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CJ Hopkins writes:

“A silent march was held today in Berlin to demonstrate against the corona emergency measures. Observers did not see any right-wing demonstrators. Nevertheless, the participants were insulted and called ‘Nazis.'” Congratulations to the government and media propagandists, and all those who unquestioningly believe them … what a hateful little totalitarian world you have brought into being!

Lena Bloch
CJ, did you know that to say anything against the government covid totalitarianism is now also “antisemitic”? therefore more reason to call them “Nazis”, I guess.

Sabine Amann
CJ Hopkins How much Berlin has changed! I don’t recognize it anymore!

CJ Hopkins
Lena Bloch Of course … “‘Corona deniers’ are ‘conspiracy theorists.’ Anti-Semitism includes conspiracy theories. Therefore, all opponents of the corona measures are potential anti-Semites.” Who can argue with such logic?

I wrote to a friend:

I see your post about Adam Grant’s article:

This case study in modern “messaging”, ends with:

“I no longer believe it’s my place to change anyone’s mind. All I can do is try to understand their thinking and ask if they’re open to some rethinking. The rest is up to them.”

I assume you agree with the plan, articulated frequently by Bill Gates, for injecting every person on earth with pharma products because of COVID.

Are you “open to some rethinking”?

Ha. 😀 there is a claim there about who is and who is not in possession of reasonableness. 

Probably, I don’t know, we’re so far apart in our perception of what passes as “reasonable” that discussion will certainly fail before even beginning. 

But just starting with that, the premise from the NYT article — to be in exclusive possession of reasonableness — that kind of has to be addressed in some way first.

Coincidentally (or not), John Steppling hosted a podcast discussion about that idea, yesterday: 

Since I live in Sweden I was interested in this report on Swedish mortality in 2020, written by a Swede in English:

Final Report on Swedish Mortality 2020, Anno Covidius

Posted on January 15, 2021 by swdevperestroika

Luciana Bohne


I can’t understand why Sweden refuses the script. I don’t mean I disapprove. I’m merely interested in the cause of the effect.

Zsuzsa Betak
That’s not really the case. My friend lives in Goteborg, she’s told me they are about to introduce stricter restrictions etc. and they sort of follow the script. The only country which refused to follow it was Belorussia.

  • Rob Snyder
    you really have to recalibrate when talking to (apparently many) Swedes. They’re not anywhere near as well tuned into what’s going on anywhere outside of Sweden as they typically believe themselves to be.

    For one, they are so accustomed to a kind of baseline reasonableness in everything, within Sweden (I know, reasonableness is being dismantled as neoliberalism ramps up, gradually, so gradually Swedes don’t notice), … they’re so accustomed to reasonable tranquility as the basis of everyone and everything that they mistakenly assume that anyone they’re talking with is reasonable.

    It’s beyond their comprehension that there are people elsewhere who aren’t reasonable.

    They’re aware that they’re often caricatured as naive, but, awareness of the caricature doesn’t alter the fact: they are naive.

    The effect of that seems to work like this.

    1. When Swedes watch or read foreign media, like news stories from the US or UK, or official policies of these, Swedes believe whatever political rhetoric they’re fed from those sources, because as if they’re born yesterday, they have no idea that corruption exists, or if it does, how it works. They believe anything said, and believe that any policy put forward, is put there from a position of reasonableness. However,

    2. Swedes tend to believe that any criticism of mainstream rhetoric and policy, from outside the mainstream, is coming from a position of non-reasonableness BY DEFINITION, because if it were reasonable then it would be mainstream! In other words, Swedes are highly susceptible to being thrown off the scent by any accusation of “conspiracy theory”.

    3. The result of 1 and 2 with regard to coronavirus is that any non Swedish commentator relating first hand experience of the horror of lockdown and so on in the US and UK and elsewhere, Swedes typically dismiss these accounts as exaggeration, and often, the critic as a “conspiracy theorist”. Swedish belief in the reasonableness of everything mainstream approaches infantile levels of naivety.

    This is a long way of saying that when a Swede says “tougher coronavirus policies are going to be introduced”, you should take care in calibrating the meaning of the word “tougher”.

    It has not anywhere near the same meaning as it has elsewhere.

    The conversation with the Swede is exceedingly difficult because the Swede is not aware of the difference in calibration, and when you try to introduce some evidence of what “tougher” actually means in the US or the UK, Swedes are largely unable to understand what you mean. If you show them evidence of the horror of unreasonable policies, they fail to comprehend this evidence because it falls so far outside the bounds of reasonableness that they either dismiss your report as unreasonable exaggeration (and tending toward non-mainstream “conspiracy theory”), or they are simply unable to see and hear such evidence at all. It simply doesn’t register.

    The latter is prevalent. In Sweden the mainstream is EVERYTHING. Being perceived as being outside of the mainstream is the worst possible trauma the Swedish mind can conceive. It’s like in the movie Dune (“…that place you dare not look”). To not fit in, is terror.

    This long comment now soon ends…

    Over the last year, in Sweden we’ve seen many example of “tougher” (calibrated to Swedish measurement) C19 policies. These have been like listening for a Swede to raise his voice. To non-Swedes, the change in volume, tone, or pace, is imperceptible.

