abyss horizon – notes 17-01-2021

a harvest of facebook posts today documenting the approach to the abyss horizon

Case Roole writes

In the 19th century Western governments sought and fought to hook the people of China to opium.

Today, they seek to hook the people of the West to corporate vaccines.

Why do you think they:

– fulminate against anti-vaxxers, rather than people criticising the specific Covid-19 medine/vaccination

– want a “Covid-pass”, which is obviously ready for a whole load of vaccinations.

– support brutal censorship to prevent people from even discussing vaccination.
The Quarantine One Acts, Radio Theatre where there is no Radio
Volume IV
The Laughter of Rats
Written and Directed by John Steppling
Martin Donovan ................. Roger
Norbert Weisser .................. Bob
Produced by Jack Littman

John Steppling writes:

Must watch…not perfect by any means. AI fantasy needs to be deconstructed….but much of this is right.

Christopher Coman-Schulz writes:

“When the terminally ill and old and frail die with covid19, it’s covid19 that killed them, 100% certain.When the terminally ill and old and frail die after the vaccine, it’s the illness, age and frailty.

This report is brought to you by government, mainstream media and pfizer.

Thank you.”

Gustav Agenbacht writes:

Noam Chomsky, for those who do not know this.Is the third most quoted human being who ever lived, behind Plato and Freud.And banned from all major media platforms.

To use a over-and misapplied cliche, let THAT sink in.

Noam is firstly, a linguist.

And he postulated the theory (since well evidenced by studies) that intelligence is inextricably linked to linguistic ability.

That is profound, and the extent of profundity will not be evident for the uninformed of the significance.

It means this.

Not only are people with exceptional linguistic agility and command bound to be the most intelligent in any random group, but you get more for bang for your intellectual buck.

It also implies and predicts well, the corollary of that construct.Improving linguistic range and skill, upgrades your intelligence.

Also, Noam postulated and is being proven correct all the time, humans comes pre-loaded with the software development for linguistic skill. Your intelligence BEGS it, from a very young age, it is primarily the way your intelligence constructs itself.Human intelligence and linguistic skill are inseparable phenomenon.

Well read people WILL be more intelligent than those who do not read.There is another reason for that.Our human intelligence, and the neurological wiring of our neocortal brains (we have two with distinct personalities in conflict, I’m often surprised that narrative regarding AI seems to be ignorant of this fact, the nature of human intelligence lies in self-conflicted contradiction, a HUGE factor in developing true artificial intelligence), depends on imagery.

Your brain has NO idea of reality out there, it constructs a reasonable facsimile of reality within itself.Which is in conflict, and always auto-challenged.But reading, forces your neocortex, or at least the dominant half concerned with building a 3D construct of reality, to build the imagery of what you read……watching video bypasses this critical construction of the intricate pattern making intelligence that your human brain is. And reading, requires the transition of visual symbolic input from your visual neural pathways, into the imagery of a story you read. for instance. Which is stored as associative information.(listening to narrative has roughly the same effect, but bypasses the symbolic metabolising process.)

The retrieval of human memory is almost exclusively by association. ALL of it, relates back to the construct of linguistic skill and ability, especially when it comes to abstractions, for which no visual associations exist empirically.Anyway. the neurological processes and architecture of brain structures involved is complex beyond simple explanation, and I do not claim expertise on that, even though I am obsessed with these sciences and spend much time in virtual lecture rooms, trying to fathom what I studied in bare essence decades ago. Best for anyone interested to visit lectures by leading neoroscientists and biopsychologists, Robert Sapolsky and John Hoffman, good starting points. The problem with the tech advances of modern society, is that humans are wired for comfort, primarily.It had great evolutionary value in the cave, but it became the intellectual downfall of humanity…..the shortcut to sensory input and linguistic development.

Which is why I DESPISE the advance of the emoticon, and the facebook meme.It dumbs down humanity.I have a very brilliant son. All the signs are there of a voracious intelligence. (he was offered the position of IT Engineer after walking out of school with no matric, having self educated exactly as Elon Musk predicts. And performed well, being flown around in a private aircraft servicing clientele, until he called the CEO, truthfully but sadly, a bitch.)

Yet, he fails to debate successfully with me, and accuse me of sheer (and strident) linguistic profundity, having to Google every third word I use very naturally. But.

