Age of Superstition

It is depressing. And it is depressing when most people, colleagues and friends think you are a coldhearted nutcase to question the policies.

Charlotte Thornberg

Sweden is a disaster.

the internet

I live in Sweden. Hospitalization and death rates in Sweden are completely normal. By the way. COVID death numbers in Sweden versus Norway and Denmark are largely a factor of:

  1. The numbers are very small in all three countries.
  2. Denmark and Norway had normal death rates the last 2 years while Sweden had lower than normal death rates each of the last 2 years including the lowest since 1977 last year. Therefore the slight increase relative to Denmark and Norway in 2020 is best explained simply as normal variation. 
  3. Death and hospitalization rates in Sweden are completely normal in 2020, as they are elsewhere including the United States

Martin (not his real name): The “internet” doesn’t say Sweden is a disaster. It states that its attitude regarding “herd immunity” didn’t work, which it didn’t. Most online media merely posts the fact that Sweden is not an example to follow. Sweden is a smallish, rather homogenous country. Larger, more socially, ethnically and complex countries have a bigger task at hand. The population of Sweden is around 10 million. That’s less than 1/3 of the population of California and about the population of Georgia.

Zach Fresa:
It’s an important part of the narrative management to declare Sweden a failure. And many true believers call Sweden a disaster. The data show Swedish death and hospitalization rates are normal for Sweden. Here’s data for ICU utilization, year to year:–resultat/ There was an unusual intensive care utilization peak in spring.

I think there is merit in the idea that the spring rise was media driven. Patients and medical staff were driven by media to perceive things in panic, so, too many people were sent to ICU. This is my speculation but it’s not much of a leap from the media narrative we were presented, to a fear induced reaction that affected patients and doctors alike.

After all, the media daily promoted the idea that this was a highly contagious and novel virus against which humanity had zero capability for immune response.

It is however, it seems to me, a national characteristic of Sweden to not overreact, to anything. So this effect was likely relatively small in Sweden compared to many parts of the world where long-established treatment protocols for respiratory illness were ditched in the trash right away with patients instead rushed onto ventilators in a hysterical panic. The Swedish rise in ICU utilization (which was mostly in Stockholm), was more likely driven by Sweden’s very high per capita population in 2020 of people years older than life expectancy. More on this follows below.

See the video of at the end of this post of Dr. Mike Yeadon addressing this issue. It turns out that the “no immune capability” narrative was unfounded and unscientific, which can only lead one to ask: for what was this narrative constructed?

Likewise, all cause mortality is well within normal variation and historically low. Note that 2020 death rate follows the lowest all cause mortality in Sweden since 1977 last year (similar was not the case in Denmark and Norway).

The same graph for the US, is very similar.

Something unique in the Swedish C19 data though is the statistically significant number of people included who are refugees from war zones and suffering serious conditions like tuberculosis. But, more importantly, Sweden had a larger population of very old people per capita in 2020 than Norway or Denmark in 2020. This is discussed in detail here

The third hypothesis, and from my perspective the most important, concerns the fact that Sweden had a much larger vulnerable population at the beginning of 2020 than its nordic neighbours. This can be seen in multiple different ways in the statistics.

The first is that Sweden has a large nursing home population. Relative to population size, Sweden’s nursing home population is 50% larger than Denmark’s. And as I’ve mentioned previously, in Sweden, people don’t go to nursing homes until they are near the end of life.

The second way this can be seen in the statistics is by looking at overall mortality for the immediately preceding year, 2019. If unusually few people die in one year, then unusually many will die in the following year, since there is a carry forward effect (due to the fact that humans are not immortal). 2019 was an unusually un-deadly year in Sweden, and the early part of 2020 (pre-covid), was also unusually un-deadly, which means that there was an unusually large number of very frail old people in the country when covid struck. This same effect was not seen in Sweden’s nordic neighbours – for them 2019 was normal in terms of overall mortality.

To clarify exactly how big this difference is, let’s look at the numbers. In Sweden, overall mortality in 2019 was 2,5% lower than the average for the preceding five years. In Norway, mortality was exactly in line with the average. Denmark and Finland both had mortality rates that were 1% above the average. Denmark, Finland, and Norway were in a much better position in relation to covid from the start. Sweden was always going to have more deaths, regardless of the actions it took.

As I think this article shows, there were a number of big differences between Sweden and its nordic neighbors at the beginning of the pandemic, which are altogether certainly sufficient to explain the big difference in covid mortality.

Correlation is not causation. Many people have chosen to see a causative relationship between Sweden’s lack of severe lockdown and relatively high number of deaths, because it supports their prior beliefs about the effectiveness of lockdowns. Those beliefs are, however, not supported by the evidence.

You might also be interested in my article about how deadly covid really is, or my article about how effective lockdowns are.

Swedish stats should be relative to Scandinavia, which are not favorable. Those are not stats applicable to the rest of the world.

