce transmission of those molecules through respiration. Then I’d close businesses and schools and prohibit gatherings. Then I’d inject gene modification products into everyone to reduce symptoms of those infected with vegemite sandwich particles. And only then, after doing everything possible to mitigate Vegemite sandwich infection, I would enhance all of these measures, strengthen and continue them as long as it takes to eliminate all molecular evidence of Vegemite sandwiches, Zero Vegemite. so that none of this has to happen again (with regard to Vegemite sandwiches)

Sean Stinson
you win the internet today.

Jay Hall
well I must admit, it was a cool reply. But, has anyone answered the core thrust in a numerical and un emotive manner? I mean name calling is one thing , but numbers are another

Jay Hall
and I must retire, thank you for the memories folks

Rob Snyder
I live in Sweden. A Swede analyzed numbers here 

This was said by a friend yesterday and will have to be understood eventually. Otherwise we’ll be isolating, locking down, masking, and injecting ourselves every year, permanently:

Seems to me that vaccinations, which may or may not turn out to positively affect average life expectancy in the context of viral pandemic, are to be seen in terms of a panacea. The problem that they purport to solve is actually unsolvable in principle since it is mortality itself and the effect of the law of diminishing returns of medical technologies applied in advanced capitalist societies characterised by an aging population and falling birth rate.

Thomas Beavitt

Jay Hall
But for real, correlation Does not equal causality. No matter how much really want it to

Sean Stinson
it did when old people with multiple comorbidities were dying from the virus. 

Perfectly reasonable questions. Also necessary.

There is nothing complex in answering them. Only the will to answer them and apply the most minimal of functional reasoning.

1. Which years among the last 120 years should Sweden NOT have been locked down, masked, and injected, if Sweden should have been locked down, masked, and injected in 2020?

2. For the next 120 years (until the year 2141), what is the target mortality rate that would justify lifting the restrictions — that should have been imposed in 2020 and 114 of the last 120 years that had a higher death rate than 2020 — ending lockdown, masking, and injections?


Misplaced Trust

I imagined this morning I’d write about misplaced trust. Then I thought I’d check the dictionary definition of “trust”. I’m not sure I’ll continue writing.

Definition of trust

“1 a: reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something”

Considering trust applied to politics I laugh out loud, and stop dead.

Abuse of trust so overwhelming. Meaning so totally debased. The scope of annihilation universal, what can be the point of writing about even misplaced trust?

Living lifetimes adrift in an ocean, never having met another who’s even dreamed of terra firma, everyone adrift in plastic rafts, born in rafts, dying in them, everything between birth and death a polyethylene pressing of limbs and ass against a thin yellow film – what can one say about hikes through forests, feet on the ground, evening rambles through Paris? What can one say about trust in anything tangible?


A few years ago a young woman asked me:

What do you think about Bernie Sanders?


I calculated whether to recite a background lifetime watching political promise run aground, head smashed on the rocks. But what are “rocks”? No one’s ever seen them. Hip and elbow brrrip across the yellow petrol bubble:

I think he’s an imperialist, racist, fascist.

OK. Well that answers that. 🙂

I tried to calibrate a bit.

I think what he says about healthcare and education are right enough, as good as you can get anyone to say in the United States. Healthcare and education should be public goods, not privatized. The extent to which Bernie Sanders actually says that is debatable but irrelevant, his raft shredded, Bernie Sanders crossfire hurricaned to oblivion, sunk, his rhetoric smashed metaphorically onto the rocks, his persona meme-ified, cross armed mittened alone in the cold, swaddled in a gore-tex (polyethylene) jacket.

His policy proposals, long before his meme-destiny reached its final realization, straightjacketed:

Sanders promotes the ISIS-ification of Syria, the Nazification of Ukraine, the annihilation of socialists in Venezuela, the demonization of Russia, the anal rape on television of Libya’s leader, the colonization of Africa, the partition of China, and so on. Classic imperialism, duded up in the rhetoric of “humanitarianism” and R2P. The fullest possible, most violent expression of supremacist racism, despite (and even FUELED BY) a re-amplification of tokenism.

Tokenism: A word even 5th graders were aware of in 1970s.

Dinner Friday night with a Danish friend who lives in Sweden.

I derailed a comment (neither of us remember what “something” is):

I know (something). But I believe (something)


What’s the difference between knowing and believing?

You’re my friend. You’re not supposed to ask questions like that.


I know. I know. A friend once told me to stop this; the absolute certainty that the fate of anyone claiming to philosophize: to be hauled out into the town square, tied to a whipping post and lashed.

This is me being your friend, just wanting to clarify the distinction. What is it?

I think when I know something, I have a stronger feeling about it than when I believe it.


(my friendliness now in doubt for sure, and the town square calling my name): Are you sure you want to make your argument from that position? That knowing is distinguished by stronger feeling?

(Actually, it’s not a bad argument.)

I think knowing is something that can be confirmed by others around me.


(the whipping post now in clear sight): You’ve moved your position from standing on shaky ground to standing on thin ice…

(Also not a bad argument. It just depends on what one actually means with these words)

Best I came up with so far for the difference between wissen and glauben is from example:

I know how to get to COOP (the food store).

I know how to drive a car.

I believe life is meaningful

Every word, in every language, has multiple meanings, and the meanings overlap. Clear distinction is not simple.

Focusing on the difference, the difference between knowing and believing seems related to demonstration. I can demonstrate knowing. And the demonstration is straightforward, ordinary, easy.

I know how to get to the store. I can demonstrate that by walking there. Arrival is the demonstration. Easy for anyone to verify, with ordinary means.

Beliefs are harder to demonstrate. I can say, “I believe in God.” People mature in religious belief recognize the matter of faith, not demonstrable in straightforward ways.

You can believe that life is meaningful, demonstrably a good idea, but the demonstration is more complex and requires demonstration of a set of other supporting beliefs. A hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy computing the supporting beliefs for 10,000 years arrives only at:


Is 42 meaningful to you?

Do you know this guy? Bill Gates. Do you believe him?


yelling “fire” and literally selling fire insurance, “the best insurance the world can buy”. Classic mafioso... arson and extortion in tandem.


Eichmann in Your Living Room

Source: New York Times citing the CDC.

So now it is OK to “believe” what for a year has been heard only from “conspiracy theorist” YouTubers and bloggers.

C.D.C. Now Says People Without Covid-19 Symptoms Do Not Need Testing

Will this be cause for shame, or even the slightest reflection (?) among scientists with PhDs, or from anyone in mass media, or from administrators or those order-following middle managers who’ve pressured employees into destructive acts, or politicians who’ve dealt out mass destruction by decree, or parliamentarians who’ve delegated authority to do so?


That’s my prediction. The answer is no.

There will be no self reflection. There will be entrenchment. Doubling down. They will continue with this. The masks. The closings. The restrictions on travel and speech. The criminalizing of dissenting speech. And the shots. Not just 1, or 2, or 3 shots. But forever. You will take shots, and wear masks, forever. And there’s nothing you can say or do about it.

Anyway, this is what they TELL us.

Who’s they?

The ones in authority. THE ONES TELLING US THE WAY IT IS.

And they have an army of shameless unreflective automatons (third paragraph above) to carry it out.

Brion Frantz writes:

“Hey what a surprise… “asymptomatic people” don’t need testing anymore.

Because that’s called “being healthy”. So after a year of hysteria and devastating policy choices, guess what? That’s right…There is an illness, but the numbers were ridiculously manipulated for political and monetary gain.

