Briefing For a Descent Into Hell

Well, that’s the title of Doris Lessing’s 1971 book, Briefing For a Descent Into Hell. Which I bought as a kid but never read. Always meant to though…

Back then I thought it was science fiction, but for fuck’s sake now…

Feldman’s reply here (in the video clip) is of course weaker than, …I don’t know…, a mattress of hot Krispy Creme donuts for those trying to rest with debilitating spinal injury. 

The sickly response:

“to compare what CNN and MSNBC are doing, to what FoxNews and NewsMax are doing, is just mind-boggling to me”

– Andrew Feldman

And that precisely is THE problem. Without wrapping your mind around the fact that CNN and MSNBC have become over the last 20 years, MORE willing to distort reality, more willing to ignore facts, more willing to lie, and more willing to spin BIGGER lies, about issues of far greater importance, than Foxnews or “Qanon”, …without recognizing that, American public discourse will remain sunk, in a bog, of sewage, with no possibilty for meaningful, reasonable, discourse about anything.

Have you not noticed the descent into the abyss, of corporate owned American media since 1980?

Reasonableness dropped off a cliff in the last 4 decades. Here’s what I’ve seen:

I’ve watched the total transformation of American media since 1980 with eyes wide open, beginning with the introduction of “conservative” talk radio, which was basically unhinged (insane) from the beginning. And was in contrast to normal American media which still operated in accordance with the fairness doctrine and a still present residual of the Franklin Roosevelt era.

Put American media since 1980 on a graph to measure the degree of psychotic separation from reality and reason on the Y axis, with two bars on the X axis, one for conservative media (talk radio, then FoxNews). And another bar for mainstream media (NYT, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc.)

The Y axis is a measure of reasonableness, or lack of it. Put a scale on the Y axis: completely reasonable, an ideal reasonableness, is as tall as a doorway.

In the 1980s and 90s, mainstream media (NYT, CNN, MSNBC, NPR) would rise about mid way I’d say, up to the door handle. 

Conservative talk radio and FoxNews lowered the bar. Their bar was below the door handle, down around your knees.

The problem, is what happened since.

NYT, CNN, MSNBC, NPR didn’t increase, or even maintain, their higher standard (of reason). They nose-dived to the floor, racing conservative media to the bottom, and “won”.

Today, the “mainstream” media (NYT, CNN, MSNBC, NPR) is below knee level, lying on the floor. And yet, as if by some kind of force, is pulling itself further down, into the abyss. Without limit. There is no floor.

The typical American and European news viewer didn’t notice this descent into hell. 

That’s apparent.

They’re mesmerized. Stupefied.

They think they’re pointing their fingers DOWN at FoxNews and typical conservative media, while by now they’re pointing UP to point at those, and continuing their fall. 

Now sunk to such depth, buried both by darkness, and distance from reality, they no longer see what they’re pointing at. But the pointing and screaming continues nonetheless, the incoherent ranting, of drowning lunatics, breathing water now, sinking, to the ocean floor, and beyond, sinking into the core of the earth.

The media we’re trained to watch is now so deranged, so psychotic, so detached from reality, that it makes Donald Trump look like a modern day Isaac Newton.

I’m not saying he IS. Please. Ed Curtain describes precisely what all these “political” actors are. It’s a show. Nothing more:  

What’s new is that the elites are bored with this game. I can only recommend this article which I think is the most important I’ve read in a long time, by Alex Bartlett:

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