endless cruelty

Efficacy analysis breakdown here 

We know the TV and the newspapers tell us all that the vaccines “have shown a 95% efficacy rate in trials”. Now, the ordinary reader is going to interpret that to mean that 95% of the people who take the injections are going to be protected from Covid 19. However that is so far away from accurate that “95% efficacy” can only be viewed as intentionally misleading,

(aka: lying).

The stupidity of this is overwhelming, along with the cynical malicious scheming of the whole psychological manipulation and the corruption. The mind is blown.

From the article:

“To reiterate, in both trials, once one/two symptoms appeared in a participant, it was designated a “case” or “event” when coupled with a positive PCR “test”. Once 170 “cases” occurred in Pfizer/BioNtech trial, and 196 “cases” occurred in Moderna trial, this data was used to calculate efficacy. Shockingly, only under 200 cases for a novel therapy which is being deployed/subjected on millions of people around the world.

Furthermore, people are not being informed that “95%” or so efficacy, is calculated based on a useless metric of relative efficacy and is therefore very misleading.


8 “cases” in vaccine group

162 “cases” in placebo group

8/162 = 5%

100%-5%= 95%

Therefore, they are claiming that the synthetic gene therapy injections are 95% efficacious. What they are not factoring in is the size of the denominator. If it is large, then with 8 vs 162, the difference becomes less significant. It matters how many people were in each group, for example, whether this be 200, 2,000, or 20,000.

This is the absolute risk reduction for Pfizer/BioNtech, each group had over 18,000 people!

Injection Group: 8/18,198 = 0.04%

Placebo Group: 162/18,325= 0.88%

Therefore, the absolute risk reduction for Primary Efficacy Endpoint is 0.84%. (ie. 0.88-0.04)

This means, that someone who takes the Pfizer/BioNtech injection, has less than 1% chance of reducing at least one symptom of non-severe “Covid” for a period of 2 months. This means that someone who takes this injection has over 99% chance that it won’t work, regarding the efficacy. Over 100 people have to be injected for it to “work” in one person.”

There are many issues with the trial data, and design. It must be noted that PCR tests are not fit for purpose and without Sanger sequencing we have no idea how many of these people actually had “Covid” vs another respiratory virus or something else. This is a preeminent reason why Dr Yeadon and Dr Wodarg filed a Stay of Action on the vaccine trials.

As Dr Peter Doshi, Associate Editor of BMJ highlighted, access to the raw data is required to further elucidate the areas of concern:

With 20 times more suspected covid-19 than confirmed covid-19, and trials not designed to assess whether the vaccines can interrupt viral transmission, an analysis of severe disease irrespective of etiologic agent—namely, rates of hospitalizations, ICU cases, and deaths amongst trial participants—seems warranted, and is the only way to assess the vaccines’ real ability to take the edge off the pandemic.”

Approximately 5-6 symptoms listed as “side effects” are the same as Covid symptoms. Pfizer/BioNtech only started counting “cases” one week after the second dose, and Moderna, 2 weeks after the second dose. Therefore, if these side effects were labelled as “Covid” symptoms instead, even the paltry efficacy of about 1% would be relegated into the negative integers.

In others words, the injected group may have been sicker with “Covid” more than the placebo group.

There have been many critiques of the applicability of the limited data to the general populace, especially the vulnerable elderly. An important analysis of this was done by Dr James Lyons-Weiler who discovered the general population is dying at a rate 6.3 times the rate of participants in the Moderna trial (including placebo and injection groups).

If Moderna’s on-vaccine death rate is so far below the national death rate and also simultaneously more than five times greater than Pfizer’s on-vaccine death rate, then Pfizer’s study sample appears even less representative of the entire population. This, too, requires due consideration.”

An integral question as to whether Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna recruited supermen and women for their trials, comes to mind. The incidence of “severe” Covid in Placebo groups which scrutinizing the details, wasn’t necessarily severe presentation, is so low that trials of 30,000-40,000 lacked statistical power to determine reductions in hospitalizations and deaths, according to Tal Zaks, CMO Moderna.