(Also on the same day as the inauguration, sequencing and other procedures have been added to the PCR testing regimen, because… as it turns out, the old way, it seems that nearly all the tests were returning False Positive results.

Huh. How ’bout that.

I guess if they had implemented these quite normal sounding, common sense methods last year, there might not have been ANY pandemic at all…


Prediction was correct. The article was published in August 2020.

Don Harder writes:

I’m going to be direct here. First, I’ll note that I make it a policy for myself not to make claims that I can’t support with strong, reliable evidence. Sometimes that support is complex and isn’t easily relayed to those not willing to do the work and are unwilling to look at it objectively without dismissing it because the media baldly claimed otherwise. This is the environment we must all exist in alas.

The US regularly uses terrorism as a foreign policy tool. Putin commented after the St. Petersburg metro had a bomb go off in it a few years back that 95% of all terrorism is directly or indirectly carried out in accordance with western intel agencies. My own research supports this. If you’re willing to do a bit of intellectually honest digging, it’s not so difficult to verify this; it just takes some work.

It’s my belief that most of us are good people. I think most people believe that if say a CIA agent supports via recruiting, logistics, money and weapons an attack on innocent civilians, then that agent is acting immorally. If you find yourself justifying something like this for the furtherance of the goals of the multinational corporations and geopolitics, then maybe do some soul searching.

That out of the way. What about the press who obfuscates this reality so that the public is unaware of what is going on in their name? Whether it be through laziness or something much worse, isn’t that member of the press as responsible as the CIA agent? For without the press misinforming the public, it wouldn’t be possible to continue to carry out these types of attacks without public pushback.

I’ll never understand the mental justification these people engage in. It’s my opinion that they are truly bad people.

Good article here with the answer to Don Harder’s question.

Once the war was over and some prominent Nazis were brought to justice, Arendt attended the trial in Jerusalem of Adolph Eichmann, the architect of the Holocaust.

The experience left an indelible impression upon her, one that would shape the trajectory of her philosophical thinking. What she observed was that, much to her surprise, Eichmann wasn’t the incarnation of evil that she expected to encounter. His actions were monstrous, yes; but he was remarkably ordinary or “banal,” to use Arendt’s term of choice.

What struck Arendt was Eichmann’s “curious, but authentic, inability to think.”

“However monstrous the deeds were, the doer was neither monstrous nor demonic, and the only specific characteristic one could detect in his past as well as in his behavior during the trial and the preceding police examination was something entirely negative: it was not stupidity but a curious, quite authentic inability to think.”

Eichmann didn’t subscribe to any “theory or doctrine,” exhibited no “particularity of wickedness, pathology, or ideological conviction;” his “only personal distinction was a perhaps extraordinary shallowness.”

Note, Arendt did not intend her characterization to be interpreted as commentary upon Eichmann’s IQ. Nor, for that matter, did she mean to suggest that he was literally incapable of thinking critically. Rather, her point was that Eichmann showed no will to think beyond the clichés—the memes, bumper sticker slogans, and hashtags—of his day.

Because of his reliance upon “clichés,” “stock phrases,” and “conventional, standardized codes of expression and conduct”—all of which “have the socially recognized function of protecting us against reality,” “against the claim on our thinking attention which all events and facts arouse by virtue of their existence”—numerous “inconsistencies and flagrant contradictions” littered Eichmann’s testimony in court.

Yet he showed no signs of being in the least “bothered” by them.

Upon her experience with Eichmann, Arendt began to revisit an ancient thesis, one taken for granted by earlier generations of philosophers, that between the will to think and moral character there is an inseparable connection.

“Is evil doing, not just the sins of omission but the sins of commission, possible in the absence of not merely ‘base motives’ (as the law calls it) but any motives at all, any particular prompting of interest or volition? Is wickedness, however we may define it, this being ‘determined to prove a villain,’ not a necessary condition for evil-doing?”

Continuing, Arendt writes:

“Could the activity of thinking as such, the habit of examining and reflecting upon whatever happens to come to pass, regardless of specific content and quite independent of results, could this activity be of such a nature that it ‘conditions’ men against evil-doing?”

It is crucial for the reader to recognize that the phenomenon that she witnessed in Eichmann she knew was one that is endemic to human beings generally.

In other words, Arendt knew that there was nothing unique at all about Eichmann. Quite the contrary: He was ordinary, all too ordinary, to paraphrase Nietzsche. But this was the problem.”

For this reason:

Some stand up:

Celia Ingrid Farber writes:

5:40 am. Article on Covid statistical fraud at CDC finished in first draft form. I’m angry.

Darwin Holmstrom writes:

I was interviewed on Monday by the History Channel for an episode of a new series “Machines that Built America.” The producer hunted me down for this. After I agreed to do the show, she said I’d have to be tested for COVID. I told her thanks, but no thanks. I said that if someone tried to stick a swab up my nose I’d dislocate their shoulder in a way that would prohibit it from ever being relocated. She panicked and said they’d make other arrangements. Later her assistant called and said I could take a spit test instead of the swab test. Again I told her thanks but no thanks. I said that it was against my principles to participate in a PCR test, which can be manipulated to produce 100% false-positive results that are then killing people by creating socio-economic conditions that are driving people to die from overdoses, alcoholism, suicide, and other depression-related diseases. The producer called me about five minutes later and apologized profusely. She said they’d have to take extra precautions on the set but they’d make it work. They really wanted me to be on the show. On Monday I went to the studio and because I wasn’t tested, I got my own greenroom. Everything went well, except this one little git backstage kept yelling at me to put on a mask. I just smiled at him, which I could do because I wasn’t wearing a mask. The interview went well–the producer interviewed me for almost four hours. As I was walking off the set, the little git once again yelled at me to wear a mask (he was wearing two of them, a placebo face diaper and a plastic shield). I put my face right in his plastic shield and calmly told him, “I haven’t crunched the numbers yet, but I suspect that your odds of surviving pissing me off are lower than your 99.7% chance of surviving COVID.” He didn’t yell at me after that.

Others build the prison:

Others can’t stop laughing their fucking ass off:

Others feed the Engine of Demonization:

That’s what mass media is. An Engine of Demonization. Nothing more

Mary Ann Caton writes:

I’m reading a piece in Counterpunch by a professor at Smith College whose claim to fame is her honorary doctorate and her decades of teaching faux academic classes in those “Studies” departments. Her point is that the Republicans are no better than Germany’s Nazis and she makes what can only be called a mighty argument, throwing everything she can find at it, in order to prove that Hitler and Trump are pretty much the same person who were or are up to the same goals.

But her article is littered with logical fallacies. Here’s my favorite one so far: “Hitler led an insurrection against the German government in 1923 and was sentenced to five years in jail, served one, and used that leniency to commit the Holocaust.” 

Do you see what she did there? The connection she made between 1923 and the Holocaust that began in 1941 has a gap of 18 years. Her logical fallacy, common among those who don’t understand how history operates is called “post hoc ergo propter hoc” in which one makes the assumption that because one event, “Y,” followed event “X,” that “X” must have caused “Y.” 

Post Hoc ergo Propter Hoc is evidence of an untrained mind. She’s assuming that the leniency Hitler was shown in 1923 when he served only 1 year in prison, instead of the 5 he was sentenced to, was directly responsible for the Holocaust. Never mind that inflation in Germany, followed by the Depression, and the collapse of the Weimar Republic and its liberal values, not to mention the pointing to Jews as the cause of Germany’s problems rather than the treaty that punished Germany for WW1 all played a role that led to the Holocaust. And let’s also not forget that FDR’s State Department knew about the Holocaust and never did anything about it. There is absolutely no historical or logical connection between leniency for Hitler and the Holocaust. ZERO.

