We Want to Do Everything Possible

This is a story about doing everything possible.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental. 

By the way:

The Strange Reason Nearly Every Film Ends by Saying It’s Fiction (You Guessed It: Rasputin!)


You want to know why?


Yeah. Tell me the reason. I remember he said his department was, what, declared (?), the best in the state.


He said they talked about it and given that last year’s restrictions have to end, he said,

We want to do everything possible to end the situation.


Every thing possible…

“We want to do everything possible”



I see. That’s the motivator: “doing everything possible”.

thinking some more…

You know, he’s a young guy. Which is relevant only because he hasn’t been around long enough to develop doubts, about anything. Like, where do those ideas come from? Like, how many people right now over the whole country, in every country, are saying exactly those words right now?

Our unit is the best. Our group, Our department. The best.

They’re all “the best”. And they’re all “doing everything possible”.

And he hasn’t been around long enough to develop any curiosity about how rhetoric is designed, and distributed, and for what purpose? He still believes in genuine benevolence, right? Of Everything. He’s never heard of corruption. Or thinks it’s “conspiracy theory”. Or anyway, even where corruption exists (on TV crime shows for example),

the people in our group, in our department, they’re all good people, doing their dedicated best, to do their jobs right. So corruption doesn’t reach here.

But more importantly, he hasn’t had time, or exposure, to thinking about, well, logic. The mechanism of logic. The inevitability of the path, guaranteed and dictated, by logic. Logic is a merciless master. And doing everything possible, is logic’s mace, or club, for beating. Logic weaponized.

Come to think of it. Yeah. Doing everything possible is likely the worst possible motivation for doing anything. Because everything is already justified beforehand. Limits are removed to begin with. No holds are barred. The end justifies the means. Might is right. And the flesh of humanity is divided already at the outset. Between those doing everything possible, and those standing in the way, obstacles to doing everything possible.

What happens to such people? What happens to obstacles?

Well, anything necessary. Because we’re doing everything possible.

And where does that lead?

Well, we can measure the temperature of the rhetoric and the intensity of the campaign, and recognize the inevitable, and even the proximate, end.

I lived a few months in 2020, near here, in Berlin. Walked past these markers daily.

At different levels:

  • as individuals,
  • as an institution,
  • a government,
  • a global corporation,
  • as an organized aristocracy of (cororate/financial) power, or whatever,

we could choose to make determinations of healthcare strategies/tools, based on reasonable evaluations of evidence, based on genuinely creative science, based on innovation, uh, carefully, based on reasonable evaluation of the merits of traditionally effective practical solutions, and so on.

But, we live in a world now where the bottom two on the list above are the only operative actors. The organized aristocracy is in total control, and everything above them in that list is convinced to “do everything possible“, and convinced (actively), that it is their idea to do so. This of course is the functioning of rhetoric doing exactly what it is designed to do, flawlessly. Those who design this rhetoric, know what they’re doing.

Everyone else carries out the orders embedded within the rhetoric The rhetoric acts as a trojan horse with surprise cargo inside. It’s stealth cargo. Those taking it onboard believe themselves to be doing everything possible, independently, of their own free and good will.

Snake Oil

Pharmaceuticals, are one the world’s biggest industries. Today obviously It’s the modern version of quacks, snake oil salesmen, magical thinking, and voodoo, all mystified behind a facade called “science”, while science itself is abused behind that facade.

And remember the history of snake oil. A lot of snake oil is poison. Now there’s a whole industry of selling antibodies. Maybe you haven’t heard of that yet. But you will. See article here and the short video:

Custom antibodies! And that’s science!

Snake oil these days is pushed with the full force of the state, the military, even empire behind it. Corruption infests the medical industry at a scale and pervasiveness incomprehensible to mortals. And, the entire apparatus of mass media is captured for use as a tool of coercion.

Always presented, as SCIENCE.

Science has a certain look, a style. It looks

  • articulate,
  • well-presented,
  • logical, and
  • compelling.

There is a problem though with the criteria “articulate, well-presented, logical, and compelling”.

Compelling is 4th in the list, following the first 3, evidently rightly so as it follows as the effect of the first 3. I mean, “compelling” is not operative. Rather, it’s the effect of the operatives, the first 3. The first 2 operatives are style-related, often; superficial, often.

That leaves logic carrying most of the weight of the sentence. The problem is that logic is revealed lately as a mechanism of lock-in, of inevitability, more so than what we’d hope for logic, logic as a method producing clear thinking. Once a faulty premise (any faulty premise) is accepted, widely, then it is precisely logic that guarantees every step following from the premise. Logic demands each subsequent step, one strictly logical step after another, all the way to the most horrifying conceivable conclusion, an unbroken chain of consistent logic all the way to the end.

I’m just sayin’, logic won’t solve the problem. I may choose to accept the premise of some issue important to mass media rhetoric today. If I do accept it, then logic enforces all of the subsequent steps, all the way to horror. Logic won’t break the chain. Logic IS the chain. There has to be something else. I don’t know what it is. Something that causes a re-evaluation of the premise.

Logic can be well used there, to evaluate a premise. But there has to be something else that initiates the will to re-evaluate to begin with. Otherwise logic is not used for that.

That is why, evidently, scientists, and doctors, for example, are ill-equipped to do anything about the ruin of science, and medicine, itself. That is to say, when the entire apparatus of science, and medicine, is captured and distorted by the tentacles of corruption operating at a scale and scope incomprehensible to those of good will, weaponizing science, and medicine, for the torture of humanity, and its enslavement.

We’re doing everything possible.


One hopes that you soon stop doing that. And start walking back, about 10 steps.

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