    But, the external pressure on Sweden is no doubt intense, and the draconian boot no doubt does hover over our heads and may at any moment stomp down on our faces.

    The Swedish reaction to that I fear: passivity. Everything, no matter what, is always reasonable, by definition, as long as it is mainstream.

    Sean Stinson
    …I fear the phenomena you describe applies much more broadly than just to the Swedes.

    Zsuzsa Betak
    thank you as Sean said it’s a great summary but this friend of mine stayed for a longer period in two Eastern European countries during the harshest quarantine conditions to be with her mother so she had an insight into different conditions.

    Rob Snyder
    still, when Swedish newspapers report “tougher” is coming, calibration is needed, and anyone living in Sweden soon will adjust to Swedish calibration without noticing. Still, the boot hovers over our heads. I should add, Swedes going abroad immediately accept whatever is normal abroad as normal/mainstream. And so because draconian C19 policy is normal all over the world outside of Sweden, that makes Sweden outside the mainstream, which is intolerable. There is a strong internal compulsion to conform with what is normal outside of Sweden. So many Swedes are compelled to push the government to introduce mask mandates and lockdowns, because not doing so makes Sweden abnormal.

    And that aligns perfectly with corrupted mainstream news media in Sweden (that likewise promotes these things) that Swedes have no idea is or can be corrupted.

    Zsuzsa Betak
    what I see now mainly in Europe, there are stages people are going through. First it was fear and panic, then came the anger and some resistance. Now all I can see people are less and less resisting, they’ve become apathetic and frustrated.

    Zsuzsa Betak
    yes totally agree. I think you’ve misunderstood what I wrote first. This friend of mine didn’t complain and as I see, no one complains there as you’ve stated above Swedes are accustomed to reasonable tranquility and safety and they tend to be naive in their perceptions.

    Kevin Brooke HudsonSean Stinson in my experience it applies to democratic liberal elites in the US.

    Sean Stinson
    I find this fascinating. I think we could probably expand this, although i don’t know enough about Sweden beyond the stereotypes. I’m thinking about the Marshall plan and how Europe was coddled in the wake of WWII, how the working class were granted major concessions essentially to stop them from going red. This was in a sense a kind of psy-op. Democratic socialism was never any more than an illusion. And Sweden is probably the most extreme example that comes to mind. So yeah, millions of brainwashed people, conditioned to a kind of ‘reasonableness’ that never existed. Yeah, I get that.

From Robert Rope:

“You’ve got to learn to leave the table

When love’s no longer being served…”

Nina Simone came to us, North Carolina,

this day in 1933…

She shared with us so much beauty & wisdom…

“Once I understood Bach’s music,

I wanted to be a concert pianist.

Bach made me dedicate my life to music…”

“I had spent many years pursuing excellence,

because that is what classical music is all about…

Now it was dedicated to freedom, 

and that was far more important.”

“To most white people,

jazz means black and jazz means dirt,

and that’s not what I play.

I play black classical music.”

“Life is short. People are not easy to know.

They’re not easy to know,

so if you don’t tell them how you feel,

you’re not going to get anywhere, I feel.”

She was fearless, she had no trouble telling anybody

how she felt…

“Slavery has never been abolished

from America’s way of thinking.”

“Greed has driven the world crazy…

It was always Marx, Lenin,

and revolution – real girl’s talk.”

“…I think the rich will eventually have to cave in too,

because the economic situation around the world

is not gonna tolerate the United States

being on top forever….”

She expatriated in 1970, moving to Barbados,

then Liberia, Switzerland, Netherlands,

finally settling in France in 1992.

She wouldn’t pay American taxes,

refusing to finance the atrocity

of United States Government policy…

“…I think if I were over there in America,

protest music would be more important.

But I’m not going.”

“…There’s no excuse for the young people not knowing

who the heroes and heroines are or were.”

Our great American heroine Nina Simone

went on ahead of us in April, 2003…”

Stephen Lendman writes:

“Sanctions as used by the US are economic terrorism.

They’re weapons of human immiseration by inflicting pain and suffering on populations of targeted nations.

They’re war by other means on invented enemies.

They’re used to try suffocating nations and populations into submission to Washington’s will.

They include prohibitions on the import or export of designated commercial goods, products and services related to technology, arms and munitions, restrictions on loans and credit, asset freezes, travel bans, and for other purposes.

US imposed sanctions have nothing to do with changing undesirable behavior, everything to do with pressuring, bullying, threatening, and intimidating other nations to subordinate their sovereign rights to its interests.

They’re high crimes against humanity, what core international laws ban.”

Martin Sieff writes: 

“Biden’s Betrayal of the Western Hemisphere 

And now, of course, Biden is even, insanely, trying to meddle in the internal political affairs of a thermonuclear superpower by lecturing President Vladimir Putin on what to do about Akexei Navalny, whom Biden and his foreign policy clowns (sorry – I should have written “team” I suppose) have clearly chosen as their Guaido clone to dismantle Russia.

