Zero Vegemite

Sean Stinson

So far the main difference between the virus and the poxine is the virus only kills the elderly.

Jay Hall

Corinne Fornow

Pierre Potgieter
For the average healthy person the chances of dying from the virus, are the same as dying from the poxine. So, they’ve effectively doubled our chances of dying.

Sean Stinson 438 dead in Europe after taking the poxine.

David Haswell Many more.

Jay Hall
What was the cause of death? If you gave 10 million people a vegemite sandwich, and of those say 3 million were in aged care homes, and say 438 died, would you ban vegemite?

Rob Snyder

there are many things I would do before banning the Vegemite sandwich. First I’d use a PCR test on 20% of the population every 5 weeks to detect a molecular fragment of any of the ingredients of the Vegemite sandwich. Then I’d order the population to stand 2 meters apart to reduce transmission of those molecules through respiration. Then I’d close businesses and schools and prohibit gatherings. Then I’d inject gene modification products into everyone to reduce symptoms of those infected with vegemite sandwich particles. And only then, after doing everything possible to mitigate Vegemite sandwich infection, I would enhance all of these measures, strengthen and continue them as long as it takes to eliminate all molecular evidence of Vegemite sandwiches, Zero Vegemite. so that none of this has to happen again (with regard to Vegemite sandwiches)

Sean Stinson
you win the internet today.

Jay Hall
well I must admit, it was a cool reply. But, has anyone answered the core thrust in a numerical and un emotive manner? I mean name calling is one thing , but numbers are another

Jay Hall
and I must retire, thank you for the memories folks

Rob Snyder
I live in Sweden. A Swede analyzed numbers here 

This was said by a friend yesterday and will have to be understood eventually. Otherwise we’ll be isolating, locking down, masking, and injecting ourselves every year, permanently:

Seems to me that vaccinations, which may or may not turn out to positively affect average life expectancy in the context of viral pandemic, are to be seen in terms of a panacea. The problem that they purport to solve is actually unsolvable in principle since it is mortality itself and the effect of the law of diminishing returns of medical technologies applied in advanced capitalist societies characterised by an aging population and falling birth rate.

Thomas Beavitt

Jay Hall
But for real, correlation Does not equal causality. No matter how much really want it to

Sean Stinson
it did when old people with multiple comorbidities were dying from the virus. 

Perfectly reasonable questions. Also necessary.

There is nothing complex in answering them. Only the will to answer them and apply the most minimal of functional reasoning.

1. Which years among the last 120 years should Sweden NOT have been locked down, masked, and injected, if Sweden should have been locked down, masked, and injected in 2020?

2. For the next 120 years (until the year 2141), what is the target mortality rate that would justify lifting the restrictions — that should have been imposed in 2020 and 114 of the last 120 years that had a higher death rate than 2020 — ending lockdown, masking, and injections?

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