And that leads me to wonder about the quality of this woman’s courses. Sloppy thinking and lines of causation like this one are stupid and dangerous. She should know better.  It reminds me of the Daughters of the American Revolution who like to say every year on Constitution Day that the War for Independence caused the Constitution to be written. No, it most certainly did not. 

Post Hoc ergo Propter Hoc leads people into the trap that prior actors and their actions not only have foreknowledge of events far into the future, but it ignores the actual many causes of past events. Put another way, correlation does not prove causation.  

This professor needs to return to undergraduate studies and take a class from a rigorous logic professor and a demanding historian.

The biggest problem with her “argument” is blindness to the ongoing Holocaust and its perpetrators: the establishment in its entirety.

The blindness is involuntary.

the banality of evil, a curious, quite authentic inability to think… – Arendt

Paula Densnow writes:

Her purpose is not to make sense, but to manufacture consensus for the very Hitlerian idea of ”cleansing” society of unwanted Deplorables. 

Yep. It’s projection.

The Engine of Demonization, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), or as Ray McGovern has said:

the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-MEDIA-Academia-Think-Tank complex, MICIMATT, if you will.

The mass media, or more generally, the MICIMATT, demonizes as if it’s its job. Because it is its job. And it’s a two-step: Demonize, then destroy.

The MICIMATT engine of demonization and destruction has been aimed outside of the United States worldwide, for as long as anyone can remember. That SAME engine of demonization and destruction is now aimed inward, inside the United States.

Writing that, one realizes, it’s been aimed there for decades already, what with the controlled demolition of the American working class since 1980-ish. 40 years later, the engine kicks up a few gears. The demonization is amplified, super amplified.

Destruction always follows.

Then there are the facts. Which don’t matter at all:

114 of the last 120 years were deadlier than 2020 in Sweden (deaths per population).

The 6 years of the last 120 that were less deadly (slightly) than 2020 were 2014, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 2019.

2019 was the least deadly year in Sweden in the last 120 years, and possibly the least deadly ever in the history of Sweden. 2020 is slightly higher, a bit less than 2013.

Detailed discussion here:

The data is similar in Germany, and elsewhere. I would like someone to explain therefore, particularly, those who don’t believe in “conspiracy”, why we are facing increasing restrictions, like the requirement to restrict our breathing, restrict the sight of our faces, restrict our movements, and so on, and why preparations are in place in Germany to remove “violators” into “isolation centers”?

No one is conspiring to impose these restrictions? Or, rather, they’re doing it out of benevolence, not malevolence, for our own good, for public safety?

Safety from what?

See the graph


Inauguration Celebration

I’m American, from the US for 52 years, now living in Sweden.

I married a Swede. We met when we were kids, 18. Then lost. 30 years separated until, well, that’s why I’m in Sweden, where today comes news of the new US President’s inauguration.

To celebrate, I went around the corner for Thai take out. Thai people and restaurants are all over Sweden. I hadn’t been in this one before, don’t know why. It’s on my block and paired with an Asian grocery. I poked around.

An old man lies on his back in a hammock behind the counter, staring at the ceiling. The TV blares Joe Biden. An American cable channel, high volume. I stood listening, asking, will I hear any content? A single bit of information?

I quit watching/reading mass media years ago finding it unwatchable/unreadable. Sometimes I run into it. I stood and “listened”. More like, tried to absorb what the presentation was doing.

It was doing the usual: hyperventilating, a psychotic carnival of bullshit.

The horse race-ification of politics, we were taught in middle school, or 10th grade or so.

Political reporting tends to devolve to the horse race, we were told, to the exclusion of any substance.

10th grade civics

Who’s in the pack, who’s pulling ahead, who comes from behind, breathlessly reported with intensity, the excited drama of a horse race.

That was then. I wonder if it’s still in the curriculum? I doubt it. Or, apparently it doesn’t matter. I mean, it doesn’t tend to devolve to horse race reporting. It’s only that. And one other thing. I’ll come back to that.

I listened for content, for some kind of information, about anything. The full volume tsunami of insanity flooding the store. I had to remember to close my mouth.

14 Billion dollars spent on the US political campaigns in 2020 for President and Congress. More than double the previous record from 2016.

I looked again at the old man in the hammock. He seemed to have no legs. I imagine them blown off by American bombs 50 years ago, while a highlight reel of Joe Biden winning the horse race are pumped and dumped in energetic spasmodic glory:

  • A “moment” from election night, Wolf Blitzer coloring two states blue for Biden,
  • a sound bite from “the Primary“: “you counted us out but we came back, Big Time! Thanks to you!”.

I feel gravity, motionless, thinking, my boots planted on the scraped paint, concrete floor. Cans of coconut milk shelved. Bamboo stalks in plastic bags.

Then I walk next door to pick up my take-out.

I didn’t hear any content. I could have listened all day. I’d still hear nothing. There’d be panels of analysts, experts, saying absolutely fucking nothing. Pure infantilizing gibberish for adult morons. Blabbering. Literally blabbering. Occasionally they’ll step up one step from blabbering, to gloating. This is for the intellectuals.

All of that goes together, actually, a satisfying multi course meal for intellectuals. Horse race spasmodic pumping as an appetizer, blabbering infantile gibberish for the main course, and gloating for desert.

But I left out the second main ingredient, a second main dish. It’s called: demonization.

Horse race spasmodic pumping as an appetizer, blabbering infantile gibberish for the first main course, demonization as a second main course, and gloating for desert.

Who can live on such a diet? Humanity can’t. The modern liberal lives on it though, and normalizes it. It’s a deficient diet, but they’ll gladly supplement with regular injections, assorted drugs, vaccines…

And they’ll demonize you if you object, or suggest a better diet. That’s the thing. Demonization.

Watch or read mass media and that’s what you’re subjecting yourself to: a shit show of nonstop demonization. That country’s President is gassing his own people; he’s literally Hitler. That other country’s President is genociding and raping his own people.That other dictator is building WMDs. That country is a dystopian hell-hole whose leader is a megalomaniac. That other one’s a butcher. That one supports terrorism. That other one is a thug and kills journalists whose country is a gas station masquerading as a state, and although he’s Russian he’s also a PutinNazi. And he meddled in our democracy and undermined our faith in our institutions, and Trump is literally Hitler too and…

They’ve mashed all the courses of the meal together and I can’t tell the spasmodic pumping as appetizer apart from the blabbering infantile gibberish and the demonization and gloating.

I told a friend in 2015 I’d rather vomit myself to death than vote for Democrats. I voted for them in every election from 1986 through 2008 and then quit voting. Some of the reasons are here:

I don’t vote for war criminals. Period. No amount of pumping, blabbering, demonization, and gloating will motivate me otherwise.

It’s yoga night for my wife.

After our take-out at the kitchen table, we drove to yoga so I could walk our dog back, a night walk. Crossing the long park, a stranger waved at me. I looked behind. Nobody behind me.

So I stopped, under a street lamp. He pulled one earbud out of his ear so we could talk, a plastic bag with 5 cans (I counted) of Starköl (strong beer, 5% alcohol or higher) in one hand, another can already supplying the quenching suds. He said something I didn’t understand so I said,

förlåt jag pratar inte svenska, engelsk.

He asked what part of England I’m from. I said, the US, Kentucky.

Yaaah he smiled, one ear bud still in. He said:

“I’m listening to Swedish radio”. About the President.

I nodded my head.

What are you doing here?

I live here now.

WELCOME! he said smiling, eyes bigger

Thank you! I am happy to be here!

Say something in Swedish.

