I have near zero people in my circle of family and friends who admire Trump

Kathi Roussel
I’m in western NY, and I have to say, that the majority of people I’m acquainted with are all pro vax, pro mask, pro lockdown, and so on. These are people in the arts who I’d always imagined were free thinkers and non conformists. It’s been shocking to discover that the quite opposite is true. It’s difficult coming to terms with the fact that I no longer have a community. I think so many of us are experiencing the same thing. I often wish my FB friends lived nearby. I imagine we’d get a good deal more accomplished..

Antoine Jacques
The story of what happened to that class – some call the “cultural creatives,” a label I don’t really like – has to be written. I think it has something to do with all the “niceness” that all these therapeutic models – New Age, ersatz spirituality, along with rampant anti-depressant use – and lots of NPR – really impeded their ability to respond adequately to the monstrous criminality of the overclass. They’ve stopped questioning authority, and have become the most compliant. That niceness is what fuels the mask wearing – Do it for others! – and the aggressive virtue signaling. This is where the no bullshit attitude of the working class, mainly small business people (since an industrial proletariat does not exist here), makes it much easier to see thru the scams that the elite run. They are more likely to have an innate distrust of institutions that the liberal class, that artists belong to, reveres. The “Alt-Right” now has the edge that used to be the left’s.

Elaine Martin
There was some messaging ahead of this. I had a former student who was really on me about flu shots.

I had explained how I used oregano oil first sign of a flu, usually a sore throat. It always works for me, but she said it was unscientific, and I was still an asymptomatic carrier (and irresponsible). That was in 2014 or 2015. She was an honor student, and she later went on to be an archivist at John Hopkins.

I realized that many of my former students were campaigning for science, and casting aspersions at those who were “new agey” or not as educated as they were or too right or conservative. After the Me Too rallies (rah rah Hillary and the DNC) there was a science rally in 2018 here in LA. It was kind of a self-righteous gathering of science supporters, very liberal and kind of snarky. I have to say, though I identified with liberals and progressives up until that time, I was completely on the outs with the standard medical practices with pharma drugs and shots. I was also noticing how unattractive these people were becoming: self-congratulatory and looking down their noses at the “less sophisticated” folks who didn’t agree about some science-y things and vaxxing. I hated the divisiveness and arrogance. I didn’t like Trump, but when Fauci sort of sneered or whatever and upstaged him a year ago, I thought, “What a freakin’ putz!” Then I researched AIDS, and it all came together for me. Thank God. I didn’t want to be in that cancel culture club anymore.

Malu Ribeiro
I think it’d be easier to get your meaning with “Fauci loves fucking with science” … but sure!

  • Arik Oudemans
    Malu Ribeiro, Doesn’t the one mean ‘tampering’ and the other ‘destroying’?
  • ActiveMalu Ribeiro
    Arik Oudemans, No sorry, they both read as exclamations, the 2nd is missing a preposition .. but it’s just a technicality, I shouldn’t have written anything … But I can say something like “I love fucking beer!” … I’m not saying I love screwing beer, it means I love (adjective) beer … 😃 lol Sorry, again, I should keep it to myself … I’m not a gramma cop normally … 😃 lol 
  • Arik Oudemans
    Malu Ribeiro, it’s nice to get it right. How about this.
    1. you’re fucking with my mind.
    2. you’re fucking my mind. (this one sounds more destructive – similar to ‘fucking up my mind’.)
  • Rob Snyder
    Malu Ribeiro, whole books are written just only on the myriad uses of this fucking word.

    After studying those books, fucking ALL of them, I wrote this the way I wrote it.

    After you think about it, a-fucking-gain, you’ll notice it’s on target 🎯 🤣

    After 40 years of Anthony Fauci fucking with it, science is fucked.

    I could say, After 40 years of Anthony Fauci fucking with it, science is fucked UP.

    But that’s weaker.

    Fauci loves fucking science.

    And now science is fucked up beyond all repair
  • Stuart Cleary
    Rob Snyder Hit the nail on the head 🙂
  • Malu Ribeiro
    Rob Snyder You proved my fucking point! 😃 lol
  • Malu Ribeiro
    Arik No, they fucking mean different things, not an issue of fucking intensity … 😃 lol
  • Rob Snyder
    Malu Ribeiro did I prove your point? Fauci fucked your point. 

    I fucking LOVE your point. 
    Anthony Fauci loves FUCKING your point. 

    Your point is fucked. 

