Spectral non-classical “science” assaults you

Celia Farber mentions here the "spectral non-classical science" that presents itself again, as it has presented itself repeatedly, like weather. A climate described in 1953 by Arthur Miller in The Crucible. 
It is a TOTAL abandonment of reason. This is becoming clear to more and more people.  

But it was clear to some on day one. 18 months ago. Not only was the initial narrative premised on a crazed inversion of what science actually is, but this has been done before, orchestrated by the same people.

You know, you can use PCR to detect any kind of molecule in any person, and even very common molecules, and you can assert that what you detect is a pathogen. And you can terrorize a population with this. And then you can offer them a miracle pharmaceutical product that will “save” them, even if it’s an old chemotherapy drug (AZT) that was banned in 1960 as a chemotherapy treatment for cancer because it was too toxic (way too toxic). And you can buy science, institutions, governments, and own all of journalism, to promote this poison and terror. And you can KILL hundreds of thousands of people in this way and get rich doing so.

But how can that be possible and who would be that diabolical?

I can’t answer how it can be possible, but the same people doing this to you now, did the same thing to millions before.

An interesting article by Matt Taibbi: But, sorry, he’s missing the biggest corruption story anyone’s ever seen, though we’ve seen one like it at a smaller scale. Very few people though, still, are at all prepared to see that.

A good place to start is here Take the time to read it and imagine its implications. We’re dealing with people who recognize no limits. Or, well, obviously, they’re dealing with us. Serious people can read that article and fail to recognize what it says. That’s human nature. It takes repetition.

Here’s a quote from the article:

“On February 19, 1988, Fauci appeared on the television program Good Morning America, as Lauritsen writes in his book. And he was asked why only one drug, AZT, had been made available. He replied:

The reason why only one drug has been made available — AZT — is because it’s the only drug that has been shown in scientifically controlled trials to be safe and effective.“

But “this brief statement contains several outstanding falsehoods,” as Lauritsen points out.

First, there have been no “scientifically controlled trials” of AZT; to refer to the FDA-conducted AZT trials as ‘scientifically controlled’ is equivalent to referring to garbage as la haute cuisine. Second, AZT is not ‘safe’: it is a highly toxic drug — the FDA analyst who reviewed the toxicology data on AZT recommended that it should not be approved.

Third, AZT is not known objectively to be ‘effective’ for anything, except perhaps for destroying bone marrow.” [5]

Nevertheless, Fauci did not get tired of spreading factually unsubstantiated statements about AZT throughout the world. Even this year, at the end of April, Fauci was not afraid of promulgating the untruth about AZT during a White House meeting about Gilead’s drug remdesivir, by saying “the first randomized placebo-controlled trial with AZT… turned out to give an effect that was modest” (more on remdesivir below).

By the way, the inventor of AZT himself, Jerome Horwitz, said he was so cloyed with the drug that he “dumped it on the junk pile,” he “didn’t [even] keep the notebooks.“

His invention AZT was a chemotherapy-like drug of extreme, not to say fatal, toxicity and “so worthless” to him that he “didn’t think it was worth patenting,” as former BusinessWeek journalist Bruce Nussbaum writes in his book Good Intentions: How Big Business and the Medical Establishment are Corrupting the Fight against AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Cancer and More.”

Tip of iceberg.

“Nevertheless, Fauci did not let himself be put off.

In December 2015, for instance, the NEJM published his article Ending the HIV–AIDS Pandemic: Follow the Science. In this piece he made a case for “dramatically scale up HIV testing and treatment around the world” — including preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP), i.e. “using ART [antiretroviral therapy] for HIV prevention in HIV negative persons.”

That is to say, healthy people should take highly toxic drugs. But here again: As self-assured as he presents his statements, he was not prepared to substantiate them factually.”

The idea now is scaled up. Every person on earth now, and not for AIDS, but for coronavirus, is expected (compelled) to be injected with mrna injections (“gene therapies”, according to their developers), not just 2 or 3 times in 2021. But indefinitely, and at a frequency yet to be revealed. But it will be revealed, cumulatively, and in hindsight.

This drill, the one we’ve experienced now for 18 months, will be repeated. Again and again. And again. Endlessly. You know, I’m not making this up. It’s out in the open. It’s what we’re being told.

You don’t hear it? The message regarding one variant after another? The circus of continuous drills? Bill Gate’s Twitter video about pandemic first responder squads, testing 20% of the entire population every week (continuously), rapid development of new vaccines to be injected into everyone BEFORE newly discovered outbreaks are pandemic?

This is not “conspiracy theory” of Trumpers ranting about their bibles and guns. It’s Bill Gates in his own words:

There’s more of course. You, soon, are going to be taking protease inhibitors too, for covid: (Forbes magazine):

Does this sound like something that boils down to a story about ideological differences between Republicans and Democrats? It shouldn’t. Because that’s not the story. This transcends all of that nonsense. The people orchestrating these things care about “ideology” as much as they care about, I don’t know, any other distraction. As much as they care about crime novels, comic books, or movies.

Here’s a list of things that are true that the coronavirus narrative distorts beyond recognition or suppresses:

  1. Respiratory illness is extremely common, serious, and often fatal
  2. There are standard treatments for respiratory illness.
  3. Part of the Covid policy response in many countries had been systematic suppression of typical treatments for respiratory illness — “go home (untreated) and wait until you have trouble breathing, then go to hospital.”
  4. These (3) changes in treatment protocols are top down directives from authorities. Originating sources of these directives are US NIH and CDC, and the WHO
  5. Most national authorities follow these directives
  6. Most doctors follow these directives
  7. When Covid patients arrive in hospital, in the US (and probably other countries) they are typically treated with remdesivir (Velkury). Known side effects of remdesivir are kidney dysfunction, which leads to fluid in the lungs, pulmonary edema, hypoxia, and death. It is NIH directive to treat with remdesivir.
  8. We live in a world of viruses
  9. You cannot vaccinate against respiratory illness. It is very complex, with multiple pathogens involved. Influenza-like illnesses have always had myriad causes—rhinoviruses, influenza viruses, other coronaviruses, adenoviruses, respiratory syncytial virus, etc.
  10. The pharmaceutical industry is a monster of corruption that captured regulatory agencies and has zero interest in public health.