Biden, like the 19th century fast-fading last Bourbon kings of France, in Talleyrand’s famous epigram, has remembered nothing and forgotten nothing. Only last week, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Oxford University personal favorite Myanmar Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi was toppled by the country’s armed forces after a shamelessly manipulated election “victory.” Perhaps Biden felt a particular personal empathy with her.” 

https://www (dot) strategic-culture (dot) org/news/2021/02/16/biden-betrayal-of-western-hemisphere/

Schwab Family Values

Is the real Klaus Schwab a kindly old uncle figure wishing to do good for humanity, or is he really the son of a Nazi collaborator who used slave labour and aided Nazi efforts to obtain the first atomic bomb? Johnny Vedmore investigates.

Phil Hollenbeck

Yesterday at 3:34 AM

·Our Corp-Gov, and *concerned citizens™*, really need to do something about those _conspiracy theorists_, like goddamn health freaks – the ones who read food labels, want their water and air-quality tested, mothers who breast-feed & decline SSRIs for their kids, buy organic stuff & supplements, do yoga/qi-gong/meditation/massage/pranayama, think TV billionaire health experts could possibly not be impeccably philanthropic, believe kids need outdoors, sunlight, oxygen and playmates, who read pharma side-effects inserts, don’t want to kill all germs even!

And those idiots who see different colored humans and point out privilege, don’t understand that the rich are smarter than us and need to talk together without interruptions in an environment of which they are entitled and used to, who question our military being the most humanitarian/altruistic/benevolent force for good on earth, question our need for wise religious intercessor/priests in funny hats, who selfishly want to have their own private conversations, morons who read world history and think its important even though historical science is settled, who care about dirt and forests [ffs!] and believe in animal sentience, or ones who stupidly go outside and look up at the sky, think music and art has value, who greedily think they have the right to freely travel and engage with other cultures, are ignorant about how traditional cultures and useless dangerous wild animals (and bugs!) all need to go extinct, hell, they even question official government edicts and pronouncements in press-releases via our professionally-trained media spokespersons! Even worse, they think they can’t effectively protest injustice while at home on their smart-phones. It’s that bad!

There are even those who express AI-Human-Hybrid Hesitancy and are apathetic about abandoning a dead Earth and they and their descendants living as happy serfs on Mars! 

It’s dangerous to our democracy!

Jackie Guyot

February 20 at 10:39 PM:

Martin Sieff writes: 

“A Tale Told by an Idiot: The Second Impeachment of Donald Trump 

The aging, absurd, senile and drooling old Democratic political elite in Washington were led over the edge of a political cliff yet again by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer and House congressional “expert” Congressman Adam Schiff. They will still revere and mindlessly follow them. Gadarene Swine are incapable of doing anything else.

The Democrats failed to discredit or even politically damage Trump. They revealed themselves as stupid, malignant fools, trying to impeach a powerless president who had already been cast out of office. They failed to plausibly document any of their charges against him. They made a mockery of President Biden’s half-hearted, dazedly delivered pledge of bipartisanship and burying of political enmities in his already forgotten Inaugural Address.

They also handed to the Republicans a perfect precedent for impeaching Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris if they regain control of Congress in 2022, assuming the ramshackle US political system can even survive until then.

The outcome of Trump’s second impeachment was therefore a catastrophe for the Democrats. It repeated Obama and Biden’s disastrous bungled start to their 2009 administration and it already heralds the rapid isolation and collapse of the Biden regime.” 

https://www (dot) strategic (dash) culture (dot) org/news/2021/02/18/a-tale-told-by-an-idiot-the-second-impeachment-of-donald-trump/ 

From the article:

“Yet impeachment is supposed to Mean Something. Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 rather than melt into blubber beneath its merciless glare. Bill Clinton, who was widely suspected of being guilty of so much, beat an impeachment rap only for lying in public that he had slept with a naive young girl intern.

George W. Bush surely rated impeachment for his unprecedented incompetence in so many areas: He bankrupted the country: He destroyed civil liberties. He failed to prevent the killing of nearly 3,000 Americans on 9/11. He ignored Mississippi flood defenses thereby drowning of the city of New Orleans, killing thousands more. He unleashed unnecessary, endless wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. He got thosuands of youn g American soldeirs killed and ten thousands more hideously maimed for life – for nothing.

Yet the Democratic majorities that ran both chambers of Congress during the last two years of Bush’s presidency never had the guts or decency to dare to impeach him for any of these terrible, shameful things.

Bush’s successor Barack Obama blithely presided over the destruction of democracy in Ukraine, risking nuclear war with Russia. He locked the United States into a $1.5 trillion 30-years-long new nuclear arms race. He unleashed war, rebellion, anarchy and chaos in Yemen, Syria and Libya, killing untold millions more. The Republicans who controlled Congress never dared – or bothered – to impeach him either.”

…as my friends well know, I believe EVERYTHING I see in mainstream media, and this is a clip from a mainstream program about science and space… so, when a science documentary showcases a former astronaut who says:

“We don’t have the technology to go to the moon; we used to have it, but we destroyed that technology”

I believe it! Of course! 

I just want to know more. Like, I mean, a most amazing technology, we had, and then destroyed it. I want to know, among other things:

WHO are the fuckers who destroyed this technology?

and then I’d really like some more information about:

HOW did they destroy the technology? What were the methods of the destruction of the technology?

