No browsing the Apple music catalogue today. But I can click the “Listen Together” button, and stand in solidarity with Black communities everywhere.

I guess it’s fair to assume that voting for Joe Biden also shows solidarity with black communities. Joe Biden, best buddy of iconic American segregationists (Helms, Thurmond), architect of late 20th century American apartheid, the school-to-prison privatized mass incarceration industrial complex.

The Democratic Party of Biden, Clinton, and Barak Obama.

Obama has the answer: “Don’t be violent, and, keep voting, locally,” he says.

Can a black man be fascist? Yeah. Every action Obama took for 8 years was fascist. If you’re not familiar with this, try the fact sheet:

For one thing, Obama’s administration bombed foreign countries, of black and brown people incidentally (um, NOT solidarity) every day of his 8 year Presidency (a first in US history), while cracking skulls at Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, DAPL, Occupy Wall Street (while opening the Treasury to Wall Street), installing fascists (actual Nazis) in Ukraine, and arming ISIS and Al Qaeda for racist imperial war of aggression against country after country, terrorizing half the globe.

Clinton(s)’, Biden’s, Obama’s Democratic Party, responsible for the American Gulag Archipelago, and slave labor reindustrialized, reinstitutionalized. But, the Democrats say:

“It’s the States! Not Clinton and Biden’s ’90s crime bill. Not our “War on Drugs”.

It’s a local issue. Folks, vote for your local Sheriff!” (paraphrasing Barak Obama)

Yep, it’s local mayors and sheriffs, and YOU the voter voting for the wrong mayors and sheriffs, who screwed the working class and blacks and poor people. It’s not the American corruption casino (I mean “government”) — acting decade after decade after decade like some kind of solar nuclear fusion engine of unlimited energy driving absolutely nothing else but (racist) imperialist war (resource theft and civilizational annihilation) for the profit of a handful of atrocity-feeding aristocrats, psychopaths — … it’s not THAT, not the Democrat/Republican American duopoly, not the uniparty fascist state theatre of death and hate.

It’s you the voter, according to Joe Biden, according to Banker-Owned Barak the Bomber, according to the Democratic Party’s official “narrative”. And Americans buy it, they buy that line, they believe it.

Because, Americans, a certain kind of American anyway, the kind that consumes mainstream American media and finds it credible, they couldn’t care less. “Solidarity” is just another empty slogan of a fake politics, the politics of fake people, people for whom everything is empty and fake, where nothing means anything. People for whom global fascism (corporatism and war) — fueled by a fusion star of limitless energy for racist killing and sucking the wealth and life out of everything and everyone — is simply unremarkable, and unnoticed.

A pavlovian people for whom nothing means and nothing matters, who’ll signal on cue at every corporate virtue sign flashed in their face.

“Folks, vote for your local sheriffs, mayors, and governors. Let’s get to work.” – your latest virtue signal. Go!



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