Zaks is correct, the incidence of severe “Covid” was only 0.04% in Pfizer/BioNtech and 0.22% in Moderna. Due to this very low attack rate of severe presentation in the population, the absolute risk reduction in severe presentation, even taking data at face value, is nominal.

Therefore, potential SGT recipients must be informed that to reduce “severe” presentation, chances are over 99.5% that these synthetic gene therapies will not work.

The British Medical Journal has reported:

Hospital admissions and deaths from covid-19 are simply too uncommon in the population being studied for an effective vaccine to demonstrate statistically significant differences in a trial of 30 000 people. The same is true of its ability to save lives or prevent transmission: the trials are not designed to find out.”

To convey informed consent, the side effect profile must also be considered. Up to 80% of injected trial recipients experienced side effects, in a setting for a nebulous syndrome where 80% of people are asymptomatic.

The incidences of immediate side effects in both trials were significant and dwarfed the absolute risk reduction in both the primary efficacy endpoints, as well as for “severe” Covid.

For example, for Moderna 81.9% experienced any systemic reaction. Grade 3 reactions (considered severe) were experienced by 17.4%. This is 79X more likely than the incidence of severe Covid in the Moderna group. (17.4/.22=79X) Based on preliminary reports of adverse events [emphasis added]:

This is an injury rate of 1 in every 40 jabs. This means that the 150 shots necessary to avert one mild case of COVID will cause serious injury to at least three people.

The safety data for both companies is approximately only two months before receiving emergency use authorization status. Therefore, there is no data for mid-long term side effects, as the trials are ongoing.

The estimated completion date for Pfizer/BioNtech trials is Jan 31, 2023. The estimate completion date for Moderna trials is October 27, 2022.

What other lies are we being told?

Are we facing a virus that causes out of the ordinary impact on illness and death?

Let’s look at mortality in Sweden where I live, where there was no lockdown and no masks:

Read these two articles please. I could post a long excerpt from them but instead I recommend reading the two articles in full. I’ve seen nowhere better data analysis.

One table from the second article though, here. What is significant about the Swedish death rate in 2020? (answer is below the graph)

The 2020 Swedish death rate (deaths/population) is LOWER THAN 114 OF THE 120 YEARS IN THE GRAPH.

Someone has translated the post to Italian:

I copy the article’s conclusion here:


So, what do we make of all the above facts & figures ? Did Sweden really experience a severe deadly pandemic, a “once in 100 years flu”, with people dying in unprecedented numbers during 2020…? 

A pandemic of a kind we’ve not encountered since the Spanish flu 1918…? Or did Sweden experience a severe flu with mortality about the same as past severe flu’s that tend to occur once or twice in every 20-30 years or so…?

I don’t particularly like the notion of “Excess Deaths”, since most of the time it’s impossible to know the answer to “Excess to what, exactly?”, as explained here, but below graph shows six different values for Swedish Excess Deaths 2020. They range from 7000to 1900, depending on the chosen calculation method and baseline. 

Pick the number most appealing to you and your purposes.
“Excess Deaths”

In textual form, the Swedish “Excess Deaths” for 2020, computed by comparing “Expectation” vs outcome, with two different baselines, are then as follows:

Absolute excess deaths cmp baseline 15-18 : 6429 
Absolute excess deaths cmp baseline 15-19 : 6978 
Population adjusted excess deaths cmp baseline 15-18 : 3251 Population adjusted excess deaths cmp baseline 15-19 : 4334 
Age adjusted excess deaths cmp baseline 15-18 : 1901 
Age adjusted excess deaths cmp baseline 15-19 : 3146

Applying the same “Excess” computations to 2019 instead of 2020, instead of “Excess Deaths” we get a significant “Death Deficit”, regardless which calculation method or baseline we use:


Absolute death deficit cmp baseline 15-18 : -2745

Absolute death deficit cmp baseline 15-19 : -2196

Population adjusted death deficit cmp baseline 15-18 : -5384

Population adjusted death deficit cmp baseline 15-19 : -4307

Age adjusted death deficit cmp baseline 15-18 : -6146

Age adjusted death deficit cmp baseline 15-19 : -4916

So even if Covid never would have arrived at all during 2020, the death toll of 2020 would almost certainly been significantly higher than “normal” anyway, due to Dry Tinder-effects

You’ll be the judge over whether the numbers above justify the “World’s Cautionary Tale” designation, or the restrictions on freedom, liberty, future and normal life that have been put in place. 