Who did the destruction, and how did they do it?

This certainly would reveal important information about how to avoid destruction of critical technology in the future. And as well, what about accountability? I mean, is no one to be held responsible for failure of such magnitude? I mean, this would have to involve a number of people making really very poor decisions, you know, for technology of such importance to be destroyed. Why aren’t they, at least, being hauled out for questioning?
  • Robert Rope
    An easy fix. Just get in the time machine, the latest model, go back to just before the tech was destroyed, say, “Hey! Don’t destroy that!”

    Rob Snyder
    even a used time machine will do

    Noam Chomsky Talks Time Travel and Biden’s Barber!

    Noam Chomsky Talks Time Travel and Biden’s Barber!

    Robert Rope
    Not a terrible impression. Not as grating as the actual meander. And we could go back to 9/10/01, because no matter Noam’s assertion, Lots care who did it, so would be nice to un-do it.
    But first I’d go back and see to the un-invention of the television & the telephone.

    Elvan Savkli
    They did not go to moon.

    Jonny Toop
    People can’t clean the oceans and take care of the fish or grow crops in deserts or arctic regions, but we can go to Mars and grow stuff. In the back of these space mission promoters minds IMO is the term “Let’s not and say we did”. In space no one can hear taxpayer money die.

    Randle McMurphy
    the TR3B and the fluxliner use a different propulsion than the moon shots of 60’s… more like gravity neutralizers, the liners create a direct distortion in the gravity field, and boom, warp speed for real.

    Rob Snyder
    those also are technologies the USA formerly had and then destroyed. Recreating those technologies now: a painful process

    Randle McMurphyyou think they gave up the mercury vortex of the tr3b? naahh… breakaway civilisation maybe, but tis is getting surreal.

    Rob Snyder
    ah! That’s why Don Petit says “we can’t go to the moon in a nanosecond, we don’t have that technology anymore because we destroyed it.”

    It’s the TR3B fluxliner gravity neutralizer field distortion warp engine, …we had that tech, destroyed it, hence no going to the moon in a nanosecond.

    Thanks. You clarified a real puzzler. Now I get it. Yep, nanosecond is the operative word

    Salim Mohammed
    The most amazing feat ever accomplished by humanity , captured on hundreds of tapes, and inexplicably NASA records over the tapes to save money .
    For me the orange juice incident was the best .

    Rob Snyder
    orange juice incident?

    Yoshinori Todo
    Honestly, I understand the Russians are behind this, and most likely Putin himself. I understand the Americans are getting ready to impose a new round of sanctions on Russia over this… 

Danica Niketic

February 19 at 12:00 AM

The single most destructive force on earth in 2020.

Geoffrey M Young

· February 17 at 1:19 PM

I first started to wake up in 1973-1974 in high school when I read 2 books by Noam Chomsky about the US war against Vietnam. I realized that everything I had been taught about US history in the previous 11 years was false propaganda – American Exceptionalism. I was angry at all of the history textbooks and the entire MSM, especially the New York Times. That was also the time I read Gandhi’s autobiography and became a lifelong antiwar activist.

Lars Sociolog Jorgensen
February 17 at 9:43 AM

Sean Stinson

Western liberal academia has spent 50 years destroying epistemological standards, and now they call us cranks and conspiracy theorists when we question authority.

Prove to me there is a killer virus. Prove to me there is an effective vaxxine. You can’t. And that’s the truth. You have brought this on yourself.

It began with cultural constructivism and the denial of objective fact. It ends with cultural relativism which places everything on a spectrum, including the very fundamentals of logic and reason. No more true and false. No more cause and effect. And it scarcely needs to be said, no more good and bad or right and wrong either. 

Is it any wonder that sexual dimorphism has now been replaced by a ‘spectrum’ of gender identities?

I watched it happen. I watched the construction of the post-modern meta-narrative in real time. I read the death of the author and against method back to back. I watched as knowledge was subverted by belief. I watched the speaker’s meaning give way to the listener’s interpretation. I watched quantifiable, falsifiable, objective science reduced to socially constructed ‘discourse’ and ‘narrative’. 

And now you tell me skepticism has gone to far? That distrust in authority is a disturbing new trend? That free speech and public debate must be outlawed because they pose a danger to society? 

Deconstruct this.

Yesterday at 12:11 AM

A friend writes

“Let me make this – once again – abundantly clear:

Mass vaccination is for cattle, not for human beings.

The mass vaccination scheme is the clearest indication yet that humanity is now governed by quacks and criminals.”

“Now that Biden is president,  CBS is ramping up the warmongering propaganda on Syria once  again to justify whatever the neoliberalcon Biden administration decides to do in the region ..”

Geoffrey M Young
All lies.

Salina Rain
I’ve noticed and also recently read yet another article saying it’s proven he didn’t release the gas on his people. Wonder who actually did?

Jonny Toop
Even better, who covered up the truth? Reuters did, when two whistleblowers came out… we can believe nothing from Reuters concerning geopolitics.

Ernest Henry
The “Assad gassing his own people” narrative is being reintroduced into TV show storylines as well.