The man is a Millennial……reading is old school, says he.And his brilliant intellectual potential will be locked away until he does the Old School thing.Or be regaled to the intellectual class of the masses….distracted by visual hypnosis.Einstein quite accurately predicted the hypothesis of Noam Chomsky:Technology will mostly serve to dumb down the masses of Humanity.

Hiroyuki Hamada writes:

Just let me be clear, in the US 1 in 5 kids are starving. Everyday 3 people are killed by police officers in this biggest mass incarceration state, which imprisons 25% of all incarcerated people on the planet. Three people own bottom half of the wealth of this country in which there is no universal healthcare, higher education has turned into a debt slave scheme and in fact the country was founded by slave owners on a stolen land. The gruesome history has been casting brutal legacy of injustice and inhumanity. The tendency seamlessly merges with capitalist mechanism of exploitation and subjugation. The resulting project has reached its peak as an empire which has killed tens of millions since the end of WW2.

The country practices religion of money. The unconditional complacency is demanded by the structural violence of the capitalist hierarchy. The dangerous leap of faith into the ideas of ruling class has been forcing its subject population to embrace deadly policies against their own wellbeings in countless ways. The structural extortion schemes impose a code of silence against its own people who are forced to fight among themselves perpetually.

The dynamics turn the seemingly normal population to embrace assortments of conspiracies by the establishment blaming capitalist induced predicaments as “Russian threats”, “Chinese threat” and so on. The momentum is often used within its corporate political circus in which two imperial political parties “fight” over acceptable ideas of colonialism, corporatism and militarism.

The inherent contradiction of capitalism has cornered this pyramid scheme empire into a dangerous mode of enslavement. Its global presence has been an enormous threat to the world for generations.

Lars Sociolog Jorgensen writes

“So irresponsible that people won’t believe it is true”

“It must be known as interesting if the US Pharmaceutical Agency FDA, which is essentially financed directly by the pharmaceutical industry, deliberately understaffed the group of scientific employees who would analyze the experimental data behind the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. They allegedly allowed two analysts to perform a control work that a large amount of analysts from various disciplines normally spend at least six months on. Especially serious that you are facing the most important drug FDA approved in 2020.”

“A few years ago Ethan Hawke described in Rolling Stone an encounter between Keith (who he calls, simply The Star) and Kris Kristofferson at Willie Nelson’s 70th birthday concert, which went something like this.

The Star passes Willie and Kris in the hallway backstage, says “Happy Birthday, Willie” and then turns to Kristofferson and blurts, “None of that lefty shit out there tonight, Kris.”

“What the fuck did you just say to me?” KK replies, moving towards Keith.

Willie sighs. “Oh no. Don’t get Kris all riled up.”

“You heard me,” Keith snaps, walking away.

“Don’t turn your back on me, boy.”

Keith spins around, nervously.

“I don’t want any problems, Kris. I just want you to tone it down.”

“Tone it down? Have you ever worn your country’s uniform?”


“Don’t “what” me, boy! You just don’t like the answer. I asked, ‘Have you ever served your country?’ The answer is, No, you have not. Have you ever killed another man? Have you ever taken another man’s life and then cashed the check your government gave you for doing it? No. So shut the fuck up.”

Keith mutters, “Whatever.” And scrambles away.

Kristofferson turns to Willie and says, “Don’t say a word.” Then says, “You remember what Waylon used to say about guys like him? They’re doing to country music what pantyhose did to finger-fucking.”

David Lorig writes:

I might question the better manners part, but otherwise, yeah. From Rob Urie, one of the few writers on Counterpunch that I have any interest in reading anymore.

“This ties to the twentieth century conception of fascism as the merging of corporate with state power not simply in form, but in purpose as well. Russiagate was a prime example of this relationship, as nominally private media corporations amplified the claims of the American intelligence agencies that were operating in a political capacity. The domestic goals of the intelligence agencies appear to have been to counteract broad-based political disaffection through stoking reactionary nationalism. The foreign policy objective appears to have been to mitigate growing economic ties between neoliberal, petrostate, Russia and the dominant nations of Europe.