My personal take on Covid 2020 in Sweden is as follows:

  • Yes, Covid 2020 was real (and continues to be real at least until spring 2021, as all seasonal viruses). The number of deaths 2020 was higher than it should have been, which ever way we define “Excess”. Not exceptionally higher, and far from all the disaster scenarios painted by media, politicians and failed scientists. 
  • Was Covid 2020 our generation’s “Spanish Flu” ? No. Far from it, as can be seen in the graph showing 1918 above, and by comparing mortality rates, where non-age-adjusted mortality 2020 is on par with that of 2012, and age adjusted mortality 2020 on par with 2013. 
  • Was the Swedish Government’s response adequate ? To a large extent yes. Until they panicked and lost their mind in November 2020, and introduced “The Swedish Enabling Act“, a form of legislation that is a disgrace to any nation pretending to be democratic. 
  • Where “The Strategy” failed was in protecting the frail and elderly, particularly in the care homes. The strategy also failed in overall crisis & contingency planning & management, where various governments since the early 90:ies have radically reduced investments and capacity in health care, care of elderly as well as many other vital parts of the societal safety net. So, the frequently repeated “Isolate, or our hospitals will be overwhelmed!” mantra was primarily caused by several decades of catastrophic political decisions and priorities regarding medical care and other critical societal function investments and resources, as much as by the virus itself. 
  • What the future brings will be seen by those who survive. Myself, I’m afraid that more doom & gloom will follow for a long time in the tracks of the “2020 Covid Experience”, even if we should manage to eliminate the virus, e.g. by vaccine, during 2021. The psychological effect on populations having spent a year or more in Lockdown, thus missing most of what makes life and living worthwhile, will be interesting to observe, as will be whether social interaction patterns and behaviors eventually return to normal, or whether our future social interactions will be so deeply ingrained by Anno Covidis that we will, similar to Pavlov’s dogs, continue regarding fellow human beings as potentially deadly virus vectors.
  • Similarly, as this recent article (Swedish) shows – 90000 (!) medical treatments cancelled during 2020 – we will also have to expect further “Excess Deaths” down the road, where these deaths are only indirectly caused by Covid. 

This post will end my own way too long and costly focus on Covid. I will now return to topics that are more rewarding and pleasant to work on.

[A final note: in case a significant number of my readers are interested in trying to reproduce the main numbers of my analysis (nr of deaths, mortality,age adj mortality, excess deaths etc), let me know in the comments and I’ll consider providing a link to where the Python (3.8.6) and Pandas (1.1.0) script I’ve used to analyse the most important mortality data can be downloaded.]


The news media (and the pharmacology industry through all its tentacles) promotes comparison of 2020 to the 1918 “Spanish flu” pandemic. Reasonable people have understood this to be unfounded distortion since last summer, and yet people do continue repeating the idea that we should tolerate lockdowns, masks, injections, pharma “passports”, and so on, “because we live through a time now like the 1918 pandemic.”

This is intolerable horseshit.

I put the numbers for 2 countries in a table. Compare for yourself.

What to DO then?

Given the facts, that

  • the death rate is unremarkable, and that
  • the experimental “vaccines” are neither safe nor effective

What should be DONE then?

Our fascist overlords are telling us, via ventriloquy through their sock puppets we call “leaders”:

The psychotic cruelty is boundless. The asinine stupidity just takes the breath away, boggles the mind.