    Community Standards are Violated

Brigid Whipple

3h  · 

“The “woke” lack courage and therefore choose peaceful slavery”.-

–JP Sears

Only thing I disagree with is much of them are young, and don’t know (yet) how much they are bought (the woke). Eventually they’ll fight back (I hope).The middle aged ones, and older ones who buy the dominant narrative?Mostly rhetorical. Though I hold hope for them too.


Arne Sundt
The “woke” lack courage and therefore choose peaceful slavery”To me that completely misses the point. I never did get woke, but I did finally see wtf is going on. The woke are just watching a film of carefully curated narrative flickering by on the big screen of complete bullshit. But this one never goes clack clack clack at the end as the lights come up and the curtain closes, they won’t ever see the stained and faded velour and the sticky fucken debris strewn floors

  • Brigid Whipple
    They choose the show. With the stained velour, the sticky floors, and the rat shit at their feet. Which is even a much better show than the real shit show we’re living.
  • Arne Sundt
    I don’t think they choose anything. Lacking in discernment. If you never leave a primitive society, you don’t have any idea what civilization looks like. The flood of information chooses what they think for them.
  • Arne Sundt
    What we should really do is give everyone in the US under 40 a passport and fund them to travel for a year. They’d all come back and say fuck this place, we need to fix it. 
  • Brigid Whipple
    I hold two feelings, the feeling/idea that we do choose, and the idea/feeling that we don’t choose. I think we do choose, much of the time, even knowing how much manipulation is out there on our beings, there is always life speaking, on some level. Given that, no,…forget that, we know.
  • Brigid Whipple
    I had a talk with a 17 year old yesterday and today that, was very illuminating.
  • Arne Sundt
    Most of the beaten down are too tired to dig up that choose part. It’s easier to just be part of the conforming GP. Once you start thinking, shit stays depressing.
  • Brigid Whipple
    Arne Sundt for some part I agree. Except for I grew up in the underclass of the underclass. I was the kid who other kids threw pennies at. I was the made fun of bullied poor girl at school. I find thinking to be the least depressing thing.I have many things to say about poverty in western society otherwise.

INFANTILISM As A Basis For Trusting The Authorities.

An essay by Tim Foyle


“While the immature psyche no longer depends on parents for its well-being, the powerful and motivating core tenet I have described remains intact: unchallenged, unconsidered and undeveloped. And, in a world in which stability and security are distant memories, these survival instincts, rather than being well-honed, considered, relevant, discerning and up to date, remain, quite literally, those of a baby. Trust is placed in the biggest, loudest, most present and undeniable force around, because instinct decrees that survival depends on it.”


“And, in this great ‘world nursery’, the most omnipresent force is the network of institutions which consistently project an unearned image of power, calm, expertise, concern and stability.In my view, this is how conspiracy deniers are able to cling to and aggressively defend the utterly illogical fantasy that somehow – above a certain undefined level of the societal hierarchy – corruption, deceit, malevolence and narcissism mysteriously evaporate. That, contrary to the maxim, the more power a person has, the more integrity they will inevitably exhibit. These poor deluded souls essentially believe that where personal experience and prior knowledge cannot fill in the gaps in their worldview – in short, where there is a barred door – mummy and daddy are behind it, working out how best to ensure that their little precious will be comfortable, happy and safe forever.”


“This dangerous delusion may be the central factor placing humanity’s physical security and future in the hands of sociopaths.To anyone in the habit of dismissing people who are questioning, investigative and sceptical as tin foil hat wearing, paranoid, science-denying Trump supporters, the question is: what do you believe in? Where have you placed your faith and why? How is it that while no one trusts governments, you appear to trust nascent global governance organisations without question? How is this rational?”


“This essay has focussed on what I consider to be the deepest psychological driver of conspiracy denial.

There are certainly others, such as the desire to be accepted; the avoidance of knowledge of, and engagement with, the internal and external shadow; the preservation of a positive and righteous self-image: a generalised version of the ‘flying monkey’ phenomenon, in which a self-interested and vicious class protect themselves by coalescing around the bully; the subtle unconscious adoption of the sociopathic worldview (e.g. ‘humanity is the virus’); outrage addiction/superiority complex/status games; a stunted or unambitious intellect that finds validation through maintaining the status quo; the dissociative protective mechanism of imagining that crimes and horrors committed repeatedly within our lifetime are somehow not happening now, not ‘here’; and plain old fashioned laziness and cowardice.

My suggestion is that, to some degree, all of these build on the foundation of the primary cause I’ve outlined here.”

h/t Lena Bloch

Idiocy, Magical Thinking, Corruption, and TDS

The idea that we can end respiratory illness with vaccines or masks or distancing is, very simply, idiocy.

If a vaccine reduced the effect of some virus, then another virus will take its place in human respiratory illness. To believe otherwise is magical thinking.

