unfounded distortion = intolerable horseshit

The news media (and the pharmacology industry through all its tentacles) promotes comparison of 2020 to the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Reasonable people have understood this to be unfounded distortion since last summer, and yet people do continue repeating the idea that we should tolerate lockdowns, masks, injections, pharma “passports”, and so on, “because we live through a time now like the 1918 pandemic.”

This is intolerable horseshit.

I put the numbers for 2 countries in a table. Compare for yourself.

Source links:–the-whole-country/population-and-population-changes/

The Swedish data is clear and from official Swedish data source. There is no error there that I can see. But the US data looked bad and I checked the calculations for the US graph I’d found previously on Twitter (had sourced that here but now deleted that source) and I replace that source and edited the US data.

I’m using this for the US 1918 data now: but as you can see, the data for the US is unclear there too, and likewise, the 2020 US data seems not completely clear as well. I think everyone can rely on the Swedish data though.

For broader overview of the entire landscape of horseshit, read the latest from CJ Hopkins:

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