So I searched my memory for something to say, but also thinking, hey, this guy’s smart enough ( I mean, really smart) not to ask me something stupid like what I think about Biden or whatever. I mean, that takes enough wisdom to know, something. To know. Hmm, I won’t assume..

I started with a silly sentence and then remembered:

Jag spelar schack med döden

I play chess with death

Ha! I LOVE chess! You can send me your email. I check it twice a month, in the library.

Give me yours. I’ll send it now.

Why are you here?

ah, that’s a story.

Yah, that’s great! We’ll play chess and tell stories!


abyss horizon – notes 17-01-2021

a harvest of facebook posts today documenting the approach to the abyss horizon

Case Roole writes

In the 19th century Western governments sought and fought to hook the people of China to opium.

Today, they seek to hook the people of the West to corporate vaccines.

Why do you think they:

– fulminate against anti-vaxxers, rather than people criticising the specific Covid-19 medine/vaccination

– want a “Covid-pass”, which is obviously ready for a whole load of vaccinations.

– support brutal censorship to prevent people from even discussing vaccination.
The Quarantine One Acts, Radio Theatre where there is no Radio
Volume IV
The Laughter of Rats
Written and Directed by John Steppling
Martin Donovan ................. Roger
Norbert Weisser .................. Bob
Produced by Jack Littman

John Steppling writes:

Must watch…not perfect by any means. AI fantasy needs to be deconstructed….but much of this is right.

Christopher Coman-Schulz writes:

“When the terminally ill and old and frail die with covid19, it’s covid19 that killed them, 100% certain.When the terminally ill and old and frail die after the vaccine, it’s the illness, age and frailty.

This report is brought to you by government, mainstream media and pfizer.

Thank you.”

Gustav Agenbacht writes:

Noam Chomsky, for those who do not know this.Is the third most quoted human being who ever lived, behind Plato and Freud.And banned from all major media platforms.

To use a over-and misapplied cliche, let THAT sink in.

Noam is firstly, a linguist.

And he postulated the theory (since well evidenced by studies) that intelligence is inextricably linked to linguistic ability.

That is profound, and the extent of profundity will not be evident for the uninformed of the significance.

It means this.

Not only are people with exceptional linguistic agility and command bound to be the most intelligent in any random group, but you get more for bang for your intellectual buck.

It also implies and predicts well, the corollary of that construct.Improving linguistic range and skill, upgrades your intelligence.

Also, Noam postulated and is being proven correct all the time, humans comes pre-loaded with the software development for linguistic skill. Your intelligence BEGS it, from a very young age, it is primarily the way your intelligence constructs itself.Human intelligence and linguistic skill are inseparable phenomenon.

Well read people WILL be more intelligent than those who do not read.There is another reason for that.Our human intelligence, and the neurological wiring of our neocortal brains (we have two with distinct personalities in conflict, I’m often surprised that narrative regarding AI seems to be ignorant of this fact, the nature of human intelligence lies in self-conflicted contradiction, a HUGE factor in developing true artificial intelligence), depends on imagery.

Your brain has NO idea of reality out there, it constructs a reasonable facsimile of reality within itself.Which is in conflict, and always auto-challenged.But reading, forces your neocortex, or at least the dominant half concerned with building a 3D construct of reality, to build the imagery of what you read……watching video bypasses this critical construction of the intricate pattern making intelligence that your human brain is. And reading, requires the transition of visual symbolic input from your visual neural pathways, into the imagery of a story you read. for instance. Which is stored as associative information.(listening to narrative has roughly the same effect, but bypasses the symbolic metabolising process.)

The retrieval of human memory is almost exclusively by association. ALL of it, relates back to the construct of linguistic skill and ability, especially when it comes to abstractions, for which no visual associations exist empirically.Anyway. the neurological processes and architecture of brain structures involved is complex beyond simple explanation, and I do not claim expertise on that, even though I am obsessed with these sciences and spend much time in virtual lecture rooms, trying to fathom what I studied in bare essence decades ago. Best for anyone interested to visit lectures by leading neoroscientists and biopsychologists, Robert Sapolsky and John Hoffman, good starting points. The problem with the tech advances of modern society, is that humans are wired for comfort, primarily.It had great evolutionary value in the cave, but it became the intellectual downfall of humanity…..the shortcut to sensory input and linguistic development.

Which is why I DESPISE the advance of the emoticon, and the facebook meme.It dumbs down humanity.I have a very brilliant son. All the signs are there of a voracious intelligence. (he was offered the position of IT Engineer after walking out of school with no matric, having self educated exactly as Elon Musk predicts. And performed well, being flown around in a private aircraft servicing clientele, until he called the CEO, truthfully but sadly, a bitch.)

Yet, he fails to debate successfully with me, and accuse me of sheer (and strident) linguistic profundity, having to Google every third word I use very naturally. But.

The man is a Millennial……reading is old school, says he.And his brilliant intellectual potential will be locked away until he does the Old School thing.Or be regaled to the intellectual class of the masses….distracted by visual hypnosis.Einstein quite accurately predicted the hypothesis of Noam Chomsky:Technology will mostly serve to dumb down the masses of Humanity.

Hiroyuki Hamada writes:

Just let me be clear, in the US 1 in 5 kids are starving. Everyday 3 people are killed by police officers in this biggest mass incarceration state, which imprisons 25% of all incarcerated people on the planet. Three people own bottom half of the wealth of this country in which there is no universal healthcare, higher education has turned into a debt slave scheme and in fact the country was founded by slave owners on a stolen land. The gruesome history has been casting brutal legacy of injustice and inhumanity. The tendency seamlessly merges with capitalist mechanism of exploitation and subjugation. The resulting project has reached its peak as an empire which has killed tens of millions since the end of WW2.

The country practices religion of money. The unconditional complacency is demanded by the structural violence of the capitalist hierarchy. The dangerous leap of faith into the ideas of ruling class has been forcing its subject population to embrace deadly policies against their own wellbeings in countless ways. The structural extortion schemes impose a code of silence against its own people who are forced to fight among themselves perpetually.

The dynamics turn the seemingly normal population to embrace assortments of conspiracies by the establishment blaming capitalist induced predicaments as “Russian threats”, “Chinese threat” and so on. The momentum is often used within its corporate political circus in which two imperial political parties “fight” over acceptable ideas of colonialism, corporatism and militarism.

The inherent contradiction of capitalism has cornered this pyramid scheme empire into a dangerous mode of enslavement. Its global presence has been an enormous threat to the world for generations.

Lars Sociolog Jorgensen writes

“So irresponsible that people won’t believe it is true”

“It must be known as interesting if the US Pharmaceutical Agency FDA, which is essentially financed directly by the pharmaceutical industry, deliberately understaffed the group of scientific employees who would analyze the experimental data behind the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. They allegedly allowed two analysts to perform a control work that a large amount of analysts from various disciplines normally spend at least six months on. Especially serious that you are facing the most important drug FDA approved in 2020.”

“A few years ago Ethan Hawke described in Rolling Stone an encounter between Keith (who he calls, simply The Star) and Kris Kristofferson at Willie Nelson’s 70th birthday concert, which went something like this.

The Star passes Willie and Kris in the hallway backstage, says “Happy Birthday, Willie” and then turns to Kristofferson and blurts, “None of that lefty shit out there tonight, Kris.”

“What the fuck did you just say to me?” KK replies, moving towards Keith.

Willie sighs. “Oh no. Don’t get Kris all riled up.”

“You heard me,” Keith snaps, walking away.

“Don’t turn your back on me, boy.”

Keith spins around, nervously.