The political posture of Russiagate as a united front against illiberalism, fascism even, is ironic both in the sense of the radical illiberalism— unhinged nationalism to be specific, that it stoked, as well as the caricature of European fascism that it promoted. Despite hysterical warnings from the intelligence agencies in the run-up to the 2020 election that the Russian intelligence services were going to interfere on behalf of Donald Trump, once it was evident that Joe Biden had won, all assertions of malevolent foreign actors ceased. Since then, both Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have repeatedly charged that ‘Putin’ is behind domestic political dissent.”

Vladimir Golstein writes:

Watched this fascinating film last night: Joseph Losey’s “Lawless” (1950).

Losey was an extremely talented director from Wisconsin (as was Orson Welles), who became famous and appreciated for his European films; Losey settled in England after being blacklisted by another Joseph from Wisconsin, known as McCarthy.

I remember that at the time when I was still reading London Review of Books, every issues of theirs had to make a reference to Losey’s The Servant, bizarre and disturbing film appreciated mostly by Brits with indeterminate taste.

In any case, “Lawless” is quite different. It was the second of the five films that he made in the US before the iron curtain of McCarthyism fell down on Hollywood.

What struck me about films, is its treatment of the particular them: The Small Town, USA, descend into madness of hatred and paranoia. Obviously, Losey loved these small towns, their smells and looks, as did his scriptwriter, who wrote the script for The Invasion of Body Snatchers. So the film is chilling in its portrayal of this descent. Not everyone participates in this unraveling that turns law-abiding folks into violent lynching crowd, but most do. Cops, journalists, parents, young kids, old farmers — all go mad to get the poor Mexican kid who happened to be in the wrong place and who did several wrong moves.

Of course, the film also have a couple of crusading journalists, played by highly attractive Gail Russell and Macdonald Carey, and one rich and powerful town father, whose son was instrumental in the original fight that triggered the hapless Mexican. And sure enough these three noble souls seem to have an upper hand at the end. But their seeming triumph is made to look so artificial and flimsy against the real and powerful surge of mass, all-embracing anger and paranoia.

That’s where I see the film’s uniqueness. We all know the traditional Hollywood response to the question of Individual vs. Crowd. In most of the films that we watch, we witness great and noble individuals (defense lawyers, investigators, journalists) who defeat the crowd and diffuse its evil instincts. And the film usually concentrates on these individuals, their private dramas, their love lives, their faulty greatness or what have you. And masses are presented as such — just an ugly crowd of faceless a..holes.

Losey’s take is rather different and it bears all the marks of pre-McCarthy art. Our gaze is actually fixed on masses. On farmers, cops, schoolkids, reporters, Mexicans living in the wrong part of small California town. They all have faces, that eventually turn into ugly masks. So there are a few noble individuals, but they are made to look some insignificant and helpless.

That type of cinema is clearly “un-American” and it is hardly surprising that the guys who were making it, were the target of HUAC. And HUAC clearly won. From Hollywood to art, to best Creative Writing Shools in the country, the focus had shifted from masses to individuals. To their private fixations and private battles.

What an irony! American Losey moves to London and makes his stylish and very British films there, while British Hitchcock comes to the States and begins to make his uber-American films that focus solely on noble or perverse individuals, while masses and crowds are relegated not to humans, but to Birds.

Another irony, of course, is that SOB McCarthy and his side-kicks from CIA and their fake Cultural Fronts, did all they could to whip masses into anti-communist frenzy and squashed brave Hollywood individuals and other artists who were silenced, exiled, and otherwise humiliated, and therefore could never produce art that makes masses its subject. And once it was done, the corporate faceless studios began to crank out films about heroic individuals taking on the evil collectivism. You know, the Ayn Rand type.

Well, who said that Americans can’t understand irony. At least, they produce more of it than anyone else in the world.

CJ Hopkins writes “Happy yet, totalitarians?”[0]=AZUgs9t1DOnI7PEToQoesIlR0TIs9HOSO9fh75oAR89WxsIXHIeoRBFLuYC1f6rn3eMDUgdP__7QePi5AQBIzV4iSSkzKNk4yplB0rgTPcsN7vRJQjOR7xnNkff4GcvIccvndFKj37BE8O5qEpQ0EkEN&tn=%2CO%2CP-y-R

Jenna Simons comments:

“It has not yet been conclusively clarified to what extent vaccinated people can infect others,” Maas told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.“What is clear, however, is that a vaccinated person no longer takes a ventilator away from anyone. This removes at least one central reason for restricting fundamental rights.”