(aka: criminal extortion).

The stupidity of this is overwhelming, along with the cynical malicious scheming of the whole psychological manipulation and the corruption. The mind is blown.

How is this happening?

How can this be happening?

What the Fuck? Over

A friend writes:

Gates is responsible for the entire fake pandemic. It’s why you wear a muzzle and are afraid of healthy humans. Testimonials from former WHO employees iterate that Gates calls the shots, because he is the largest individual donor. As well as funding all of the major media. Thus why he is on nearly every screen telling you the future without any pushback. He thinks you’re too stupid to have an independent thought – stop proving him right. 

Lies, and SABOTAGE:

Of course many people are born yesterday and don’t know what corruption is or how it works. One of the expressions of naïveté looks like this:

“The people where I work are good people, and smart, and do their jobs right, and the organization we work for is good. Corruption, therefore, does not reach here.”


Is Bill Gates at the root of everything? Or is he just another ventriloquist’s sock puppet? Ultimately I don’t care because it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the puppet master puts the puppet down. That the ventriloquy goes silent, is made silent.

Human beings are going to have to rise up. To silence the voice of madness.

Madness it is. The latest territory of full spectrum dominance. Dominance now extends to the genetically controlled protein production of every cell in every human body on earth.

This is the doctrine. It recognizes and tolerates no limits.

Take every James Bond film made to date. Take every Bond villain, their crimes, and add them all together. Then multiply those crimes 100 billion times. And, you’re not even beginning to approach the scope of these crimes.

Directives for Doctors

I would like to hear if this same direction was given to doctors in other countries, and if so, whether doctors generally followed that direction.

From the article Italian Doctor: in Covid I Acted as Usual, I Had No Death or ICU Hospitalization

“We general practitioners, every year, usually from October to March, see cases of interstitial pneumonia, atypical pneumonia. And every year we treat them with antibiotics. These are patients who come to the clinic with flu-like symptoms – cough, fever, then “a sense of breathlessness” appears – which do not go away within a few days. The patient’s evaluation and clinical evolution indicate bacterial forms; they are given a macrolide antibiotic (and in the most complicated cases cortisone) and, within a few days, they recover very well with complete resolution of the symptoms.

This year it did not go like this. On 22 February this year, the circulation of a new coronavirus was announced.

The Ministry of Health sent an ordinance to all of us general practitioners, essentially telling us that we were facing a new, unknown virus, for which there was no therapy.

The paradoxical thing is that up to that day we had managed the same patients successfully, without crowding hospitals and intensive care departments; but from that moment it was decided that everything we had done until then could no longer work.

A clinical/therapeutic approach was no longer possible. Since then, we, general practitioners, had to delegate to the Department of Public Health, which does not perform clinical work but epidemiological surveillance; we could only see patients if we were in possession of an FFP2 mask, which I was able to collect from the ASL [local health unit] only on March 30th.

But there is something more serious.

In the ministerial circular, the Minister of Health gave us the following indications on how to approach the sick: isolation and reduction of contacts, use of various PPE, disincentives to patients’ initiative to resort to health services, first aid, general practitioners.

Thus, people who were ill were isolated; and, what is even more serious, the public helpline number provided did not respond.

All the patients complained that no one answered; I myself have tried to call 1500 without success. Does a Health Minister preparing to deal with a health emergency expect public help numbers not to respond?

A disaster.

In short: the atypical pneumonias were no longer treated with antibiotics, the patients were left alone, abandoned to themselves at home. Obviously after 7-10 days, with the cytokine cascade and the amplification of the inflammatory process, they arrived at the hospital dying. Then, mechanical ventilation did the rest.”

Italian Doctor: in Covid I Acted as Usual, I Had No Death or ICU Hospitalization

This is sabotage. Of human health. On a massive worldwide scale. Who holds these people to account? Who prosecutes crimes, OF EMPERORS?

Martin Halvorson
I’ve talked a lot about the perils of delayed diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses. We all have.

