Dancing Queen

Some Swedish American crossover to get started. Go to 31:14 in this audio link for Robbie Fulks live in studio cover of ABBA’s Dancing Queen on National Public Radio’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross in 1998.

Dancing Queen, one of the greatest songs ever, top 5 on my list, though in my opinion, Fulk’s cover even better than the original, with some kind of pure energy right from the essence of ABBA.

But that’s the end of the good times.

It’s also a glimpse back at the beginning of the end of NPR. Back then it was still useful, interesting, worth listening to. A few years later it was converted to full time stenography for American psychopaths, for the fascist neocon/neoliberals who dominate now both American political parties.

NPR’s death was marked by the firing of Bob Edwards in April 2004, though it continues in zombie form yet with the same jingle/theme music. Ah, they recently changed that too, to some soulless tripe.

Fitting. Entertainment for liberals.

I should clarify:

  • All American liberals are neoliberals.
  • All neoliberals are neocons.
  • All neocons are fascist. Straight up.

Liberals say:

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 11.19.07 PM

But facts keep getting in their way.

  • police murder blacks in the street in the US, three times every day. This has been going for basically forever.

I quote from:

Daily, Americans are being shot, stripped, searched, choked, beaten and tasered by police for little more than daring to frown, smile, question, challenge an order or just exist.

I’m talking about the growing numbers of unarmed people are who being shot and killed for just standing a certain way, or moving a certain way, or holding something—anything—that police could misinterpret to be a gun, or igniting some trigger-centric fear in a police officer’s mind that has nothing to do with an actual threat to their safety.

Killed by police for standing in a “shooting stance.” Killed for holding a cell phone. Killed for holding a baseball bat. Killed for opening the front door. Killed for being a child in a car pursued by police. Killed for approaching police while holding a metal spoon. Killed for running in an aggressive manner while holding a tree branch. Killed for crawling around naked. Killed for hunching over in a defensive posture. Killed because a police officer accidentally fired his gun instead of his taser. Killed for wearing dark pants and a basketball jersey. Killed for reaching for his license and registration during a traffic stop. Killed for driving while deaf. Killed for being homeless. Killed for brandishing a shoehorn. Killed for peeing outdoors. Killed for having his car break down on the road. Killed for holding a garden hose.

Now you can make all kinds of excuses to justify these shootings, and in fact that’s exactly what you’ll hear from politicians, police unions, law enforcement officials and individuals who are more than happy to march in lockstep with the police. However, as these incidents make clear, the only truly compliant, submissive and obedient citizen in a police state is a dead one.

  • American blacks are not only murdered by cops every day, they’re put in prison at mind-boggling rates too

I quote from the book blurb description of Why Are So Many Black Men in Prison? A Comprehensive Account of How and Why the Prison Industry Has Become a Predatory Entity in the Lives of African-American Men, a book by Demico Boothe:

African-American males are being imprisoned at an alarming and unprecedented rate. Out of the more than 11 million black adult males in the U.S. population, nearly 1.5 million are in prisons and jails with another 3.5 million more on probation or parole or who have previously been on probation or parole. Black males make up the majority of the total prison population, and due to either present or past incarceration is the most socially disenfranchised group of American citizens in the country today. This book, which was penned by Boothe while he was still incarcerated, details the author’s personal story of a negligent upbringing in an impoverished community, his subsequent engagement in criminal activity (drug dealing), his incarceration, and his release from prison and experiencing of the crippling social disenfranchisement that comes with being an ex-felon. The author then relates his personal experiences and realizations to the seminal problems within the African-American community, federal government, and criminal justice system that cause his own experiences to be the same experiences of millions of other young black men. This book focuses on the totality of how and why the U.S. prison system became the largest prison system in the world, and is filled with relevant statistical and historical references and controversial facts and quotes from notable persons and sources.

  • American blacks are deprived of jobs, systematically. Most of them, anyway. One became President of the United States. But who lives in American ghettos?

Keep debating how many angels can dance on the head of pin. Back to the virtue-signaling liberal with the “Black Out picture” post captioned:

VOTE OUT everyone who feeds, tolerates, ignores or publicly promotes this hate.

Great. So to vote people OUT means obviously you have to vote other people IN. But everyone on the American election menu feeds, tolerates, ignores or publicly promotes this hate. Trump OUT? Biden IN? Joe Biden, best buddy of iconic American segregationists (Helms, Thurmond), architect of late 20th century American apartheid, the school-to-prison privatized mass incarceration industrial complex. Just do a google search of Biden Thurmond

Businessinsider Joe Biden bragged about a harsh 1992 crime bill that did ‘everything but hang people for jaywalking

Obama’s, Clintons’, Biden’s Democratic Party, responsible for the American Gulag Archipelago, and slave labor reindustrialized, reinstitutionalized.

That’s enough racism (hate) to build the largest prison population in the world since 1994. That’s largest both in terms of percentage of population, and absolute numbers. The US has more prisoners than China does with 4 times the population.