How stupid. Ventilators were found to be overused and there is no evidence the vaccine reduces hospitalizations. I’m not sure which vaccine Germany uses but I’ve not seen any of them reduce hospitalization. Not that facts matter in any of this.

Sabine Amann comments:

Following that logic if I have a note in my pocket saying that I don’t want to be put on a ventilator in case of a covid infection then I should get the same “privileges” as someone who is vaccinated?

Simon Wood writes:

I have known a Japanese lass here for about 15 years. She was always a total clean freak. Won’t have a cup of tea at anyone’s house because she can’t see what the inside of the kettle looks like. I always thought, “Jesus, how does she live like this, always worried about germs?” Pre-2020, it was just a source of mild bewilderment for me.

Cue ‘Covid’. Yep…now she’s in her fucking element, oh yes. She won’t go anywhere apart from the supermarket with masks and gloves on (wicked strength, no doubt). Her husband works in the city and is one of those not yet asked to work from home. When he gets home he has to strip off in the porch (kinky??) and go straight in the shower. His clothes are sprayed with ‘anti-virus’ spray and washed instantly.

Poor bastard.

She gets really angry about anyone not wearing masks or anyone even considering having anything approaching a good time. She thinks the entire country should lock down strictly with severe punishments for rule breakers. How long? “As long as it takes.”

Oh, and yeah, she’s minted and doesn’t work. I asked about people who have lost their small businesses and livelihoods. “They should get support,” she avers, concern in her voice. Suicides skyrocketing even among kids? “It’s so terrible,” she says, shaking her head.

Now pretty much the entire world is populated by neurotic clean freaks and hypochondriacs, all in the grip of severe mass delusional psychosis induced by an unprecedented 24/7 fear propaganda agenda. And things are only just getting started.

She isn’t happy, she says, but at least people are safe.

I realized that people like her never had any humanity in the first place…and that is why they are not overly concerned at its annihilation.

Not all that kinky after all, eh.

CJ Hopkins writes:

Facebook & the Atlantic Council censored my latest essay, perhaps on the pretext that the featured image was a photo of Goebbels, so I thought I’d repost the essay with a photo of another war criminal, who is responsible for launching a textbook war of aggression and murdering over a million people, which, as far as I can tell, is perfectly okay with Facebook and the Atlantic Council, and with the liberals I was satirizing in my essay, which is a testament to the power of the 21st-Century global-capitalist propaganda machine … a machine so powerful Goebbels couldn’t have imagined it in his wildest dreams.

Max Parry writes:

These so-called new “progressives” in Congress with their toadying fan club are showing their true colors in leading the charge for Silicon Valley censorship, the political theatre of the second impeachment, and facilitating a new “domestic terrorism” bill which will inevitably be used by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to target left-wing groups, all while putting healthcare on the back burner. I fail to see any substantial difference between them and establishment Democrats.

From Doris Welsh:

“Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their customs, privileges, or beliefs.This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking; where it is absent, discussion is apt to become worse than useless.”

Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi ~ (1828-1910)

For what it’s worth, I remember buying books in the gigantic 4 floors of Powell’s in Portland. The book-burning neoliberals described below by Paula Densnow are the same people who cheer the murder of Syria by western armies (and ISIS/Al Qaeda – funded and armed by the west), because they DRINK the psychotic official lying of western authorities, authorities who LIE. Does anybody remember the 1960s? Today’s masses are retarded. All of the wisdom and decency of mass popular movements of the 60s are literally SHIT on by these people.

Paula Densnow writes:

My old stereotype of a liberal was a NY Times reading, NPR listening, civil liberties supporting intellectual, whose idea of fun was reading a book while classical music played, cat on lap.

They were shocked, shocked! when the yahoos in the sticks banned books. How uncouth! How uncivilized! How 12th Century! Freedom is to be cherished and guarded, not attacked by book-burning thugs!

But now, for five days, violent bullies have harassed and attacked employees and customers of Powell’s Bookstore, which is one of the biggest independent bookstores still in business, out there on the left coast, land of liberals.

They are trying to stop the bookstore from selling a book, (written by a local author who is a gay, Asian, son of immigrants, which should give him the trifecta in the Oppression Olympics), but they don’t like his politics, so they are attacking the bookstore.