Escalating the new Cold War with Russia via Ukraine: Biden’s Unprincipled Stands Involving Covert Operations, Blackmail, Corruption, Nepotism and State Terrorism·

Part 5 in our Biden Series: The long suppressed facts involving Biden and the Ukraine are clear, documented, and undisputed, even though you will never read them in The New York Times. 

James Spione

There is just an insane level of denial out there about the damage being inflicted on all of us, particularly children, by the destruction of normal social interaction that has been carried out over the past year. 

Life-sustaining, healthy, joyful human connection and socializing, so deeply significant and vital for the well-being of adults and in particular developing children, has not just been efficiently reduced by policy measures but also relentlessly attacked, even demonized by a stream of fear porn propaganda, in a quest to attain an ever-changing series of goals, a chimera of perfect “safety” that never seems to arrive. 

It should be clear by now that these are not just public health measures. Whether you agree with them or think they are working is irrelevant to the fact they are also methods of social control, imposed in a completely anti-democratic way by individual executives, that are creating a deeply complex bureaucracy of surveillance, intrusion and manipulation over nearly every aspect of our personal lives.

This must not be allowed to become “normal.” It is NOT normal. We cannot keep naively assuming that these structures are temporary. We will never get a normal, healthy, joyful way of life back unless we demand it.

February 20 at 6:48 PM

“magical thinking…(covid hysteria)”

“In my last article, Who’s the Sceptic?, I challenged the “magical thinking” that suggests that “rationalists” are “sceptics” and must answer and justify all their data points to the “Covidians.” Yet it is the latter, who in repeated spasms of magical thinking, believe we can “lock down” the planet and impose our will on the entire economic, social, medical, emotional ecosystem.

They are the ones curiously “skeptical” of all public health wisdom up to 2020 (which has a far better track record than the disastrous overall non-results of 2020 in getting us past real menaces even though we had arguably less medical savvy, so society and people and life expectancy continued to move forward).

They think they can assert cloth masks, can stop the almost infitesimally small aerosols and droplets when they clearly medically cannot (another Lancet study has added to the Danish, Hong Kong and earlier Vietnam studies, and these are real peer reviewed studies, not extrapolations or assertions).

They cluelessly opine that indefinite economic shutdown and enforced bankruptcy (as long as you have a caste who does all your delivery, runs society for your insulated comfort, and can be “sacrificed” on the very altar we claim would expunge so many of us) is somehow acceptable for a middling influenza strain that even with souped up death certificates with the most curious view of “with” versus “from” COVID deaths (completely at odds, by the way, with WHO guidelines) amounted to no more than roughly 3% of global mortality in 2020.

Oh, and your cancer not screened, your heart condition not checked, your depression left unsupported, your life prospects being destroyed as interaction and education are pulled away, these “life sceptics” assert none of that matters against a coronavirus with a 99% recovery rate for the below 60 (absent serious comorbidities). And how they do assert that? They just do!

And “magical thinking” says poverty for millions, starvation, education destruction, surge of once controlled illnesses, widescale destruction of businesses without any means for us to provide for alternate subsistence, people stripped of liberties, and removed from families, can all be justified, will somehow be “cured”, will leave no indelible scars… as long as this one virus is brought to heel (defined by what metric we don’t know).

No one should spend 30 seconds “persuading” these “humanity sceptics” these “viral idolaters” who want us to eke out a few more locked up years beyond life expectancy, who can’t even “spell” QALY (quality adjusted life years) of anything. No one owes them a persuasive statistic. You don’t shut down the world over unproven models, over a pathogen whose age and population adjusted impact on excess deaths is nil to unremarkable, and then say you must be assuaged and persuaded.

These folks are desperate. Though they currently have the temporal power, and we are all rattling the cages of our confinement, they know absent “magical thinking” this will blow up. And the sheer devastation of what they and their “reality skepticism” has wrought will not bear thinking about.

When you are called a “COVID denier”, simply smile and say,

“I know there’s a virus, you’re a humanity denier, by thinking you can control it, or everyone’s lives, out of your terror of facing a 1%-3% chance of death, when you take your life in your hands far more by crossing the street, or having high dosages of junk food, or breathing deeply in Mumbai or Beijing.”

And at least then you’re not “denying” children need education, or that people have a right to work and the right to assess their own risks. If you’re scared, stay home! “Magical thinking” is you get to tell everyone else what makes life worth living when you clearly don’t have a clue.

Pandemic Magical Thinking

COVID is rife with “magical thinking.” Look at the death rate versus population of Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and ask why their borders are shut, and why they are cowering in fear, and when they intend to call off the craziness. Did we do this for polio, TB, malaria, HIV, Ebola, SARS, terrorism, anything of this ilk? Of course not. Hence regions flourished and moved forward. Now, for a tarted up cold, even if with significantly more “bite” than most, we are willing to abridge life as we know it indefinitely.

