Big Foot

Hey friends, people with functioning brains, could you recommend a book about CIA disinformation? Specifically one that draws out tactics like:

flat earth: Plant totally stupid ideas and use that to discredit everyone and every idea.

UFO is the same kind of disinformation. It’s planted as “going against the narrative”, although UFO has different connotations than flat earth.

Flat earthers are “idiots who make up stupid ideas and believe them for no legitimate reason”.

UFO enthusiasts are “people who are curious and looking for the mystical”. This also has a sub thread, for those with a desire to be abducted and probed.

Both of these are promoted by the establishment. Many other examples… For the Twin Towers collapse on 911, false crazy theories are seeded and used to discredit all reasonable inquiry.

Anyway, I know I’ve seen books on the subject. I’m looking for recommendations on the best ones.

Just a teaser, the “big foot guy” in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I mean, watch how the character is portrayed… he’s clearly portrayed as being there to plant/seed a story, a diversionary story.

Then of course, widen the lens outside of the film. The film itself is exactly that. Masterfully done and beautiful. I love it.

Edit: I pointed my phone at the TV and recorded 4 minutes starting at 54:35 into the movie and post it here. I see facebook muted 20 seconds of audio right at the big foot part because of copyright. The character says, in the muted part:

“I saw big foot once. Nineteen Fifty One. Back in Sequoia National Park. Had a foot on her, 37 inches, heel to toe. Made a sound I would not want to hear, twice in my life.”

By the way, look at the headline at the top left corner of the newspaper right after the big foot show: “Oratorical Contest Winner To Compete Again Sunday”

Who won that oratorical contest? Jeez, it’s not even close!

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