But I haven’t heard many people say much about the obvious consequences of telling all patients with respiratory virus symptoms to stay home alone until they can’t breath!

Take bacterial pneumonia for instance – early intervention with antibiotics and it’s a pretty benign illness, let it advance so far that you’re having trouble breathing (and add in overwhelming fear and anxiety and isolation) and even the strongest would have trouble surviving!

The consequences of this sort of policy during the flu season last year (and this year) are monstrous!

Martin Larner
That was exactly what happened as described by the Italian Doctor I’ve posted about.

Rob Snyder
I was amazed by that article too. Have you found confirmation that such directives were given to doctors in other countries? This is the biggest story of the entire shit show if confirmed. And if doctors acquiesced to this en masse it demonstrates an absolutely shocking degree of both stupidity and obedience

Bill Gates is YOUR EMPEROR. He tells you to cover your face. He tells you to close your business. He tells you to avoid social contact. He tells your doctor to NOT assist you with the normal medications to treat lung illness. He tells you to be injected with synthetic experimental gene therapy. He tells you to eat laboratory grown “meat” only, and insects, and genetically modified fish. He tells you he’s going to dim the sun for your benefit. And your country’s “leaders” are sock puppets through whom Bill Gates speaks. And Your police and your military, follow his orders.

Bill Gates in his video, in 90 seconds, tells you the whole idea. You should believe he means what he says:

He’s going to:

“test 20% of the entire population, every week”

Notice he’s talking about the future. Not just the near future. The entire future, and the entire world. Notice he did not set an end point. He’s talking about ongoing, continuously, the entire foreseeable future. This is the plan. He tells you this. Listen. Obey.

He’s going to:

“get treatments out far faster, next time”

He’s going to:

“manufacture monoclonal antibodies that can reduce death rates as much as 80%”


He’s going to:

“develop new vaccines quickly, in large part due to this new mRNA platform… mRNA will become faster to develop, easier to store, and, lower cost. That’s a huge breakthrough.”

Yeah, a huge breakthrough for full spectrum dominance.

There are two key words there: platform, and breakthrough. Read here the personal significance of the word “platform” to Bill Gates:

The breakthrough, is tightly bound with pervasive global surveillance, and “infectious disease first responder fire fighters”, tip of spear of the global (dictatorship) bio-security regime (platform ownership).


“It’s going to cost a lot of money. But…”

Bill Gates is selling:

“the best insurance policy the world can buy.”

The arsonist sells fire insurance, and making an offer you can’t refuse.

Might as well see things as they are. Not some fantasy of benevolent kindness and generosity. Listen to what Bill Gates tells you. It’s right out in the open.

So is real science. It’s out there too. You can still find it.

You can choose what you want to follow.

Take a look again at real science, instead of Gate’s/Merkel’s ventriloquy of draconian and asinine ideas and fantasies of a thousand year reich of full spectrum dominance. (timely articles)

Facts about Covid-19

From the article above:

Facts about Covid-19

Updated: February 2021; Share onTwitter / Facebook

Fully referenced facts about covid-19, provided by experts in the field, to help our readers make a realistic risk assessment. (Regular updates below).

“The only means to fight the plague is honesty.” (Albert Camus, 1947)


