Can You See What You Look Like?

Another gem from Matt Taibi:

This made me laugh. Out loud. With pleasure. Then revulsion. Then something else. I don’t know what.

The article makes me want to point at people and laugh at them, but immediately realize I’m laughing at people who are:

  • mentally retarded,
  • self-righteous/arrogant, and
  • insane
  • and…

How to react to this is unclear. The right response, unknown. It’s OK to be mentally retarded. But mentally retarded AND self righteous AND believing yourself genius AND superior AND “making the world a better place” while annihilating humanity entirely, yeah I don’t know how to react to that.

I can only recommend everyone read it. Maybe some can see themselves. Maybe some will recognize monstrosity. Maybe some will think, again.

Other commentary:

You voted to get rid of “literal Satan Devil Hitler Putin, racist fascist, misogynist”, so you voted for the arch racist uber fascist who does THIS:

The policies are THE SAME:

And you made this life long hack criminal fraud your Saint/Idol, but now what?

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