Idiocy and magical thinking are the basic narrative premises of “Covid 19”.

The other factor at work is the engine of the apparatus. The engine is simple (though on enormous scale) corruption.

But there’s another essential factor.

Corruption, idiocy, and magical thinking are not enough. There must be some other factor that suppresses normal human reason, that otherwise would resist, oppose, and call out corruption, idiocy, and magical thinking.

So there is this other factor, the role of which is to suppress normal human reason. This factor, I suggest, is Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) which was cultivated systematically for 5 years and has profound effect over much of the US and far beyond the US, throughout large parts of Europe and Latin America for example.
  • Stuart Davies
    On the other hand, those who suffer from Trump Adulation Syndrome (TAD) share a few common delusions with those who are afflicted with TDS, along with other symptoms specific to their condition. BOTH conditions have been carefully cultivated. 
    • Rob Snyder
      Stuart, TAD has the effect of continuing support for the general scope of American Republican Party policies. TDS has the same effect (because the Democratic Party has exactly the same policies). But TDS has the additional effect of cementing any remnant opposition to these policies, in a coffin under 12 feet of cement.
    • Stuart Davies
      Ah, but therein you put your finger right on one of the shared delusions, which is the belief that Trump actually opposed these policies, when in fact he was the enabler in chief even as he participated in the scripted narrative which created the illusion of his ‘opposition’ to the ‘pandemic’ agenda.
    • Rob Snyder
      Stuart Davies, I didn’t say that. I said the opposite: “TAD has the effect of continuing support for the general scope of American Republican Party policies.”
    • Stuart Davies
      Okay, I didn’t note that you had said GENERAL REPUBLICAN party policies. But then again, given that you also correctly stated that the Democratic Party has exactly the same policies – even in regard to the ‘pandemic’ agenda (contrary to the media generated illusion) – it is still true that TDS and TAD both reinforce the delusion that Trump opposed those specific policies, right? I would say that burying any remnant opposition to these ‘pandemic’ policies in a coffin under 12 feet of cement is one of the many purposes of the TDS/TAD mind control dichotomy. The “T” in both cases is of course an essential element, which I dub the Trump caricature persona reverse psychology straw man script. We see it in play across the entire sociopolitical spectrum throughout the transnational empire, it has been (and continues to be!) an incredibly effective perception management tool for the puppet masters.
    • Rob Snyder
      Stuart, is anyone motivated by Trump Adulation Syndrome to oppose the C19 narrative and policy apparatus?

      There may be some. Even significant numbers. To precisely that extent, that there are people opposing the C19 narrative and policy because of TAD, TAD is a positive factor in the world.

      TDS on the other hand is probably motivating exactly zero people to oppose C19 narrative and policy while motivating a very large number of people to support it. TDS and the closely related OAS (Obama Adulation Syndrome) have caused enormous numbers of people who formerly would have (and did) oppose US imperial war and annihilation of people who work for a living to instead promote those very things, energetically, with zeal, passion, with fucking derangement. 

      Oddly, TAD has had rather the opposite effect and huge numbers of Trump fans look and sound rather like hippie peaceniks of 50 years ago.

      On the other hand I see absolute zero positive value in TDS.
    • Stuart Davies
      Well, I guess you could say that anything that induces opposition to the Co. vid agenda is a positive thing. But perhaps we should stop and consider the full implications of what it means when the puppet masters fund, infiltrate, and manipulate organizations and movements – even those we might deem to be righteous ones – across the sociopolitical spectrum.

      Consider, in this case, some of the implications of the FBI/CIA psyop known as “Q” which actively ENCOURAGED opposition to the pandemic agenda among Trump supporters. Look at that fact when it is further illuminated by some of the specific details laid out in that famous Rockefeller Foundation “Lockstep” scenario, wherein they not only anticipated the entire ‘pandemic’ and the lockdown measures which contradicted well established medical science, but also anticipated the push back against those lock down measures. They WROTE that into their fucking script ten years before they made it happen, brother
    • Wendy Broffman-Jackson
      I have loved ones who remain enamored with Trump and they will latch on to ANY explanation to explain away evidence of Trump being just another enabler of the agenda.

      And when asked for proof that these explanations hold weight, they will fall back on their FEELING that Trump is a good guy or fall back on something he said, but did not do because he was stopped from doing it by the deep state. This is similar to my friends who continue to excuse Obama for never following up on his promises and blame the republican party. Yes, both TAD and and TDA result in similar delusions and I am sure the division between those who oppose and those who accept the covid narrative was in the script long ago.
    • Stuart Davies
      Good point about how TAD relates to die hard O’Bomber apologists, Wendy, I’ve noticed the same thing.
    • Rob Snyder
      I have near zero people in my circle of family and friends who admire Trump. 

