This is a revolution of the 1% against the 99% in the guise of its opposite

“This is a revolution of the 1% against the 99% in the guise of its opposite.”

SK: Antifa aren’t terrorists, they oppose fascists.
Do they oppose the US war machine? Imperialism Is fascism
SK: I would assume they have an anti imperialist stance if they’re true to the doctrine of being against fascism
 Good assumption. But doesn’t seem to be the case.
RH: They are against whatever Soros and friends tell them to be against.
…and Soros is a fascist extraordinaire

RJ: Self-identifying “antifa” members in Australia actively parrot U.S. establishment propaganda regarding HK “protesters” and “democracy”. They also often have a boner for Xinjiang terrorists.

Most “antifa” folks I encounter in Australia are actually liberals. lol.

GM: The Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis, KKK, White Supremacists, in fact all hate groups are Republican Conservatives and Trump supporters. Those who support Trump also support the aforementioned groups. Guilt by association. Anti-fascists are not the problem but fascist are, and they’re Trump supporters.

…and “Obama supporters” (the terminology of American “politics” is idiotic) are also fascist.

US official policy is the vile maxim: everything for billionaires; for everyone else: nothing.

For these billionaires, everything means everything, including everything in every country on earth. Racist colonial imperial war of aggression world wide. That’s why Obama expanded Bush’s wars from 2 countries to 7, put NAZIS in power by force in Ukraine, armed and paid fundamentalist terrorists (ISIS, Al Qaeda) to annihilate socialist societies in Syria and Libya, put troops into 53 African countries, “pivoted to Asia” (threatening China), armed thug terrorists in Honduras and Columbia, backed thugs who put Brazil’s president in jail giving Brazil Bolsonairo, and on and on.

If you support Obama/Biden, then you support the aforementioned groups and actions. Fascist. Guilt by association.

That’s The USA: fascist, or, fascist, with at least half of the voters deluded into believing they’re not.

TB: Well, call “it” antifa or call “it” something else, I have no problem with “it” being designated as “terrorist”. If, that is, by “it”, “we” understand anti-platforming at universities, incitement and provocation at otherwise authentic rallies, subversion of normal and healthy class conflict under the auspices of identity politics… sure, it’s terrorism so why not label it as such?
MT:  “Confirmations?”

One thing is certain

Both “sides” of the US political establishment, Republican and Democrat, Trump and Obama/Biden/Clinton, are on the same side. Anyone who works for a living is not.

We’re in a Dark Age, the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump Era: Fascist, corporate, anti-people, imperialist, racist, war-mongering, mass murdering atrocity machines all of them.


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