if this remains broken – we are not going to like the world that results

Met someone today, my age. Although she seemed to think the vaccine would make things normal (she was reluctant to take it), she made more sense than most. Said school closings is a crime, she lost all confidence in government. We should not keep young people inside, the 70+ are out all the time anyway.

People like her need to be told the truth. It will not end with vaccine. This is an agenda. Perpetual torture. The agenda needs to be met with opposition 

Opposition has to organize

The facts needed to understand that it won’t end (with vaccine) are here:

One thing is that the official data from early trials cited by Pfizer and Moderna (it’s their own data and report) show that 100 people have to be vaccinated for 1 person to have a reduction in at least 1 Covid symptom. That means 99% of vaccinated people are not effected positively with regard to Covid.

This is spun by the pharma companies and media and government as “95% efficacy”. The method they use to arrive at that is written in their own report. I copied it in the blog post

There’s more in the blog:

  • Gates’ desire for a “platform” of vaccine production, etc.
  • Endless testing
  • Endless variants
  • Endless masking
  • Endless lockdown
  • Endless injections
  • Endless cruelty

FACTS why not to take the injections; make a list from this article: 

And we KNOW the results of infection, so testing (antigen or PCR) is pointless.

Here is the result of infection:  (i.e., the result is… nothing)

What do you think will happen if positive result from antigen test?

“I will have to stay home”

And how often this testing?

From Pfizer and Moderna’s own published statements, again, the vaccines have no positive effect with regard to Covid on 99% of the vaccinated.

So what is the point of testing?

Read the article The media promotes “95% efficacy”. I think you will be shocked to see what that actually means. It’s from their own report. What it actually means is in the article, citing the Pfizer and Moderna publications directly.

“authorities want to break the spreading of the “silent asymptomatic” spread.”

Therefore they are then attempting to solve an unsolvable problem. That’s not science, or scientific.

The virus does not affect death rates negatively. And the vaccines have no positive effect on 99% of the vaccinated. That’s from their own literature. 

This is a test of basic human rationality. If this remains broken, we are not going to like the world that results. 

“They don’t talk about deaths. Their argument is strain on health care.”

Again read the article. From their own literature, the negative effect on health, and therefore, strain on healthcare, from the vaccines is at least triple the negative effect of the virus. This is from their own literature .

This is a test of basic human rationality. If this remains broken, we are not going to like the world that results.

We can’t go around solving unsolvable problems and making life a hell on earth

That’s not science.

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