Heil Dictator Fuhrer

…and it’s even worse that that. The concept of the Covid pandemic has been premised since day one, on the belief that we DON’T live in a world of viruses, that human respiratory illness is NOT common, and does NOT accompany severe illness and death TYPICALLY. And that death ITSELF is novel, never seen before.

That’s the premise of the Covid pandemic. 

You see the news from many countries, they’re marking people now. And of course more: excluding people, and demonizing them. We know where this leads. Can’t hide head in sand.

Now the premise of the Covid SOLUTION:

Covid vaccine as solution is premised on the belief that viruses can be eliminated from the world, since they’re not innate to life anyway, that gene therapies (as the Covid vaccines are described by their manufacturers), will stop mutation and spread of variant viruses. We’re told that if 100% of all people take the gene therapy injections, then sars Cov VARIANTS will cease coming into existence. And all of this, we are led to believe, will end the scourge of human respiratory illness. We’re induced to believe in the end of respiratory illness’ accompaniment of severe illness, and that even death itself will return to its pre-2020 state: unknown, never before heard of. And that of course this will “reduce the STRAIN on healthcare systems”


Anthony Fauci, who tells the world that he IS science, “You disagree with me, you’re disagreeing with science”… IS a psychotic, a Dr. Mengele, and a global DICTATOR.

Why is anyone following the DICTATES of this psychopath life long criminal fraud and mass murderer? Why is he not in prison?

You probably don’t know anything about his 40 year public history. You just know he smirked at Trump, so because of that you obey every psychotic word he says. You elevate him to object of adoration and worship.

You’re in a cult. 

A psychotic extortionist fraudulent, anti-science, anti-human, anti-health, self and others harming cult of annihilation, obliterating everything that humanity values.

I’m not religious. But without hyperbole, you’re enthralled to an antichrist.

Here are facts about Anthony Fauci:

Sweden’s “mid range outcome”… the fact is that Swedish all-cause mortality in 2020 was the 7th LOWEST since 1900. And that following the LOWEST mortality rate since 1900, the year before in 2019. Classify any of those deaths as needed for whatever narrative but the facts stand. Sweden also had lower mortality than its neighbors, as usual.

But Covid? we’ve seen this before: 

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