Powell’s issued a statement which gave a stirring defense of free speech and freedom to read, then backed down in fear by saying they would not sell the book inhouse. Then they said that they didn’t want to ”hurt” their neighbors. Not the local author who is their ”neighbor”, they were worried about the feelings of the thugs terrorizing their store, causing it to shut down.

That wasn’t enough for the book-burning fascists, though. They want the store to refuse to sell the book online, also.

You would think that NPR and the NY Times would be all over this story. These are their people shut out from going into a bookstore, for pete’s sakes, the holy temple of pointy-headed intellectuals of the past.

Nope, the NY Times refuses to condemn the bullies. One of their editors has even piled onto the mob, supporting censorship and the shutting down of a bookstore because they will sell a book online that she doesn’t want people to read! NPR has also been silent.Liberals ain’t what they used to be. They are what the notsis used to be, instead.”

Neoliberalism today is the fulfillment of the authorities’ strategy they themselves branded “antidisestablishmentarianism”. This is 100% complete today. Today’s people are reactionary to the core, they’re reactionaries’ reactionaries:

These are the SAME people who want everyone to “wear a mask”, and want travel prohibited, and even walking around outside prohibited unless THE MAN gives permission. The SAME people who say that the disobedient are “redneck, white trash “conspiracy theorists” who cry about “muh free-dums””. Neoliberals demand them hunted, banned from any job, and sent to the gulag.

There has never in human history been a population like neoliberals, people so mind-fucked, stupid, inhuman, violent, and annihilating of even the idea of humanity, never an ideology so psychotic and having such breadth and depth and duration of destruction, and so deserving its due.

Someone called “Crampie” commented that in the USA, one person dies of COVID every 33 seconds.

I checked Crampie Crampstool’s numbers. They’re actually “right” except that they’re not.

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. 31,536,000 seconds in a year. And about 3 million US deaths per year normally. So deaths per second are 0.1. To get 1.0 whole deaths you need 10 seconds.

One US death every 10 seconds is normal. About 8000 per day, normally

If you detect Drosten PCR targets in a third of them, that’s about 1 every 30 seconds

Of course the issue is that detecting Drosten PCR targets (a 30 base-pairs sequence fragment that is not unique to Sars Cov 2) means NOTHING.

They, the same people (Fauci et al) did this SAME shit before with HIV. The story is fucking insane:!po=0.500000

And by the way, read the retraction (link below). The retraction contradicts, and rules out, uncorrupted science:

“Science is the organized skepticism in the reliability of expert opinion.”
― Richard Feynman

Note the reason for retraction: Orthodoxy. Doctrine.

Orthodoxy! That’s the way “the science” is done, infected with the
Co Rrup Tion virus


Retraction in: Front Public Health. 2019 October 29; 7: 334 See also: PMC Retraction Policy

Questioning the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis: 30 Years of Dissent

Patricia Goodson

Additional article information

Since 1984, when the hypothesis that HIV-causes-AIDS was announced, many scholars…

I can only recommend most highly the article above. All of the relevant concepts, scams, scientific distortions of today are covered in that review of 30 years worth of scientific dissent from the prevailing HIV – AIDS science. It’s a story of formidable scientists versus criminal frauds, including Fauci.

And there is more here:

And here:

Why test for Drosten assay PCR targets, to classify a non-specific virus fragment as “COVID” or “Sars Cov 2”?

Why not test the living, the dying, and the dead for nitrogen, or carbon? Would be equally meaningful.

Back to “Crampie’s” numbers; a US COVID death every 33 seconds.

Normal US death rate is about 8000 deaths per day. There are 86,400 seconds per day, so the number of seconds per death is 86,400/8000 = about 10 seconds. One death in the US every 11 seconds.

3 equally valid conclusions (1 is considered “the science”)

If we test the living, the dying, and the dead for Drosten assay PCR targets, the result is that COVID causes one US death every 33 seconds (1 in every 3 US deaths).

If we test the living, the dying, and the dead for Carbon , the result is that Carbon causes one US death every 11 seconds (1 in every 1 US deaths).

If we test the living, the dying, and the dead for Nitrogen , the result is that Nitrogen causes one US death every 11 seconds (1 in every 1 US deaths).

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