You, might decide, now, that it’s worth your time to take the history of the last 40 years seriously. Start here: THE COST OF DENIAL, by the Society for Independent Investigative Journalists

Read this article: Questioning the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis: 30 Years of Dissent -Patricia Goodson
Note that it’s been retracted. Also note the reason for the retraction:
Orthodoxy! That’s the way “the science” is done, infected with corruption.

“Did Tony Fauci turn the pharmaceutical industry into a monster?”

Listen to the first 8 minutes of this podcast for a concise description of the nature and scope of institutional corruption: KunstlerCast 347 — Chatting with David E. Martin About Covid-19, Vaccinations, and Other Mass Casualty Events

And then this:

How many people with respiratory illness (which is extremely common, and serious) have been harmed, or killed, by systematic medical malpractice during “covid”?

A common side effect of remdesivir is kidney dysfunction, which leads to fluid flooding the lungs. Remdesivir (Veklury) is treatment protocol for Covid in US hospitals per NIH:–therapeutic-management/

Celia Farber mentions here the "spectral non-classical science" that presents itself again, as it has presented itself repeatedly, like weather. A climate described in 1953 by Arthur Miller in The Crucible.
It is a TOTAL abandonment of reason. This is becoming clear to more and more people. 

3 replies on “Spectral non-classical “science” assaults you”

Sweden’s “mid range outcome”… the fact is that Swedish all-cause mortality in 2020 was the 7th LOWEST since 1900. And that following the LOWEST mortality rate since 1900, the year before in 2019. Classify any of those deaths as needed for whatever narrative but the facts stand. Sweden also had lower mortality than its neighbors, as usual.


…and it’s even worse that that. The concept of the Covid pandemic has been premised since day one, on the belief that we DON’T live in a world of viruses, that human respiratory illness is NOT common, and does NOT accompany severe illness and death TYPICALLY. And that death ITSELF is novel, never seen before.

That’s the premise of the Covid pandemic.

You see the news from many countries, they’re marking people now. And of course more: excluding people, and demonizing them. We know where this leads. Can’t hide head in sand.

Now the premise of the Covid SOLUTION:

Covid vaccine as solution is premised on the belief that viruses can be eliminated from the world, since they’re not innate to life anyway, that gene therapies (as the Covid vaccines are described by their manufacturers), will stop mutation and spread of variant viruses. We’re told that if 100% of all people take the gene therapy injections, then sars Cov VARIANTS will cease coming into existence. And all of this, we are led to believe, will end the scourge of human respiratory illness. We’re induced to believe in the end of respiratory illness’ accompaniment of severe illness, and that even death itself will return to its pre-2020 state: unknown, never before heard of. And that of course this will “reduce the STRAIN on healthcare systems”
Anthony Fauci, who tells the world that he IS science, “You disagree with me, you’re disagreeing with science”… IS a psychotic, a Dr. Mengele, and a global DICTATOR.

Why is anyone following the DICTATES of this psychopath life long criminal fraud and mass murderer? Why is he not in prison?

You probably don’t know anything about his 40 year public history. You just know he smirked at Trump, so because of that you obey every psychotic word he says. You elevate him to object of adoration and worship.

You’re in a cult.

A psychotic extortionist fraudulent, anti-science, anti-human, anti-health, self and others harming cult of annihilation, obliterating everything that humanity values.

I’m not religious. But without hyperbole, you’re enthralled to an antichrist.

Here are facts about Anthony Fauci:

Spectral non-classical “science” assaults you


Tenelope Whitworth writes:
Professor Mattias Desmet was interviewed by Reiner Fuellmich on the subject of the psychology of authoritarianism. He made many historical comparisons with the H*tler and St@lin regimes.

Desmet uses the term “mass formation” to describe totalitarian thinking, and that mass formation is exactly equivalent to hypnosis.

He says there are four conditions that are necessary for a mass formation to arise within a society:

1. There need to be a lot of socially isolated people, without social bonds.
2. There must be a lack of sense-making, for instance when people work in jobs that do not have any meaning for them.
3. There must be widespread free-floating anxiety. People are afraid of something but they have no object for their fear.
4. There must be widespread psychological discontent.

When these conditions are in place, the mass media can introduce a narrative of a particular threat, and of the solution to that threat, and the people will adopt this narrative because it frees them of the free-floating anxiety. Even if the narrative does not make sense, the people will adopt it because they do not want to go back to the anxiety, which is THE most painful psychological condition.

Again, mass formation is exactly equivalent to hypnosis!

He says that in a society, about 30% of the people actually believe the mass narrative. 35-40% might question the narrative in private, but they do not want to take the risk of speaking out. And 30% believe a different narrative and are willing to speak out about it.

He says it is extremely important that the alternative narrative get spoken in the public square, because it weakens the hypnosis, and may prevent the largest crimes of the masses.

Totalitarian societies are only destructive. They cannot be creative, because they get harsher the more power they gain.

The higher degree of education a person has, the more likely they are to fall under the hypnotic spell.

Refined humor is very effective as an antidote to the mass hypnosis.

Moral of the story … posting funny memes that ridicule this insanity is an effective strategy to combat the hypnosis that leads to totalitarianism!

I’m putting the link below in the comments.


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