Vaccine “magical thinking” follows suit. These are vaccines not fully tested for efficacy, no one is sure if you can be reinfected after receiving them, no one is sure if you can still transmit after taking them, none of the test trials were done on those over 75 (though the median age of death for this otherwise middling viral strain is above 80), so we don’t know they are safe or that they will save those who really need them. Yet this is the alleged “savior.” And it may yet get the credit as vaccination coincides with natural immunity. However, the current plummeting C-19 numbers, set in well before vaccination could have been the catalyst for them, particularly given the low number of those vaccinated in the US and Europe.

But beyond that, this virus is not an equal opportunity offender. Asia has 370,000 “COVID ascribed” deaths (unsure if all are “from” or “with” given no common agreement on how death certificates are filled out) among 2.2 million deaths asserted worldwide! No one in their rational right mind, looking at Asia’s population could proclaim “Pandemic!” Much less, “Beware, life as we know it is threatened.” No, that dubious achievement, where we see over-reaction on that continent in pockets, of unraveling life as we know it, belongs to us, and our politically mandated cringing, our data-free fear fomented by WHO witch doctors.

Africa has even lower numbers. And forget claims that we’re not documenting assiduously. If we’re off by 100,000, it wouldn’t materially change the assessment, and there clearly aren’t millions of corpses secretly being stockpiled all over Africa and Asia to throw “Worldometers” off. Asia Pacific, and Africa, don’t need a vaccine savior for COVID. It’s uncertain anywhere does, except “possibly” if they are shown safe for the most vulnerable.

And whenever there is another spike, showing the utter inability of “lockdown and mask” to achieve much of anything other than yet another wave, the “magical thinking” orthodoxy is “should have locked down faster and harder”. And no one asks, why keep repeating what clearly keeps failing, ever more strenuously?

Nor does anyone ask,

“Why does one death matter more than another?”

Who decided this one source of mortality, which hasn’t even tipped global mortality appreciably, despite lumping all kinds of deaths together, despite the strange “disappearance” of the flu and influenza (any suspicion they are embedded in C-19 stats along with many other respiratory illnesses given the perverse imprecision of PCR testing?), and given the shocking destruction of livelihood and education, is what all of our life and focus has to revolve around?

And magical thinking leads to “magical counting.” In the UK, despite bloviating about “worst year since 1940,” if you look at real data, adjust for age and population, the mortality figures were worse in 2008 than 2020. As commentator James Delingpole pointed out:

“The age-standardized mortality rate in 2020 of 1,043.5 deaths per 100,000 of the population was surpassed not only in 2008 (1,091.9 deaths per 100,000), but also in 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001 and 2000 (on the same basis).”

And here’s the “magical thinking” no one seems to want to confront. How and who will deal with the collateral damage of “not considering” cost-benefits? This is the very essence of magical thinking derangement. Here is a smattering of headlines reported by the wonderful folk at Rational Ground from around the world which will never get discussed as having been “avoidable” ills not from the pandemic, but our magical thinking fueled pandemic response:

“Over 70% of youth seeking psych care amid COVID report suicidal thoughts.”

“Pandemic raises Japan suicide rate after decade of decline.”

“New study shows every week of lockdown increases binge drinking.”

“Nearly 8 million Americans have fallen into poverty since the summer.”

“Canada-wide survey of women’s shelters shows abuse more severe during pandemic.”

“COVID-driven recession likely to push 2m UK families into poverty.”

“Half of Europe’s smaller businesses risk bankruptcy within year.”

“Lockdown fuels child labor in Zimbabwe.”

“Parents warned of ‘sharp rise’ in eating disorders.”

“Record hunger in the Philippines as COVID-19 restrictions bite.”

“World Food Program to assist largest number of hungry people ever, as coronavirus devastates poor nations.” (Those poor nations are not being devastated by viral respiratory deaths, but our fevered, frenzied, all-or-nothing over-reaction clearly)

“The cost of inaction: C-19 related service disruptions cause hundreds of thousands of extra deaths from HIV.” (That projected number based on WHO and UNAIDS is 500,000!)

To sum up, as a commentator said in horror and shock,

“It’s pretty incredible to consider that right now governments are saying, ‘in order to keep you safe, we need to impoverish you, imprison you, force mask and vaccinate you, plus separate you from your family’ and there are millions of people out there just saying ‘okay’.”

We can thank Providence, that a smattering of countries or jurisdictions (Belarus, Sweden, South Asia, States like Florida and Georgia, among others) have turned the corner away from this anti-human nonsense, and in “pockets,” Sri Lanka of late for example, freedom is expanding. And all those who pride themselves as evangelists for expanding human freedom, self-proclaimed bastions of rectitude, could stand reminding that “human rights” include the right to be free from the above impositions on life and liberty as well.

The Magical Thinking Absurdity We Must Finally Transcend

“Zero COVID” is the silliest assertion, the final outbreak of Magical Thinking. It is what it says, we never let up, until there is no COVID. There is a lexicon of things wrong with this aspiration:

There is no precedent, only smallpox has been eliminated in our constellation of pandemic foes completely. And that took roughly two centuries.

Showing Australia, which enforces police states over a few cases, and New Zealand, which is small and isolated and already needing Chinese economic resuscitation and has converted COVID into mass psychosis, as “case studies.” No rational person on the numbers globally, much less in Asia Pacific, much less in Oceania, would on any cost-benefit basis, cheer for this.

