The time at which one eats

A Swede said, “Americans are known for believing in conspiracy theories; it’s an American trait.”

That’s a Swedish thing to say.

“Conspiracy theory” is an expression of an awareness, common among Americans, that those who actually hold power — not the faces we see in public, but their bosses, behind the curtain — are not benevolent.

No one, even in Sweden, actually denies conspiracy. Pick up any mainstream newspaper in Sweden, every day, and read story after story of people conspiring.

In the Swedish view however, they’re all conspiring in mutual benevolence, good will toward men, and peace on earth, and so on. Except for lone-wolf criminals, acting alone in their deviant malevolence, or sometimes conspiring with like-minded deviants only to be found out by steadily benevolent (corruption is inconceivable) authorities and their intellectual and charismatic sleuths. Crime-sleuthing (psychopath-hunting) remains a popular Swedish TV and novel genre.

Americans are commonly aware that those conspiring — those who actually hold power behind closed doors, as well as their employees, public officials whose faces are seen in public — are conspiring with mal intent spewed in all directions, projected long and short range, and raining down on all of us.

  • Americans see that they live in a storm of malevolence.
  • Swedes see life in a calm of beneficence.

Institutionalized malevolence does not compute in the Swedish mind. The idea is rejected as the mouth spits out bitter mold. The same bitter mold that is the only food on the American table.

This difference is only a matter of the time, however. The time at which one eats.

One reply on “The time at which one eats”

Gustav Agenbach writes “ The term is, in comical irony, mostly thrown around in great ignorance. Perhaps meant to refer to and confused with baseless sensation mongering. Because, to think that conspiracies are mere theory, is stupid beyond comprehension for anyone remotely educated in human affairs. The local ice cream shop is a conspiracy to sell ice cream and make money. Most conspiracies are advertized, or declared, or promulgated, and can therefore not have ‘theory’ added. The government itself, is most certainly a conspiracy by rote and construct, the question would, in any time, simply be the nature of agenda. And to think that powerful individuals and institutions do not conspire and collude, either within their own organisations or with other institutes or individuals, for greater control, profit, power, privilege and advance of position, requires such sheer ignorance, it boggles the mind. Lastly, where official narrative, upon even moderate investigation makes for such spectacular contrivance of intrigue and coincidence, a narrative of ‘conspiracy theory’ as the mythical option, is mere entertainment for the informed.”


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