“I don’t want any problems, Kris. I just want you to tone it down.”

“Tone it down? Have you ever worn your country’s uniform?”


“Don’t “what” me, boy! You just don’t like the answer. I asked, ‘Have you ever served your country?’ The answer is, No, you have not. Have you ever killed another man? Have you ever taken another man’s life and then cashed the check your government gave you for doing it? No. So shut the fuck up.”

Keith mutters, “Whatever.” And scrambles away.

Kristofferson turns to Willie and says, “Don’t say a word.” Then says, “You remember what Waylon used to say about guys like him? They’re doing to country music what pantyhose did to finger-fucking.”

David Lorig writes:

I might question the better manners part, but otherwise, yeah. From Rob Urie, one of the few writers on Counterpunch that I have any interest in reading anymore.

“This ties to the twentieth century conception of fascism as the merging of corporate with state power not simply in form, but in purpose as well. Russiagate was a prime example of this relationship, as nominally private media corporations amplified the claims of the American intelligence agencies that were operating in a political capacity. The domestic goals of the intelligence agencies appear to have been to counteract broad-based political disaffection through stoking reactionary nationalism. The foreign policy objective appears to have been to mitigate growing economic ties between neoliberal, petrostate, Russia and the dominant nations of Europe.

The political posture of Russiagate as a united front against illiberalism, fascism even, is ironic both in the sense of the radical illiberalism— unhinged nationalism to be specific, that it stoked, as well as the caricature of European fascism that it promoted. Despite hysterical warnings from the intelligence agencies in the run-up to the 2020 election that the Russian intelligence services were going to interfere on behalf of Donald Trump, once it was evident that Joe Biden had won, all assertions of malevolent foreign actors ceased. Since then, both Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have repeatedly charged that ‘Putin’ is behind domestic political dissent.”

Vladimir Golstein writes:

Watched this fascinating film last night: Joseph Losey’s “Lawless” (1950).

Losey was an extremely talented director from Wisconsin (as was Orson Welles), who became famous and appreciated for his European films; Losey settled in England after being blacklisted by another Joseph from Wisconsin, known as McCarthy.

I remember that at the time when I was still reading London Review of Books, every issues of theirs had to make a reference to Losey’s The Servant, bizarre and disturbing film appreciated mostly by Brits with indeterminate taste.

In any case, “Lawless” is quite different. It was the second of the five films that he made in the US before the iron curtain of McCarthyism fell down on Hollywood.

What struck me about films, is its treatment of the particular them: The Small Town, USA, descend into madness of hatred and paranoia. Obviously, Losey loved these small towns, their smells and looks, as did his scriptwriter, who wrote the script for The Invasion of Body Snatchers. So the film is chilling in its portrayal of this descent. Not everyone participates in this unraveling that turns law-abiding folks into violent lynching crowd, but most do. Cops, journalists, parents, young kids, old farmers — all go mad to get the poor Mexican kid who happened to be in the wrong place and who did several wrong moves.

Of course, the film also have a couple of crusading journalists, played by highly attractive Gail Russell and Macdonald Carey, and one rich and powerful town father, whose son was instrumental in the original fight that triggered the hapless Mexican. And sure enough these three noble souls seem to have an upper hand at the end. But their seeming triumph is made to look so artificial and flimsy against the real and powerful surge of mass, all-embracing anger and paranoia.

That’s where I see the film’s uniqueness. We all know the traditional Hollywood response to the question of Individual vs. Crowd. In most of the films that we watch, we witness great and noble individuals (defense lawyers, investigators, journalists) who defeat the crowd and diffuse its evil instincts. And the film usually concentrates on these individuals, their private dramas, their love lives, their faulty greatness or what have you. And masses are presented as such — just an ugly crowd of faceless a..holes.

Losey’s take is rather different and it bears all the marks of pre-McCarthy art. Our gaze is actually fixed on masses. On farmers, cops, schoolkids, reporters, Mexicans living in the wrong part of small California town. They all have faces, that eventually turn into ugly masks. So there are a few noble individuals, but they are made to look some insignificant and helpless.

That type of cinema is clearly “un-American” and it is hardly surprising that the guys who were making it, were the target of HUAC. And HUAC clearly won. From Hollywood to art, to best Creative Writing Shools in the country, the focus had shifted from masses to individuals. To their private fixations and private battles.

What an irony! American Losey moves to London and makes his stylish and very British films there, while British Hitchcock comes to the States and begins to make his uber-American films that focus solely on noble or perverse individuals, while masses and crowds are relegated not to humans, but to Birds.

Another irony, of course, is that SOB McCarthy and his side-kicks from CIA and their fake Cultural Fronts, did all they could to whip masses into anti-communist frenzy and squashed brave Hollywood individuals and other artists who were silenced, exiled, and otherwise humiliated, and therefore could never produce art that makes masses its subject. And once it was done, the corporate faceless studios began to crank out films about heroic individuals taking on the evil collectivism. You know, the Ayn Rand type.

Well, who said that Americans can’t understand irony. At least, they produce more of it than anyone else in the world.

CJ Hopkins writes “Happy yet, totalitarians?”[0]=AZUgs9t1DOnI7PEToQoesIlR0TIs9HOSO9fh75oAR89WxsIXHIeoRBFLuYC1f6rn3eMDUgdP__7QePi5AQBIzV4iSSkzKNk4yplB0rgTPcsN7vRJQjOR7xnNkff4GcvIccvndFKj37BE8O5qEpQ0EkEN&tn=%2CO%2CP-y-R

Jenna Simons comments:

“It has not yet been conclusively clarified to what extent vaccinated people can infect others,” Maas told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.“What is clear, however, is that a vaccinated person no longer takes a ventilator away from anyone. This removes at least one central reason for restricting fundamental rights.”

How stupid. Ventilators were found to be overused and there is no evidence the vaccine reduces hospitalizations. I’m not sure which vaccine Germany uses but I’ve not seen any of them reduce hospitalization. Not that facts matter in any of this.

Sabine Amann comments:

Following that logic if I have a note in my pocket saying that I don’t want to be put on a ventilator in case of a covid infection then I should get the same “privileges” as someone who is vaccinated?

Simon Wood writes:

I have known a Japanese lass here for about 15 years. She was always a total clean freak. Won’t have a cup of tea at anyone’s house because she can’t see what the inside of the kettle looks like. I always thought, “Jesus, how does she live like this, always worried about germs?” Pre-2020, it was just a source of mild bewilderment for me.

Cue ‘Covid’. Yep…now she’s in her fucking element, oh yes. She won’t go anywhere apart from the supermarket with masks and gloves on (wicked strength, no doubt). Her husband works in the city and is one of those not yet asked to work from home. When he gets home he has to strip off in the porch (kinky??) and go straight in the shower. His clothes are sprayed with ‘anti-virus’ spray and washed instantly.

Poor bastard.

She gets really angry about anyone not wearing masks or anyone even considering having anything approaching a good time. She thinks the entire country should lock down strictly with severe punishments for rule breakers. How long? “As long as it takes.”

Oh, and yeah, she’s minted and doesn’t work. I asked about people who have lost their small businesses and livelihoods. “They should get support,” she avers, concern in her voice. Suicides skyrocketing even among kids? “It’s so terrible,” she says, shaking her head.

Now pretty much the entire world is populated by neurotic clean freaks and hypochondriacs, all in the grip of severe mass delusional psychosis induced by an unprecedented 24/7 fear propaganda agenda. And things are only just getting started.

She isn’t happy, she says, but at least people are safe.

I realized that people like her never had any humanity in the first place…and that is why they are not overly concerned at its annihilation.