On this basis, what do you do when the next coronavirus or other contagious pathogen lands? No one ever, in magical thinking land, will even address this. Do this all over again? Who with a straight face and half a mind would propose that? People in places that never shut down really or have opened back up, increasingly tell me, with the wisdom of sages, “It’s a virus, we have to live with this.” They are stating what billions of years of natural history testify to.

Why ever then open your borders? You’d have to wait for the planetary eradication of C-19. If you’re a country that can survive for several years like this, and hope mutations don’t outpace vaccinations, “possibly.” But I don’t know such a country. This is a promise you can’t fulfill; it is magical thinking incarnate.

And inside the barricaded citadel, let’s be aware this is a totalitarian aim for a totalitarian regime. Period.

High time now to shed “magical thinking” and commit to economic growth, and recommit to social development, and trust that what has kept this pathogen at bay in many regions and countries and states, is more resilient and represents more native wisdom than all our control fetishism.

When you use “real” thinking, you can then truly create magic. We did it in the Industrial Revolution, we did it in civil rights legislation in the US, Japan went from Hiroshima to Sony and beyond, scientifically we went “quantum” and reinvented possibility via the microchip. Medicine and life expectancy grew in leaps and bounds. Women helped us outgrow stultifying roles that held their potential in check… progress there, however imperfect. Humanity’s history is a history of halting but definite progress, growing through challenges and disasters, calibrating towards a “more perfect” union and expression of our capabilities, however much still that’s a work in progress.

Let’s do more of that. Real thinking and real action flowing from that. Real magic.”

Billy Bob
Oooh, I turn on CNN this morning and they are leading with “Chinese gang rape in genocidal concentration camps”.

Do people really believe this crazy shit?  

Ajamu Baraka 
I prefer the crude, honest white supremacy of Trump over the disarming slick morally pretentious white supremacy of Biden. The difference? Trump represents the aggressive, U.S. centric nationalists, where Biden represents cosmopolitan transnational finance & corporate rulers.

Ajamu Baraka 
CNN & corporate media are propaganda instruments for ruling class & its war agenda. Hey CNN, what about the two million incarcerated in the U.S. with half Black folks? What about documented rapes of women by male guards in women’s prisons? Drop the warmongering against China.

Rob Snyder
I figured it out. The missing puzzle piece. The distinction between Covid deaths and vaccine deaths.

It SOUNDS like a contradiction, that:

1. any death from any cause (gun shot, car accident, cancer, 100 years old…) within 28 days of a PCR detection of a 30 base pairs fragment of a coronavirus (not unique to Sars Cov 2), is death caused by Covid 19, and

2. Zero cases of deaths within a couple of months after Covid Vaccine are caused by the vaccine. The CDC has identified no such cases.

But it is no contradiction AT ALL. 

It has to do with intent. The intention oF vaccine companies is GOOD. The intention of coronaviruses is BAD.

See? There. 1 and 2 are satisfactorily reconciled, completely!

You’re welcome.

Lars Sociolog Jorgensen
The excellent Swedish doctor/writer with a book on COVID-19. I’m definetely buying it!

“The author’s conclusion is that the covid policy that most of the world’s governments – including Sweden’s – are NOT GROUNDED on facts. The measures taken have therefore often been either without effect or caused more damage than the virus itself.”

Martin Halvorson
I’ve talked a lot about the perils of delayed diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses. We all have.

But I haven’t heard many people say much about the obvious consequences of telling all patients with respiratory virus symptoms to stay home alone until they can’t breath!

Take bacterial pneumonia for instance – early intervention with antibiotics and it’s a pretty benign illness, let it advance so far that you’re having trouble breathing (and add in overwhelming fear and anxiety and isolation) and even the strongest would have trouble surviving!

The consequences of this sort of policy during the flu season last year (and this year) are monstrous!

Martin Larner
That was exactly what happened as described by the Italian Doctor I’ve posted about.

Martin Halvorson
yes I had just summed it up in short form in hopes that more would get it; so many people only read headlines without opening articles. And I’m sort of gobsmacked by how simple and obvious it is, and I’ve never really heard it articulated like in that article you posted

Martin Larner
I’ve just been talking about it on Charlotte’s post. See your DMs.

Rob Snyder
I was amazed by that article too. Have you found confirmation that such directives were given to doctors in other countries?

Martin Larner
Very similar things looked to have happened across the Western world. I think it was passed down from WHO so hence the compliance.

Rob Snyder
this is the biggest story of the entire shit show if confirmed. And if doctors acquiesced to this en masse it demonstrates an absolutely shocking degree of both stupidity and obedience

Lena Bloch
In America,,contrary to Europe, doctors don’t do house visits. Here, if you are sick, you have to physically GO to your doctor – and if you are so sick that you cannot go, call ambulance and they will drive you to hospital. If you don’t want to go to a hospital, just want a right treatment at home – too bad, you will not get it. No way. You won’t get a prescription or you won’t be able to fill it. As all doctors appointments were cancelled and doctors offices closed, people were not able to go to any doctor at all. So al they could do, is wait until too late without treatment and then be driven to hospital to be put on a ventilator. Which meant death. That’s how all people died in NY State.