      90% of people I’ve known in person in 54 years are full time believers in Clinton, Obama, Biden… 

      5% are Republican voters 

      5% care about none of the above.

      Over the last 10 years, those in the first group, the 90%, I’ve noticed have nothing worthwhile to say about any policy positions of the US establishment. They enthusiastically support all of its most heinous crimes.

      But among the second and third groups, the remaining 5% and 5%, over the last 10 years in my experience, they tend to have quite a lot to say that’s meaningful and useful, in opposition to US policy. This is true even for those few affected by Trump Adulation Syndrome (TAD).

      There is a difference that comes from the merits of one’s position when being duped.

      For example, if I’m suffering from OAS and TDS (Obama Adulation and Trump Derangement) and so I believe in Fauci’s prescription to turn everything into gulag life, then my beliefs are devoid of merit and I’m getting duped. (-2)

      On the other hand if I suffer from TAD (Trump Adulation) and so am inspired to take a position against gulag life, then I’m taking a position that has merit and I’m getting duped by the idea that Trump shares my position. (0)

      The latter is a 0.

      The former is a -2

      But I’d add 1 to the latter and subtract 1 from the former (for merit).

      So the latter is (+1). The former is (-3)
    • Wendy Broffman-Jackson
      Rob Snyder I understand what you are saying and I agree somewhat. But look at the Q phenomenon…many of those who believe/believed could be made to do or follow some order if it was handed down by the secret patriot group that supposedly had infiltrated the deep state….as we mentioned, the push back was mentioned in the Lock Step plan…so as is typical of the way these rulers work, if they anticipate it, then they want to control it…therefore Q.
    • Wendy Broffman-Jackson
      moreover, they are able to adjust in real time since they control narratives, the media, the military and the weapons and teh experiment itself
    • Rob Snyder
      Wendy Broffman-Jackson yes. I’m aware of that. I’m just talking about the effect of those facts, in people I know
    • Wendy Broffman-Jackson
      Rob Snyder I heard a short sci fi story read over the radio in the 1970s on a program called Hour 25 hosted by Mike Hodel and later, after Hodel died of cancer, by Harlan Ellison. In the story (wish I could remember the author or name of story) a man sees a shimmer and a vision of a reality that differs from that which he believes in…that the world is ordered in the way it always has been. He investigates and discovers that as he pierces each veil of illusion, each layer reveals a situation much worse. If memory serves he discovers the rulers have been able to create so many layers of lies and illusions that all they have to keep up is the illusion. In reality the air is polluted, the streets are filthy and people are starving. At least that’s how I remember it. DO you happen to know that story?
    • Rob Snyder
      Mark L Stewart might know that Ellison story
    • Stuart Davies
      Rob, regarding your comment that “on the other hand if I suffer from TAD and so am inspired to take a position against gulag life, then I’m taking a position that has merit and I’m getting duped by the idea that Trump shares my position”, you seem to miss my real point.