Lars Jorgensen writes:

“Bill Clinton did more to harm black people in the US (by changing the law to put people in prison for a long time for small offenses) than Trump will ever be able to do.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 12.01.16 AM

What does the Democratic National Party say about this now, today? What’s the party talking point?

“It’s the States! Not Clinton and Biden’s crime bill. Not our “War on Drugs”.

It’s a local issue. Folks, vote for your local Sheriff!” (paraphrasing Barak Obama)

Yep, it’s local mayors and sheriffs, and YOU the voter voting for the wrong mayors and sheriffs, who screwed the working class and blacks and poor people. It’s not the American corruption casino (I mean “government”) — acting decade after decade after decade like some kind of solar nuclear fusion engine of unlimited energy driving absolutely nothing else but (racist) imperialist war (resource theft and civilizational annihilation) for the profit of a handful of atrocity-feeding aristocrats, psychopaths — … it’s not THAT, not the Democrat/Republican American duopoly, not the uniparty fascist state theatre of death and hate. It’s you the voter, according to Joe Biden and Banker-Owned Barak the Bomber, according to the Democratic Party’s official “narrative”.

And Americans buy it, they buy that line, they believe it.

Because, Americans, a certain kind of American anyway, the kind that consumes mainstream American media and finds it credible, they couldn’t care less. “Solidarity” is just another empty slogan of a fake politics, the politics of fake people, people for whom everything is empty and fake, where nothing means anything. People for whom global fascism (corporatism and war) — fueled by a fusion star of limitless energy for racist killing and sucking the wealth and life out of everything and everyone — is simply unremarkable, and unnoticed.

A pavlovian people for whom nothing means and nothing matters, who’ll signal on cue at every corporate virtue sign flashed in their face.

“Folks, vote for your local sheriffs, mayors, and governors. Let’s get to work.”

The Democratic Party of Biden, Clinton, and Barak Obama.

Can a black man be fascist? Yeah. Every action Obama took for 8 years was fascist. If you’re not familiar with this, try the fact sheet:

For one thing, Obama’s administration bombed foreign countries, of black and brown people incidentally (um, NOT solidarity) every day of his 8 year Presidency (a first in US history), while cracking skulls at Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, DAPL, Occupy Wall Street (while opening the Treasury to Wall Street), installing fascists (actual Nazis) in Ukraine, and arming ISIS and Al Qaeda for racist imperial war of aggression against country after country, terrorizing half the globe.

📞 greatest 30 second phone-in ever:

I yield my time.

Civil? Yeah. It’s not just American presidents and political parties and the Congress and the media that are extreme, violent, fascist (corporate and imperialist), evil, racist, murderous, corrupted beyond measure, manipulative, intentionally deceptive, and propagandizing.

Democracy, Freedom, and Human Rights?

Those are debased by American institutions. The words are propaganda, their meaning completely debased. What they actually mean are:

Corruption, Exploitation, and Oppression.

It’s these f-ckers too, these mayors, sheriffs, police chiefs, city council members: corrupted, exploitative, tools of oppression.

There is a shell game called “Democrats and Republicans”, or “Trump and not Trump”. The game (gamification!) hides the reality: every American institution is an institution of racist fascist imperialism exercising the vile maxim. There’s no defense for any of it. Voting is no defense. It’s a mask. It throws you into the arms of the next racist fascist imperialist killer.

The country’s political culture is an atrocity. Promoting its values, and denouncing those who call it out for its crimes, is not civil.

I think being civil matters. I also think it’s only possible (else, avoidance) without unearned pretense of civility. Promoting corporate imperialist language of violence and hate while imagining it to be civil, that’s, well, civility starts with clarity, honesty, not Orwellian Propaganda from the Atlantic Council and NYT, mouthpieces of global fascism using the language of so-called “freedom”. Likewise for so-called “civil servants” parroting the same bullshit. They’re not “civil”. They’re vile. Their vileness papered over with a veneer of false civility.

How often do you see parasites confronted so directly, so effectively, in under 30 seconds via phone call? ‘

’a’s funny

“SMD…I yield my time…FU!”

One reply on “Dancing Queen”

Manoj Rijhwani writes
“Welcome to an Orwellian Brave New World!
Orwell’s (1984) words were prescient. Huxley (Brave New World) was a school teacher of Orwell’s at Eton College. They both attended elite symposiums in the 1920s and 30s where all of this was discussed in complete seriousness…sort of like early versions of Bilderberger meetings. So the accuracy of their books was no accident…they actually KNEW what was being planned. Huxley just emphasized the more SOCIALIST elements while Orwell emphasized the more FASCIST elements…they were both right, because both aspects were always part of the plan. It’s obvious that the Rulers always intended to use both approaches as part of their CONTROL structure.
Looking at their personal lives and backgrounds, it appears that Orwell was trying to warn us. Huxley was much more of a British upper crust blue blood. He seemed to be in agreement with what the Rulers were planning, and along with his brother Julian he was actually helping them. They both knew what was coming.
Were they used as textbooks by the Rulers? It’s just that the general public aren’t as worried about controlling the masses as the Rulers’ are.”


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