Not all that kinky after all, eh.

CJ Hopkins writes:

Facebook & the Atlantic Council censored my latest essay, perhaps on the pretext that the featured image was a photo of Goebbels, so I thought I’d repost the essay with a photo of another war criminal, who is responsible for launching a textbook war of aggression and murdering over a million people, which, as far as I can tell, is perfectly okay with Facebook and the Atlantic Council, and with the liberals I was satirizing in my essay, which is a testament to the power of the 21st-Century global-capitalist propaganda machine … a machine so powerful Goebbels couldn’t have imagined it in his wildest dreams.

Max Parry writes:

These so-called new “progressives” in Congress with their toadying fan club are showing their true colors in leading the charge for Silicon Valley censorship, the political theatre of the second impeachment, and facilitating a new “domestic terrorism” bill which will inevitably be used by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to target left-wing groups, all while putting healthcare on the back burner. I fail to see any substantial difference between them and establishment Democrats.

From Doris Welsh:

“Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their customs, privileges, or beliefs.This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking; where it is absent, discussion is apt to become worse than useless.”

Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi ~ (1828-1910)

For what it’s worth, I remember buying books in the gigantic 4 floors of Powell’s in Portland. The book-burning neoliberals described below by Paula Densnow are the same people who cheer the murder of Syria by western armies (and ISIS/Al Qaeda – funded and armed by the west), because they DRINK the psychotic official lying of western authorities, authorities who LIE. Does anybody remember the 1960s? Today’s masses are retarded. All of the wisdom and decency of mass popular movements of the 60s are literally SHIT on by these people.

Paula Densnow writes:

My old stereotype of a liberal was a NY Times reading, NPR listening, civil liberties supporting intellectual, whose idea of fun was reading a book while classical music played, cat on lap.

They were shocked, shocked! when the yahoos in the sticks banned books. How uncouth! How uncivilized! How 12th Century! Freedom is to be cherished and guarded, not attacked by book-burning thugs!

But now, for five days, violent bullies have harassed and attacked employees and customers of Powell’s Bookstore, which is one of the biggest independent bookstores still in business, out there on the left coast, land of liberals.

They are trying to stop the bookstore from selling a book, (written by a local author who is a gay, Asian, son of immigrants, which should give him the trifecta in the Oppression Olympics), but they don’t like his politics, so they are attacking the bookstore.

Powell’s issued a statement which gave a stirring defense of free speech and freedom to read, then backed down in fear by saying they would not sell the book inhouse. Then they said that they didn’t want to ”hurt” their neighbors. Not the local author who is their ”neighbor”, they were worried about the feelings of the thugs terrorizing their store, causing it to shut down.

That wasn’t enough for the book-burning fascists, though. They want the store to refuse to sell the book online, also.

You would think that NPR and the NY Times would be all over this story. These are their people shut out from going into a bookstore, for pete’s sakes, the holy temple of pointy-headed intellectuals of the past.

Nope, the NY Times refuses to condemn the bullies. One of their editors has even piled onto the mob, supporting censorship and the shutting down of a bookstore because they will sell a book online that she doesn’t want people to read! NPR has also been silent.Liberals ain’t what they used to be. They are what the notsis used to be, instead.”

Neoliberalism today is the fulfillment of the authorities’ strategy they themselves branded “antidisestablishmentarianism”. This is 100% complete today. Today’s people are reactionary to the core, they’re reactionaries’ reactionaries:

These are the SAME people who want everyone to “wear a mask”, and want travel prohibited, and even walking around outside prohibited unless THE MAN gives permission. The SAME people who say that the disobedient are “redneck, white trash “conspiracy theorists” who cry about “muh free-dums””. Neoliberals demand them hunted, banned from any job, and sent to the gulag.

There has never in human history been a population like neoliberals, people so mind-fucked, stupid, inhuman, violent, and annihilating of even the idea of humanity, never an ideology so psychotic and having such breadth and depth and duration of destruction, and so deserving its due.

Someone called “Crampie” commented that in the USA, one person dies of COVID every 33 seconds.

I checked Crampie Crampstool’s numbers. They’re actually “right” except that they’re not.

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. 31,536,000 seconds in a year. And about 3 million US deaths per year normally. So deaths per second are 0.1. To get 1.0 whole deaths you need 10 seconds.

One US death every 10 seconds is normal. About 8000 per day, normally

If you detect Drosten PCR targets in a third of them, that’s about 1 every 30 seconds

Of course the issue is that detecting Drosten PCR targets (a 30 base-pairs sequence fragment that is not unique to Sars Cov 2) means NOTHING.

They, the same people (Fauci et al) did this SAME shit before with HIV. The story is fucking insane:!po=0.500000

And by the way, read the retraction (link below). The retraction contradicts, and rules out, uncorrupted science:

“Science is the organized skepticism in the reliability of expert opinion.”
― Richard Feynman

Note the reason for retraction: Orthodoxy. Doctrine.

Orthodoxy! That’s the way “the science” is done, infected with the
Co Rrup Tion virus


Retraction in: Front Public Health. 2019 October 29; 7: 334 See also: PMC Retraction Policy

Questioning the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis: 30 Years of Dissent

Patricia Goodson

Additional article information

Since 1984, when the hypothesis that HIV-causes-AIDS was announced, many scholars…

I can only recommend most highly the article above. All of the relevant concepts, scams, scientific distortions of today are covered in that review of 30 years worth of scientific dissent from the prevailing HIV – AIDS science. It’s a story of formidable scientists versus criminal frauds, including Fauci.

And there is more here:

And here:

Why test for Drosten assay PCR targets, to classify a non-specific virus fragment as “COVID” or “Sars Cov 2”?

Why not test the living, the dying, and the dead for nitrogen, or carbon? Would be equally meaningful.

Back to “Crampie’s” numbers; a US COVID death every 33 seconds.

Normal US death rate is about 8000 deaths per day. There are 86,400 seconds per day, so the number of seconds per death is 86,400/8000 = about 10 seconds. One death in the US every 11 seconds.

3 equally valid conclusions (1 is considered “the science”)

If we test the living, the dying, and the dead for Drosten assay PCR targets, the result is that COVID causes one US death every 33 seconds (1 in every 3 US deaths).

If we test the living, the dying, and the dead for Carbon , the result is that Carbon causes one US death every 11 seconds (1 in every 1 US deaths).

If we test the living, the dying, and the dead for Nitrogen , the result is that Nitrogen causes one US death every 11 seconds (1 in every 1 US deaths).


abyss horizon – notes 16-01-2021

a harvest of facebook posts today documenting the approach to the abyss horizon

Lars Sociolog Jorgensen writes:

If you don’t believe in corporate/political conspiracies, you are completely ignorant. Pierre Bourdieu said that we needed to look more into CIA, Think Tanks etc. As the CIA, Think Tanks etc. are documented to have been infiltrating (also) Western academic institutions and made huge impact on political opinion etc.

Frankly. It’s pathetic so see academics shy away from any such research and even ridicule critical information on the subject.

Ron Chandler writes

…the REAL breakthrough of ‘Water Memory‘ was made by the team of Nobel Prize-winner Dr Luc Montagnier, who EMAILED the stats of a frequency of radiation from France to Italy and thereby synthethized within water the identical compound that had been present in the original water. Too complex to explain, but a step-change for medicine (we are 70% water) Dr M is an exile from his native France, who claimes CoVID was engineered, and contains a string of 12 HIV genes. Big Pharma is terrified of him.