Zach Fresa:
They should be relative to Sweden, right? Scandanavian data shows that Norway and Denmark had statistically average mortality the previous 2 years while Sweden had statistically well BELOW average mortality the previous 2 years and a slight increase this year, with the increase very well within normal variation. So what is missing?

Sweden has one of the highest death rates per capita right now based on COVID stats.

Zach Fresa:
and yet it’s death rate is completely normal. How do you reconcile those 2 facts?

Answer: “COVID death” is a classification and nothing more. You could just as well test the living, the dying, and the dead for nitrogen. 100% are nitrogen positive and every death can be classified as Nitrogen19. And yet number of dead swedes in 2020 remains completely normal compared to other years in Sweden but nitrogen deaths are sky high! So what?

279K cases and 7K+ deaths in Sweden isn’t “normal.” Are there other chemically attributed deaths globally? Sure. But we certainty should not add to those. What exactly are you doing to combat Nitrogen19?

Zach Fresa:
96,000 deaths per year in Sweden is normal. And 2020 is no different. So what difference does it make if 279,000 people receive a “positive” from a PCR test? I ask that question in 2 ways: 1. Assuming the test actually is specific for a specific virus. 2. Knowing that test is utterly meaningless.

The answer is the same either way.

Sioux Oliver
I love how (Martin) from Mississippi is trying to school a Swedish citizen about Sweden.

Kim Carlson
The PCR test is worthless to diagnose disease, per its inventor, Kary Mullis.

Mark Weiser
Martin, Over the next several years, more people are going to die from isolation and poverty related issues than Cv19 itself, as a direct result of crashing the worlds economy by imposing the lockdowns to “slow the rate of viral transmission.”

Sioux Oliver
I lived in Sweden for 12 years and have permanent residency there. Zach and I have been friends for about 7 years. A good COVID debate is always fun. Again, herd immunity apparently didn’t go as hoped in Sweden and COVID is responsible for a large amount of deaths. Why not err on the side of caution?

Zach Fresa: …because ““Even with Covid-19, Sweden’s absolute mortality rates are at all-time historical lows.”  

Complete twitter thread:   

And masking, lockdowns, social isolation, and forced gene modifications are not “caution”. They’re radically insane.

Given all time historical low death rate, herd immunity worked exceptionally well. Likewise, ICU admissions are completely normal this fall in 2020:–resultat/

Median age of death in Sweden with a positive PCR test for C19 is 84 years old, i.e., older than life expectancy. What kind of caution is going to reduce the number of deaths among people older than life expectancy?

Similar analysis for the US:

It’s important, essential, to avoid derailing everything that’s been known about the human immune system because of a psychotic, and evil, lying corporate messaging narrative that has stupefied populations around the world. I blogged about herd immunity, and our understanding of it before 2020:

Martin: Zach, “…psychotic, and evil, lying corporate messaging narrative”? Who do you think the conspirators are? Are you saying that COVID is merely a hoax? Who benefits from that? Do you also think H1N1 was/is a hoax (including Spanish Flu)? Ebola? My statement regarding rethinking herd immunity in Sweden comes from Stefan Löfven’s new suggested guidelines and restrictions. I do agree with Mark Weiser’s comments about somewhat Draconian restrictions on businesses, but this is also a time for each individual to think globally and act locally. #wearamask

Zach Fresa: Martin, I don’t know what to say if you have no response to the fact that illness and death rates are normal. Do you see from the graphs, the Spanish flu of 1918, and 2020, that the idea of comparing these is unfounded?

It’s unfounded. So why are they being compared? Likewise, how is 2020 to be compared to Ebola?

Disease and death is part of life and part of human experience. Are normal rates of death and disease now to be equated with Ebola? Then what does that mean? Social isolation, masks, and forced pharmaceuticals will continue forever? If this is what we do when conditions are normal, then when will we not do this?

The WHO was privatized in our lifetimes, right? It’s second largest donor is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates is not a saint. The corporations involved are the same global corporate giants that seek to control everything, everywhere, and largely do. But they’re not satisfied with that. They want more:

total control

And they tell you this. It’s not secret. Start with Klaus Schwab’s book published this year, COVID-19: The Great Reset

Who benefits? The architects of “the fourth industrial revolution”. The owners of the technocracy. Corrupting and owning governments has become a bore for them. They no longer recognize any need to distract people, with illusions of democracy. The transition now is to simple Dictate.



And they know, you won’t do anything about it. People are mesmerized. By propaganda. They know from practice, the more psychotic the propaganda, the more control.

We are experiencing the END of the Age of Reason.

Government. Democracy, humanity, rights, culture, …everything, is made into a fucking joke before our eyes.

And it is too unbelievably psychotic, and evil, to believe it. That’s the method.

Here’s what they’ve done to science:

And to journalism. Have you not noticed the descent into the abyss, of corporate owned American media since 1980? Reasonableness dropped off cliff in the last 4 decades. Here’s what I’ve seen:

I’ve watched the total transformation of American media since 1980 with eyes wide open, beginning with the introduction of “conservative” talk radio, which was basically unhinged (insane) from the beginning. And was in contrast to normal American media which still operated in accordance with the fairness doctrine and a still present residual of the Franklin Roosevelt era.