      The illusionary idea that “Trump shares my position” isn’t really what I was getting at. I was asking you to consider the implications of the puppet masters actively engaging in a psyop to induce a particular segment of the population to disbelieve at least certain aspects of their ‘pandemic’ narrative. Consider that in the light of their “Lockstep” scenario where they wrote the lockdowns and pushback to the lockdowns into their script.There are numerous other aspects to they way in which pro and anti Trump foot soldiers have been manipulated over the past four or five years. For example, look at how they used the pro Trump ‘extras’ that they used ‘Q’ to assist in bringing to the set used for their staged ‘insurrection’. That is just one way they have used those TAD afflicted individuals to further their propaganda and policy agenda. Somehow, I feel certain that they are not anywhere near done with their fomented pushback script.Look at how they used their Trump caricature persona’s mouth, the media, infiltrated (BLM) or outright fabricated (‘antifa’) organizations, and both pro and anti Trump foot soldiers again and again from the time of his election campaign rallies through the ‘antifa riots’ to pull off their divide and conquer game plan.
    • Rob Snyder
      Stuart Davies yes. I see. We live in an empire of total corruption. Everything is corrupted. Has to be accounted for somehow. Who knows how. Discernment has to be encouraged in everyone though. Nothing is possible without it. And the merit or anti-merit of particular positions, no matter who they’re associated with or who promotes them. 
    • Stuart Davies
      As usual, they play all ends against the middle. Encouraging discernment in everyone is definitely the essential first step, but even there the deck seems hopelessly stacked against us. It doesn’t encourage a realist to optimism, does it?
    • Rob Snyder
      Stuart Davies you’re right it doesn’t. So far the zombie-like behavior of most people sort of drains hope
    • Arik Oudemans
      Let’s not be hopeful. It effects our spirituality negatively. Strong spirituality on the other hand is magnetic. It might help break the spell people are under. One person at a time. (not meaning to be overly esoteric here or something, but if the charisma is in my court, i’ve noticed people are very easily explained the whole thing in half an hour or so. Working through the puzzles one by one. The rapport is crucial though. Must be of the highest order. Not complaining, not hoping, not being small, but being clear and ‘accepting’ even. Without judgement even. etc. Te Ching, The Book Of The Way by Lao Tzu Audiobook LVRYOUTUBE.COM Tao Te Ching, The Book Of The Way by Lao Tzu Audiobook LVR Tao Te Ching, The Book Of The Way by Lao Tzu Audiobook LVR
    • Arik Oudemans
      so they win, but at least we know and are no longer condemned to be isolated from the people around us.
    • Arik Oudemans
      As far as what role is planned for those critical. We know they want to get rid of governments in favour of governance. In short order. So their plan benefits from the population of the world experiencing STRONG distrust in their governments. Not a prediction. More like in a game of go, where everything can get turned around on you. Or perhaps checkers. 
  • Martin Bassani
    Manipulations are heavier than most of us can imagine. If unity of people is a threat to them than all division is good for them. We should not be surprised that they are funding all sorts of operations, groups and personalities which end up dividing us along utterly BS lines. Any time I see anyone demonizing a fellow wage slave I know this is a result of a deliberate effort. Once you realize what is happening, you don’t need to look far for the evidence, . If the end result is support of the either of the two political corporations you know they have achieved their desired effect. =====================On FB until May 31st. BassaniVK.COMMartin BassaniMartin Bassani
  • Arik Oudemans

Case Roole

 · 1h  · 

How to see the relation between America and Europe?

1. Due to organisational and linguistic constraints until recently European countries had a military. Today, with year on year massive military “exercises”, these militaries are so fully integrated into the American army that there is no point seeing them as anything other than auxiliaries. They are definitely not “allies”.

2. Again, due to organisational and linguistic constraints, until recently it was beneficial for America to have a solid industrial base in Europe. This is why business oriented parties were so strong in Europe. It is also the basis of the original division of sovereignty with the EU: America determines international policy and runs the military, but Europeans can run their own trade policies. As organisational and linguistic constraints have been overcome, America has no reneged on that arrangement and taken sovereignty over trade in the EU.

3. With tight surveillance of the European population through Faebook and Google, globalized companies acceptin America as their sovereign,

4. With nationalistic parties (full sovereignty including the military) and business parties (America determines international policy, but the country determines trade) now side-lined, there are two forms of political niches left in Europa.

a.) Freedom, Democracy & Human Rights. Such parties typically stand for surveillance, prohibition on demonstrations, censorship, propaganda, and corrupt NGOs at home, while simultaneously supporting each and every American imperial aggression.

b.) Green Parties. Their basic ideology is that unless there is total control over humanity we will all perish due to “climate change”. The most promising path to total control over humanity they see is global conquest by the American military.These two brands of European ideology are most in line with taking totalitarian control over the European population and American imperialism, so they get all the support they like.

As political parties these two are merely shallow cheerleaders for American totalitarian control over the European population and American aggression against the last sovereign states on Earth.

Essential. A friend writes:

“It’s interesting, people on the so-called right have been sounding more and more like peacenik hippies lately. They’ve taken the anti-war position, they’re promoting personal freedoms, anti-corporatism, self-sufficiency, organic local food – even farmers markets have become a ‘dogwhistle’ for nationalism. Meanwhile the so called left have gone full-on authoritarian, pro-CIA police-state globalist empire, rat on your neighbours, single-family houses are elitist and should be demolished to make way for big developments, we should all eat lab-grown manufactured ‘sustainable’ food instead of labour intensive real food, they’ve unwittingly become completely appallingly racist….. Since the Bush era the propaganda target has shifted from the right to the Liberal/left. Then (since Bernie became a threat) they’ve gone all-in to try to destroy the credibility of the populist (for the people) message. The biggest ruse of them all was to convince sh!tlibs that populism is a nefarious force.

When left to their own devices people aren’t that different, Both ‘sides’ can easily be coached into extreme positions by manipulative media

Yes, I’m arguing that the so-called ‘Liberal’ left have been tricked en-masse into taking up extremist, completely insane positions.”

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