Danica Niketic writes:

John Steppling’s essential piece on the core of the covid operation as a continued relentless attack by the ruling class. #ClassWar

*** “this brutal reorganization of the economy bears no small similarity to a #slave economy — but it is being sold to the public by pretending it is this new technology driven ‘Reset’.(…) Everything in this new economy gives people less power and less autonomy.”***

“And already one sees the gradually coalescing of a new #caste system. People deemed ‘important’ are allowed to go places and few questions are asked if they violate social distancing or mask wearing. The new social apartheid which began as a pseudo scientific method for disease control has now in the brief span of a year, become a defacto class segregation. The rich are exempt. There was one article in the New York Post (August 15th) ..

Meanwhile, billionaire David Geffen has been hanging on his yacht, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are cruising Greece in another yacht after receiving “honorary” citizenship, Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg has been trolling the waters off Hawaii in a $12,000 surfboard, Jeff Bezos and his lady friend have been (multiple) house-hunting, buying up millions of dollars in property in Los Angeles to build a compound while traveling via private jet to several cities around the country, former Mayor Bloomberg splashed out $45 million on a Colorado compound (joining a host of other billionaires buying in that state as well as Montana and Wyoming); and others are spending millions to buy citizenship in “safe” countries like New Zealand.

That compound remark is worth noting. For this is the future for much of America. Gated compounds for the aristos and the dirty squalid infected world for the proles. And look, gated communities with private security have been in existence for forty years. Only now the separation has deeper implications. Of course, football can continue in both the US and UK, though basketball has been more strictly limited (the perception is, of course, that basketball is an urban game and in a league over 70% black). It is amazing how these strictly enforced behavioural rules are relaxed for the amusements of the court. The rich can pretty much do whatever they want. Literally none of the rules apply to them. There is a middle tier of affluent, those deemed necessary, for the moment anyway, who get to move around more easily. For the millions now without income the restrictions will be quite acute.

So, back to the ‘Reset’ for a moment. I keep returning to the slave economies of times past because this is increasingly what capitalism has been trending toward. The sugar plantations of the Caribbean used slave labour. Imported from Africa. They sold that raw product in markets of the metropole to world markets. But on the plantation only master and slave relations existed. And this is, in one sense, what is being normalized today. Slave relations. And like the gulf Monarchies, who use *guest* workers (slaves, literally) Americans are close already to being guest workers in their own country. And like the Apartheid laws in South Africa, certain castes (replacing race in this case) cannot go to the private beach of Mark Zukerberg. Or these days, often, any beach at all. And it’s worth noting that the old 19th century industrialist tycoons eventually become huge philanthropists. Carnegie, Mellon, Peabody, Rockefeller even. They endowed education, built libraries and hospitals. Today’s tycoons create deceptive Green projects that are really just more wealth amassing schemes to displace indigenous people, steal land and property, and help sell and normalize the police state.”

From Lars Sociolog Jorgensen

Thomas Nørgaard has corrected for population increase:

(year: deaths/population = death rate)

  • 2010: 90.487 / 9.373.379 = 0,9654%
  • 2011: 89.938 / 9.446.812 = 0,9520%
  • 2012: 91.938 / 9.514.406 = 0,9663%
  • 2013: 90.402 / 9.596.436 = 0,9420%
  • 2014: 88.976 / 9.694.194 = 0,9178%
  • 2015: 90.907 / 9.793.172 = 0,9283%
  • 2016: 90.982 / 9.906.331 = 0,9184%
  • 2017: 91.972 / 10.053.061 = 0,9149%
  • 2018: 92.185 / 10.171.524 = 0,9063%
  • 2019: 88.766 / 10.281.189 = 0,8634%
  • 2020: 95.022 / 10.352.390 = 0,9179% “

Gustav Agenbacht writes:

A thought inspired by the post of a friend on the topic of the construct of Conspiracy Theory.

A very handy term for spectacularly ignorant people in 2021, to stupidly deflect factual contention of mind pathogens in abundance now, believed effortlessly by the blind masses.

Such as the biological fact, that if you wanted to get great masses of people vulnerable and susceptible to viral and bacterial infections, to help along a Pandemic Narrative of Fear, how would you go about?

Well. Get the fools to stay indoors, get less exercise, less sunlight, impede their breathing, and mainly, expose them to all kinds of environments that detrimental pathogens love….indoors, and the inside of cloths worn on faces for extended periods of time.

Get them fearful by isolated highlighting of incontextual and dishonestly represented data of mortality, fear alone will compromise the immune system by degrees.

Make them feel lonely and isolated and depressed.Kill social interaction as much as possible, especially with the elderly and sickly, where mortality is achieved far easier. Threaten the income base of small business, upon which most of society depend, the anxiety of an uncertain future is a factor and gain of fear not to be sniffed at.Conspiracy Theory.

When I get confronted with that lowly attempt at clandestine insult, (so you believe the Earth is Flat, too..?) my response is a very simple one.’

I would suspect you are meaning to ask if I am highly suspicious of Monkey Business where lots (and lots and lots) of good money can be made from great masses of extremely stupid fools, oblivious of even the most basic tenets of Science?’

(Apart from a slew of attractive benefits to various large scale constructs including States, always prospecting for Political Gold.)

In fact, yes, I am. ‘But here’s a question for you, in return’.

‘Are YOU not suspicious, when in fact the marketing is now glaringly obvious?’

If your answer is No, my dear friend. Well Only one question begs asking.

‘Are you fucking six years old?’

Planet Earth.

The largest Kindergarten in the Local Cluster of Galaxies.

Come visit.

But bring LOTS of ice cream and clowns and jumping castles.

Perhaps the most laughable and baseless Conspiracy Theory, for the past two and a half centuries, had been that the West had ‘Democracy’.

At least one Conspiracy Theory safely and factually debunked in 2021.

Donald W. Obama writes:

George W. Obama was built in 2011 on the foundation of disappointment and absolute betrayal felt as self-described “progressive” Obama continued and/or expanded the worst Bush-era policies.

Trump provided no illusions that he would be a departure from the Bush years, and as such, Donald W. Obama was spawned in January of 2017.

Joe Biden’s cabinet is stuffed with and/or supported by former Bush officials, intel community “economic hitmen” & coup plotters, neocons, weapons manufacturers, banks, tech conglomerates, and a litany of other special interests. Biden himself is a proud warmonger who not only wrote the racist Crime Bill but also what later became the Patriot Act.

The similarities between Biden and Trump, Biden and Obama, Biden and Bush, are plenty, and those similarities will only grow over the next few years.

It will become quickly obvious why this page will soon be renamed Joebama W. Trump: because Biden will be providing Bush with a sixth term.

Gustav Agenbacht writes:

The term is, in comical irony, mostly thrown around in great ignorance. Perhaps meant to refer to and confused with baseless sensation mongering. Because, to think that conspiracies are mere theory, is stupid beyond comprehension for anyone remotely educated in human affairs. The local ice cream shop is a conspiracy to sell ice cream and make money. Most conspiracies are advertized, or declared, or promulgated, and can therefore not have ‘theory’ added. The government itself, is most certainly a conspiracy by rote and construct, the question would, in any time, simply be the nature of agenda. And to think that powerful individuals and institutions do not conspire and collude, either within their own organisations or with other institutes or individuals, for greater control, profit, power, privilege and advance of position, requires such sheer ignorance, it boggles the mind. Lastly, where official narrative, upon even moderate investigation makes for such spectacular contrivance of intrigue and coincidence, a narrative of ‘conspiracy theory’ as the mythical option, is mere entertainment for the informed.