Put American media since 1980 on a graph to measure the degree of psychotic separation from reality and reason on the Y axis, with two bars on the X axis, one for conservative media (talk radio, then FoxNews TV). And another bar for mainstream media (NYT, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc.)

The Y axis then is a measure of reasonableness, or lack of it. Put a scale on the Y axis: completely reasonable, an ideal reasonableness, is as tall as a doorway.

In the 1980s and 90s, the mainstream media (NYT, CNN, MSNBC, NPR), …that bar would rise about mid way I’d say, up to the door handle. Conservative talk radio and FoxNews lowered the bar. Their bar was below the door handle, say, down around your knees.

The problem, is what happened since.

NYT, CNN, MSNBC, NPR didn’t increase or even maintain their higher standard (of reason). No. They nose-dived and crashed all the way to the floor. They raced conservative media to the bottom, and won! Today, mainstream media (NYT, CNN, MSNBC, NPR) is far below knee level, all the way down on the floor. And, as if by force, is still being pulled to descend even LOWER, into the abyss. Without limit. There is no floor.

The typical American and European news viewer didn’t notice this descent into hell. That’s apparent.

They’re mesmerized. Stupefied.

They think they’re pointing their fingers DOWN at FoxNews and typical conservative media, although by now they’re pointing UP to point at those, and are continuing their fall, to such a depth they no longer see what they’re pointing at.

The media we are trained to watch, has become so deranged, so psychotic, so detached from reality, that mainstream media channels effectively do, in comparison, make Donald Trump look like a modern day Isaac Newton. I’m not saying he IS. Please. Ed Curtain describes precisely what all these “political” actors are. It’s a show. Nothing more:…/the-past-lives-on-the-elite…/

What’s new is that the elites are bored with this game. I can only recommend this article which I think is the most important I’ve read in a long time, by Alex Bartlett…/05/together-but-falling-apart/

But I want to give the best answer I can to Martin’s question:

Who benefits?

Those who rule over us.

Those who’ve made a joke of every institution and idea, those who’ve annihilated journalism and turned it into a 24/7 device for relentless psychological abuse and torture.

Those who HATE us. ALL of us. They’re tired of playing the game of manipulating and controlling us, and everything, through propaganda and consumerism.

They want us all silenced, masked, sterilized, damaged, impoverished, deformed, wearing rags, starving, and dead as soon as possible. They don’t need us anymore. For anything. We’re disposable. And being disposed of.

The overlords then will wander the earth, cleansed of the riff riff and refuse, free of us.

How can any other conclusion be drawn? They tell us. They give Ted Talks about it. They write books about it. They fund institutions devoted to it. They operate media corporations they’ve devolved into chambers of psychotic screaming insanity.

No good can come of this. This can only point to bad intent. Bad is an understatement.

By the way, do you think Stefan Löfven is acting without extreme external pressure? Sweden is not targeted with overwhelming pressure to conform to the dictates of the imperial mandate to force 7 billion to be injected with gene modification pharma products from Pfizer? It’s not a vaccine. It’s gene manipulation. That’s not in dispute. It’s in Pfizer’s own product literature. What on god’s earth (I’m not religious) could this possibly be for?

I say again. Hospitalization rate in Sweden is completely normal in 2020. And death rate is at an ALL TIME LOW. What the fuck is going on, Martin? I’d like you to explain what you think is happening and why. You say “wear a mask”. What could that possibly have to do with anything other than a visible sign of your submission to orders?

but OK, for anyone who finds the idea incredible that governments, media corporations, scientific and academic institutions, NGOs, and pharmaceutical companies, etc., are owned and controlled by psychopaths with very bad intent hostile to humanity, overwhelmingly so, and who also find it incredible that, I don’t know, take any example of any person employed (and owned) by the same, let’s say Rachel Maddow, …you may find it incredible that skilled, intelligent people are corrupted. That they would lie to you. You may find that unbelievable.

And yet Rachel Maddow’s salary is 30,000 dollars per day. Is that journalist pay? 30,000 dollars per day?

Media corporations care so much about informing you with truth and piercing analysis they pay Rachel Maddow 30,000 dollars a day. There’s that much value in fact-finding and news analysis, so you can be well informed. Right?

When I was a kid we had expressions everyone knew:

Were you born yesterday?

There’s a sucker born every minute

Why such expressions? Who thinks the motivating reasons went away? They just quietly went away because the general population is so alert, and savvy. Yeah.

They’ve been stupefied, while the art and science of stupefaction has has been perfected, with total success: Mission Accomplished.

But OK, put that aside. Say I’m overstating. Say I’m GROSSLY overstating. What about this, then? What is to be said about former Pfizer Vice President Dr Mike Yeadon speaking out like this:

The mass media calls Yeadon a charlatan.

A charlatan.

You believe that?

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