Be Careful What You Wish For

I want a plague-ending potion.

But there is no plague. The data shows it. Death rate is normal for the current times, and in fact, near all time historic lows.

However, the wish persists:

“I want a plague-ending potion”.

We need to break this down then. Let’s examine the wish. It’s a simple formulation:

“I want…” << This is clear. The one expressing it, wants (same as: wishes)

“a plague-ending potion”. << what is wanted is also clear. But context matters. In the context of a plague, the wish is reasonable. The reasonable faculty would want this. Should want it. One can say with justification that wanting it is good. Good intentions are applied, in appropriate context. And may be applied well.

But what about wanting this in the absence of plague?

Be careful what you wish for.

Given that today’s mass media is weaponized to annihilate reasoning capacity, and to erase human knowledge, one wonders if anyone these days has even heard the phrase, passed on generation to generation for 2500 years, but dropping off the face of the earth sometime around 2001-ish? (Aesop: “Be Careful What you Wish For…”)

Wishing for plague-ending potion during a time of very low mortality rate (near historic low in fact), and highest ever age of life expectancy, is a wish that includes within it EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS: a wish for plague.

Stimulated by media-driven psychosis, the wish for plague-ending potion where there is no plague, demands plague as prerequisite for wish fulfillment. So we observe the character of today’s do-gooders.

You see them screeching in response to The Great Barrington Declaration (a mild document):

Do you know what they want? They want the virus to rip through the population killing everyone!

So what is contained within such an idea? A world without viruses. This is precisely like screeching:

You know what they want? They want the sun to rise. Every day!

What kind of horrible people would declare that they want the sun to rise every day? Or that the world should continue viral transmission, as it does. No. Today, these are called maniacs. “Reasonable” people oppose.

Then we come to this:

The first argument he makes is that doing it wrong (mass Vx during pandemic) generates variants.

The second argument he makes is implied corollary: mass V should be done before a disease is pandemic.

The second argument supports the global plan announced by Bill Gates: 

1. testing 20% of the world population every week continuously. 

2. Detecting outbreaks early 

3. Response via “pandemic fire squads

4. Very rapid (2 days?) development of new vaccine in response to (2), made possible by mRNA technology

5. Global roll out of new vaccine, before the outbreak becomes pandemic

That strategy solves the “problem” described by Bossche.

The whole world will be tested every 5 weeks. So:

  • new outbreak detected,
  • pandemic fire squad dispatched, numerous times every year,
  • rapid Vx developed and
  • injected into everyone multiple times a year, BEFORE detected outbreaks (2) become pandemic, and
  • this is a strategy that conforms with “the best science”.

Note of course that nearly 100% of these “future pandemics prevented by new Vx” are completely imaginary. 

Here it is as always worth mentioning again that the PCR “test” for contagion outbreak, following the example of 2020’s Drosten PCR assay detecting Sars-Cov2 is a PCR assay that detects the presence of a 30 base pairs genetic sequence, a minuscule fraction of a virus, and, a sequence that is not unique to any particular virus (it lights positive in the presence of ordinary coronaviruses).

“SCIENTISTS” can develop PCR assays detecting 30 base pair gene sequences, new assays every day, for 4 and a half billion years until the Sun dies out or goes white dwarf, and not even scratch the surface of the reservoir of all possible 30 base pair sequence combinations.

Check it for yourself:

There are 900 Octillion unique number combinations in 30 digits:,octillion%20different%2030%2Ddigit%20numbers.,octillion%20different%2030%2Ddigit%20numbers.

Fine, that’s in a base 10 system. While genetics is base 4 (A, G, C, T). So, do the reduction. But increase it again, because the PCR assays involve base pairs. Do the math if you can. Oddly enough, if you count unique AGCT pairs, you find there are 10 unique pairs:

10 unique pairs of A, G, C, and T

I could be wrong about that certainly, but it does seem that there are 10 unique pairs among any 4 items, which would make genetics, like arabic numbers, a base 10 system, thus upholding the 900 Octillion comparison. In any case I think I remain on safe ground with the 4 and half billion year napkin sketch:

One unique 30 base pair sequence per day for 4 and a half billion years (until the sun dies out) X 365 days per year = a 13 digit number: 1,642,500,000,000 (unique 30 base pair sequences)

This is the number of PCR assays that can be designed once per day for 4 and half billion years, to have us chase our tails into our own assholes, every day, forever.

A 13 digit number, is a tiny fraction of a 30 digit number. So, 4 and a half billion years of this only skims the surface of all possible 30 base pair PCR assays.

This is a religion, maintained by “geniuses” and “humanitarians”. “Do-gooders”. “The Best and the Brightest”, who line up to be “selected” to work for “prestigious” pharmaceutical companies, and “brave” work, on the “frontlines” and participation in “dangerous” rapid response teams, the so-called “pandemic fire squads”.

That’s the plan evidently, now started, with no terminus. A rather shitty outlook to say the least, abject dystopia for as long as anyone can project into the future.

Here is clear evaluation of initial results: Should 12 die for 1? likewise dreadful, a nuke in the altar of the church of the vaccine. It just takes the data from official sources and does the basic arithmetic. Please check and see if he’s wrong.

I had a doubt about the calculation but I think I’m satisfied with it now. I showed the math like this:

A. -1c/200V (less 1 case per 200 vaccinated)

according to "the latest results from Israel — the country with the most vaccinations — show that the actual ARR for Pfizer is closer to 0.46%. That gives an NNV of 217.(NOTE: These numbers come from LANCET, the world’s oldest and best-known peer-reviewed medical journal.)" - ibid


B. +1F/2000Inf (1 fatality per 2000 infections, (in people under 70, according to )


C. -10c/2000V (multiply A by 10/10)

and multiply C by IFR=1F/2000c (this is valid because (C/V) (F/C) = F/V:

D. -10c (1F/2000c)/2000V

and reduce D:

E. -0.005F/2000V

then multiply E by 200/200:

F. -1F/400,000V

In summary, based on existing published numbers, it looks like we need to vaccinate 434,000 people to stop one corona fatality, with the downside that it may cause 12 jab-related deaths and 502 serious adverse effects — if the past trends hold.

I think it’s important to use precise language when inoculating the world population so that everyone can assess the risk profile for themselves.

Correct me if I’m wrong. Please. I want to be wrong about this one.

(NOTE: These numbers do not take into account long-term vaccination effects, which may take up to a year to manifest. They also don’t take into account the fact that there is no proof that covid vaccines confer immunity. Or that according to NIH, the VAERS numbers may be underreported by a factor of between 1/10 to 1/100.)

See the article ^^^, for the data analysis.

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