Whether civil war is coming will depend on the degree of stoicism prevalent among the Deplorable multitudes. Alastair Crooke has brilliantly outlined the Top Three main issues that shape Red America’s “Epiphany”: stolen elections; lockdown as a premeditated strategy for the destruction of small and mid-size businesses; and the dire prospect of ‘cancellation’ by an incoming woke ‘soft totalitarianism’ orchestrated by Big Tech. Cue to a Corpse Reading a Teleprompter, also known as The President-Elect, and his own ominous words after 1/6: “Don’t dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists.” Some things never change. George W. Bush, immediately after 9/11: “Either you’re with us, or with the terrorists”. That’s the hegemonic, set in stone, narrative now being implemented with an iron fist by Big Tech. First they come for POTUS. Then they come for you. Anyone, anywhere, not following Big Tech’s Techno-Feudalist diktat WILL be cancelled. Bye bye Miss American Pie And that’s why the drama is way, way, bigger than a mere discombobulated POTUS. Every single institution controlled by the ruling class – from schools to mass media to the way workplaces are regulated – will go after the Deplorables with no mercy. Professional CIA killer and liar John Brennan, key conceptualizer of totally debunked Russiagate, tweeted about the necessity of, in practice, setting up re-education camps. Media honchos called for “cleansing the movement”. Politically, the Deplorables only have Trumpism. And that’s why Trumpism, with a possible avenue to become an established third party, must be smashed. As much as the 0.0001% is more terrified by the possibility of secession or armed revolt, they need urgent pre-emptive action against what is, for now, a nationalist mass movement, however inchoate its political proposals. The “unknown unknown”, to evoke notorious neo-con Donald Rumsfeld, is whether the exasperated plebs will eventually reach for the pitchforks – and make the 0.0001% feudal hacienda ungovernable. And then there’s a literally smokin’ element – those half a billion guns out there. The 0.0001% knows for sure that Trump, after all, was never a radical revolutionary change agent. Inchoately, he channeled Red America’s hopes and fears. But instead of the promised glitzy palace adorned with gold, what he delivered was a shack in the desert. Meanwhile, Red America, intuitively, understood that Trump at least was a useful conduit. He lay bare how the corrupt swamp actually moves. How these “institutions” are mere corporate puppets – and completely ignore the common man. How the Judiciary is utterly corrupt – when even POTUS cannot get a hearing. How Pharma and Tech actually expanded the MICIMATT (MICIMAPTT?) And most of all, how the two party paradigm is a monstrous lie. So where will 75 million disenfranchised voters – or 88 million Twitter followers – go? As it stands, we’re deep into Hardcore Class War. The Top of the Scam Gang are in full control. The remains of “Democracy” have gelled into Mediacracy. Ahead, there’s nothing but ruthless purge, protracted crackdown, censorship, blanket surveillance, smashing of civil liberties, a single narrative, overarching cancel (in)culture. It gets worse: next week, this paranoid apparatus merges with the awesome machinery of the United States Government (USG). So welcome to Full Spectrum Domestic Dominance. Germany 1933 on steroids. 1984 redux: no wonder the hashtag #1984 was banned by Twitter. Cui bono? Techno-Feudalism, of course – and the interlocking tentacles of the trans-humanist Great Reset. Defy it, and you will be cancelled. Bye bye Miss American Pie. That’s the legacy of 1/6.

Jeff Martin writes:

I can scarcely believe that any progressive or leftist would endorse mandating the use of a big pharma product as a condition of living a seminormal life. But they will. They always out themselves.

CJ Hopkins writes:

Please, could one of my remaining liberal friends condescendingly scold me again for describing the New Normal as totalitarianism? I’m particularly eager to hear the condescending “grow up … it’s just a bracelet” admonition.

A “false information” screen covers this post. I reviewed several “fact checks” recently. So far every “fact check” I’ve read is written as if by, either:

  • — writers completely incapable of reason, argument, discernment, and the related elementary skills: insight acquisition, concept formulation, essence spotting, fallacy avoidance, and so on, or, are written by:
  • — disinformation “specialists” employing those same faults for the same reason spam emails soliciting your bank account information are written in stilted and broken English:

[The poor writing style and argument construction appeals ONLY to sufficiently stupid readers. They’re written for people who can’t tell the difference between genuine reason, and pseudo argument]

Billy Bob writes:

Trump correctly perceived the crisis of legitimacy that had been growing among the citizenry and he appeared to honestly believed that he could do a better job of running the country and furthering the interests of the American people but he maintained this narcissistic belief despite lacking the most basic understanding of how things work or why things are as they are. He seemed truly clueless regarding the capitalist class consensus and their view of the working class as a threat that must be pacified through the liberal application of divisive propaganda via the mass media. Trump seemed clueless regarding their need to project global power through perpetual war, sanctions, trade agreements, and the military encirclement of noncompliant states.

He discovered early on that the status quo which he railed against resulted from an entrenched perspective of the capitalist class best interest and although “being friends with Russia”, making peace with North Korea, or ending the forever wars in the mid-East or Afghanistan could easily win over a majority of the population, there was no way the ruling class would allow Trump to damage and weaken their imperial grip through the implementation of such policies.

So although Trump was in many ways an instinctive and gifted politician who managed to navigate his way through the political jungle by opportunistically capitalizing on the widespread disgust of the status quo, and despite the fact that he truly believed he could do better for the prosperity of the country (including the working class) than what had been wrought by the status quo, he failed to recognize the basic reality that presidents are figureheads and exist for no other reason than to represent the interest of the ruling capitalist class consensus. He naively and indeed foolishly believed that the ruling class would permit him to pursue an agenda that was even mildly at odds with their own.

Honest intelligent folks can agree to disagree on precisely what Trump’s deeply held convictions were, whether he had any at all, and what changes he would have made had he been allowed a free hand to do as he saw fit. But proclaiming Trump to be principle-less and solely interested in his own political and economic success, fails to satisfactorily explain many of Trump’s actions. All that can be said with certainty is that Trump had a poor grasp of the Marxian political reality grounded in oppositional *class* interests and the changes which he advocated for and which were rejected by the ruling capitalist class consensus, amounted to little more than a strategic shift away from the existing globalist order and towards a new nationalist order where Trump himself would be the arbiter of what policies and agreements were in the nation’s best interest.

Additionally, honest folks can disagree over the origins of the COVID virus and the extent to which it was exploited in furtherance of ruling class interests. Honest folks can disagree regarding the extent to which the 2020 election were rigged against Trump. Both are open questions and it is misguided to pretend to have certainty regarding either. But neither of these things is that important or relevant with regards to the political reality which we all ought to recognize and embrace. Embracing truth necessitates the rejection and dismissal of the contrived narratives designed to obfuscate reality and benefit capitalist class interests.

Democracy in this country has never existed. It has always been a tyranny of wealth. Free speech, free press, free trade, and other liberal aspirations are truly non-existent in this country. Trump was not hated because he was Hitler reincarnate nor was he hated because of his principled pursuit of working class interests. He was hated because he was not a figurehead that would play the game according to their rules and within the bounds of their democratic facade. He was happy to denounce their corrupt system for his own political benefit but he did so while lacking the knowledge, wisdom, or ability to improve the situation.

Americans ought to be more politically savvy and recognize that the propagandistic tactics being used against right wing demagoguery, will be the exact same tactics used against authentic and principled folks committed to social progress. The four year long dishonest demonization of Trump culminating with the farcically apoplectic response to the protests at the capital will be used to justify the curtailing of civil liberties and a bipartisan assault on the legacy of DJT. His burning effigy will be raised high as an example to all that dare to threaten the status quo.

Billy Bob