  1. Lethality: According to the latest immunological studies, the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) of covid-19 in the general population is about 0.1% to 0.5% in most countries, which is most closely comparable to the medium influenza pandemics of 1957 and 1968.
  2. Treatment: For people at high risk or high exposure, early or prophylactic treatment is essential to prevent progression of the disease. According to numerous international studies, early outpatient treatment of covid may reduce hospitalizations and deaths by about 80%.
  3. Age profile: The median age of covid deaths is over 80 years in most Western countries (but 78 in the US) and only about 5% of the deceased had no serious preconditions. The age and risk profile of covid mortality is therefore comparable to normal mortality, but increases it proportionally.
  4. Nursing homes: In many Western countries, up to two thirds of all covid deaths have occurred in nursing homes, which require targeted and humane protection. In some cases it is not clearwhether the residents really died of covid or of weeks of stress and isolation.
  5. Excess mortality: Up to 30% of all additional deaths may have been caused not by covid, but by the effects of lockdowns, panic and fear. For example, the treatment of heart attacks and strokes decreased by up to 40% because many patients no longer dared to go to hospital.
  6. Antibodies: By summer 2020, global hotspots such as New York City and Bergamo had reached antibody seroprevalence levels of approximately 25%. Capital cities such as Madrid, London and Stockholm were around 15%. Large parts of Europe and the US, however, were still below 5%. Above about 30%, a significant slowdown of the infection process has been observed.
  7. Symptoms: Up to 40% of all infected persons show no symptoms, about 80% show at most mild symptoms, and about 95% show at most moderate symptoms and do not require hospitalization. Mild cases may be due to protective T-cells from earlier common cold coronavirus infections.
  8. Long covid: About 10% of symptomatic people report post-acute or long covid, i.e. symptoms that last for several weeks or months. This also affects younger and previously healthy people with a strong immune response. The post-viral syndrome is known from severe influenza, too.
  9. Transmission: According to current knowledge, the main routes of transmission of the virus are indoor aerosols and droplets produced when speaking or coughing, while outdoor aerosols as well as most object surfaces appear to play a minor role.
  10. Masks: There is still little to no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of cloth face masks in the general population, and the introduction of mandatory masks couldn’t contain or slow the epidemic in most countries. If used improperly, masks may increase the risk of infection.
  11. Children and schools: In contrast to influenza, the risk of disease and transmission in children is very low in the case of covid. There was and is therefore no medical reason for the closure of elementary schools or other measures specifically aimed at children.
  12. Contact tracing: A WHO study of 2019 on measures against influenza pandemics concluded that from a medical perspective, contact tracing is “not recommended in any circumstances”. Contact tracing apps on cell phones have also failed in most countries.
  13. PCR tests: The virus test kits used internationally may in some cases produce false positive and false negative results or react to non-infectious virus fragments from a previous infection. In this regard, the so-called cycle threshold or ct value is an important parameter.
  14. Medical mismanagement: In the US and some other countries, fatal medical mismanagement of some covid patients occurred due to questionable financial incentives and inappropriate protocols. In most countries, covid in-hospital mortality has since decreased significantly.
  15. Lockdowns: In contrast to early border controls, lockdowns have had no significant effect on the pandemic. Rather, the WHO warned that lockdowns have caused a “terrible global catastrophe”and according to the UN, lockdowns may put the livelihood of 1.6 billion people at acute risk and may push an additional 150 million children into poverty.
  16. Sweden: In Sweden, covid mortality without a lockdown is comparable to a strong influenza season and close to the EU average. About 70% of Swedish deaths occurred in nursing facilities and the median age of Swedish covid deaths is about 84 years.
  17. Media: The reporting of many media has been unprofessional, has maximized fear and panic in the population and has led to a massive overestimation of the lethality and mortality of covid. Some media even used manipulative pictures and videos to dramatize the situation.
  18. Vaccines: Due to their rapid development, little is yet known about the long-term effectiveness and safety of the covid vaccines. Following several deaths, Norway advises against RNA vaccination in frail persons over 80 years of age. Some other groups of people are also advised against RNA vaccination because of possible complications.
  19. Virus origin: The origin of the new corona virus remains unclear, but the best evidence currently points to a covid-like pneumonia incident in a Chinese mine in 2012, whose virus samples were collected, stored and researched by the Virology Institute in Wuhan (WIV).
  20. Surveillance: NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned that the covid pandemic may be used to expand global surveillance. In several parts of the world, the population is being monitored by drones and facing serious police overreach during lockdowns.
See also
  1. On the treatment of Covid-19
  2. Studies on Covid-19 lethality 
  3. The evidence on face masks
  4. On post-acute (“long”) Covid
  5. On the origin of SARS-CoV-2

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