Martin Halvorson
well I know that’s what we were all told in Canada – if you’re symptomatic stay home and isolate and fall an ambulance if you can’t breathe!

Rob Snyder
Jesus. Was that in newspapers? TV news? Can you find any links?

Martin Halvorson
oh yes it was widely publicized

Rob Snyder
i’d like to blog some examples of those messages

Rob Snyder
Also, the article  talks about a directive communicated to Italian doctors from the Italian health ministry. I want to find confirmation of those directives, in Italy and elsewhere

Italian Doctor: in Covid I Acted as Usual, I Had No Death or ICU Hospitalization

Italian Doctor: in Covid I Acted as Usual, I Had No Death or ICU Hospitalization

Martin Halvorson
this is an early example:

Martin Halvorson
I know that the Chief public health officers for BC and Alberta and Canada are former employees/consultants of the WHO, they’ve been catechized…

Lena Bloch
Rob, in 2019, I had high fever for 4 days, could not eat and could not stop coughing, could not breathe. I had a televisit with a random doctor, who told me to get antibiotics in the pharmacy which I could not get because I could not walk or even get up. I was only eating paracetamol and drinking water. If I would be 20 or 25 years older, I would probably die. Instead, I got out, somehow, very weak, could not really function right a couple of months later, could not stop coughing for another 3 months, was wheezing and whistling in my chest for 6 months. Nobody took any tests, except X-ray and CT scan of my lungs – but of course when I wasn’t sick with fever already. Nobody knows what that was. It says “respiratory infection”. It is the situation with all respiratory illnesses or flu, that people have no chance to go to doctors if they have it real bad. Or – you can go but if you have high fever and literally chocking from cough, you can’t imagine a torture of being in a hospital’s waiting room for hours, without attendance or even water. I REALLY do not know how sick people can get any help in the US.

David Revell
all the symptoms put forward could apply to a shit load of different problems… even an allergy to pet fur

Brigid Whipple
is the above article you posted in the comments the one that Martin Larner was also mentioning?

Rob Snyder
I think so. Not certain

Rob Snyder
a few times in the last 30 years or so I’ve had pretty severe lung infection that lingered for weeks. I’d gone to the same local family practice doctor every time, in Lexington Kentucky, and twice that I remember he prescribed antibiotics for that. Thinking back, I made office visits for that, to his family practice office. Then went to the drug store on my way home to pick up the drugs. Once these were the type taken for 7 to 10 days or something, and another time was the 5 day type, I think, if I remember. Both times the severe weeks-long coughing ended and I returned to normal, after the antibiotics.

Now I wonder if this happened to me in 2020, would I not have received this treatment.

Ha. Christ! I imagine wearing a fucking mask in that condition, trying to breathe, with fucking pneumonia. God damn. Yeah, I’d surely be dead now, with such condition untreated, then hauled into hospital near death, to the ventilator!

And after my certain death, my masked liberal friends (I’m a recovering believer since 2011), walking around masked “saving lives!” With the greatest “concern”, listening to violins 


′′ This is probably the best article written about the pandemic. We are actually winding down democracy! Now it is time to end freedom restrictions, and the pandemic law should be abolished immediately.”

-Sven Roman on Twitter

Janice Kortkamp

9h  · Obama’s legacy was to make wars cool for this generation of liberals. The number of US soldiers coming back in caskets has been reduced by using modern, high price tag technology – also mercenaries and proxies – while the numbers of victims of our war machine keeps rising. We’ve become very efficient at mass murder.

Americans in general *say* they’re against war but in truth, most of them love it. Both left and right – absolutely love the death, destruction, the carnage, the lies, the propaganda.Some outright cheer it all on while others show their “love” by their silent acquiescence.

People on the left think our war machine is “helping” people by bombing, drone striking, sanctioning to starvation, sponsoring numerous death squads and terrorist proxies, and overthrowing governments.

While people on the right tend to equate US [fake] “greatness” with conquest. Those lines are getting blurred now – there’s just an overall sense of acceptance of the empire and a growing glorying in it.And this phenomenon is almost 100% media marketing – not just “news” – which the majority of Americans don’t follow seriously anyhow – it’s entertainment media that also drives this mentality.I have a dear, now anti-war, friend who used to be involved in military intelligence – he said he always knew when the US was planning a new war because of the hollywood movies that were coming out.

60 Minutes did a new hit piece against Syria’s leader last night. A real yawner regurgitating all the “Assad is a monster” bullcrap the media has been shoving down everyone’s throats to justify the US regime change addicts’ ten years of terrorism against the Syrian people. Why have we been trying to overthrow the secular, women-empowering, non-aggressive Syrian government?Because the neocons “War on Terror” was a ruse – a great game by the Israel-first neocons to wage war on behalf of Israeli greed and ambitions primarily, in addition to pursuing the post-WWII goals of US hegemony over the Middle East.

Once you wake up from the propaganda induced coma and realize that the truth of the ME conflicts is 180 degrees from what we’ve been told, the wars make a lot more sense. It is a brutal awakening – nauseating – depressing. But understanding the truth is better than being manipulated because of ignorance.

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