American Liberal God Damn

The US is always the victim. Like, remember 1963-75, the American War, when Vietnamese troops occupied half of the USA and bombed all of it? Those damned Vietnamese dropping their napalm gasoline bombs all over the United States, spraying their chemical weapons everywhere, their “agent orange”, slaughtering every American in sight…

While “right” Vietnamese argued for MORE bombing, and hippy Vietnamese protested for giving peace a chance, but since then have cheered for Vietnam bombing and terrorizing nearly the entire rest of the world.

What kind of fucked up people is that?

Fucking deranged, racist, supremacist, fascist. 

A Facebook friend writes:

“Yeah so this Patriot Act extension to include the right for the government to monitor a US citizen’s bowser history without a warrant, has me livid of course, but I’m wondering what these authoritarian liberals think? It is also interesting that the original Patriot Act was passed under the Bush Administration to the applause of so called “patriots,” these rightwing government-hating Republican apologists. While now we are seeing a monumental shift in ideologies since Russiagate and Corona. Where people calling themselves “left,” or the “synthetic left” as Caleb Maupin aptly calls them, have praised and admired, even worshipped the intelligence agencies at times, hoisting them up as their gods, and now are probably the biggest defenders of the surveillance state based on their recent submission to authority over their television-enhanced fears about a flu-like virus.

So we see traditional bootlickers of the rightwing, protesting the lockdown, while the so-called liberal left are cheering to usher in this new Orwellian surveillance state. Truly remarkable times – it’s like the magnetic poles have shifted in the collective minds of the herd.”

Mark Taliano writes “Yes, this would be the West’s worst disgrace. And most Canadians say nothing.”


What kind of fucked up people is that?

You’re a NAZI

If you look like a nazi, sound like one, think like one, act like one, well, you better check.

No. You know what? There’s nothing to check. You’re a Nazi.

To act like a nazi, is to act in ways that evidently are motivated by an aggregate blob of the following kinds of attitudes:

  • a belief that you’re so fuckin’ special
  • delusional acceptance of the idea that you’re under attack
  • inciting and making manifest imperial war(s) of aggression
  • making so, the above item, serially
  • having no problem with this
  • or, if any problem is admitted, with war of aggression, which is systematic mass murder, you limit the scope of the problem only to the possibility that those we send into the world to do the killing may themselves be killed or otherwise harmed and traumatized. The effect on those they kill and maim is inconsequential
  • racism. the above items are the embodiment of a deep and total racism. They cannot be held in the mind except by minds completely poisoned by toxic racism.
    • a corollary here: welcoming refugees into your country does not make you “not a racist”, and “not a nazi”. Let this sink into what remains of your brain: if you passively and silently accept the invasion and destruction of nations, destruction that creates refugees, if you admire armies and terrorists and world leaders that do this, or if you “intellectually” “justify” such crimes against peace and humanity by parroting total bullshit propaganda that is designed for that purpose only (the purpose is for YOU to parrot it, like a fucking bird-brained moron genuinely convinced of its own intellectual prowess), then you are a promoter of mass death upon people that you don’t give two shits about, and the only possible reason you can wish and promote mass murder on people without giving a fuck about it, is if racism in pure toxic form is very far advanced in your mind. Your poison-addled mind is not cured by welcoming refugees. You don’t cheer on the murder of people in the house across the street. You don’t supply the arms and pay the killer and then declare yourself enlightened and wonderful because you accept a sole survivor to live with you. You’re a murdering psychopath, whether you accept a refugee or not.
  • hating Russia. Every imperialist power in history exhibits all of the above. Russia hatred is a consistent part of British and American imperialism and one of the primary characteristics of German Nazism. Anti-Russia hatred is again whipped to a frenzy today, and magically converts the “educated” classes of Euro-America into frothing-at-the-mouth drooling war-mongering psychopath zombies, absolute fucking morons begging for their own death.

So that’s a nazi, according to my definition, which is pretty reasonable. The Nazi mind is infected with ideas about various kinds of others upon whom you wish, but not only wish but invoke, death and destruction, all of which glorifies your greatness and your fucking specialness.

Keep watching Rachel Maddow, who gets paid 30,000 US dollars every day to lie to you, AND YOU LOVE IT. Or turn that off and atone for who you are and what you do.

I voted for Barak Obama in 2008. I had voted for Democrats in every election in which I could vote since 1985. 2008 was the last time I voted. I didn’t vote for Obama the second time in 2012, because by then he’d proven himself another lying American war-monger/killer war criminal, executive of war of aggression, in 2011 against Syria, a war by proxy, arming and paying terrorists to overthrow yet another government in yet another imperial war, the lies supporting it utterly transparent, the same fucking playbook as the time before, and the time before, and the time before that, and before that… yet still believed, by all those who believe themselves so fucking special, deluded by cult of personality. “He’s so special, Obama.” “He’s the greatest President of my lifetime.” And Hillary too, “she’s the most qualified ever to run for the office.”

Yes, we’re all so fucking special that our “greatest leader” can overthrow in 2014 by coup d’etat the elected government of Ukraine in order to claim Sevastopol for the US Navy, by installing by force actual REAL nazis in power in Ukraine, Russia-hating nazis who are not capable of winning election in Ukraine, with the intent of building a wall separating Ukraine from Russia.

But that’s all good, and wholesome, and beneficial.

Why? Because, it’s self-evident, we’re all so fucking special! As Obama is. “I voted for Obama and I am God’s gift to the world I’m so wonderful, and Obama is the greatest of all time, so there can be no question about it whatsoever.”

“Heil Fuhrer!“

And fuck you all.

no war

American Exceptionalism

You know I just figured out, finally, what it is precisely that makes the USA exceptional. It’s the only country “big enough” to have not one, but TWO Nazi parties. Two political parties (D) and (R) both completely fascist, supremacist, racist (you have to be racist to set half the world on fire), corporatist. Two parties wholly committed to mass murdering war mongering crimes against peace and humanity, architects of wars of aggression too numerous to count, leaders of both parties war criminal psychopaths all, but here’s the trick: while they’re demonizing one country after another all over the world to prep the public for bombing it for profit, they also demonize the other party, pointing their finger at the horror of the (D) or the (R). Hahaha. What an exceptional killing joke. And we’re all supposed to run around, and most of us do, as stupefied credulous morons cheering for (D) mass murdering psychopaths or (R) mass murdering psychopaths, casting our approval by vote, for one or the other piece of excrement. That’s American exceptionalism. Germany had only one Adolph Hitler. Japan, only one Emperor. Too brittle, unsustainable. The US, its voters mesmerized by an endless carousel of clowns they call presidents or candidates parading around their heads, screaming at this one and that one, while their country burns the whole world down… A psychotic carnival of bullshit. Truly exceptional. Where will it end? How can it end?

From Susan Home:

“I can’t seem to stop thinking about this exact same thing. Since the unconstitutional de facto Supreme Court selection of Bush in 1999 everything’s gotten increasingly more surreal, but I truly think the Democrats’ embracing war and war crimes under Obama, and then fighting for fraudulently selected ‘we came, we saw, he died,’ and THEN the utter insanity of their Trump derangement and Russiagate for the past three years – with NO walking it back – may mean we’re lost. The social engineering / mind control is nearly complete. That is, since mobs rule. I don’t know what proportion of the population are order-following Republicans / order following (now, surreally) Democrats, v. ‘other.’ But we’ve got nothing but order-following automatons who will fight for this fraudulent system to the death. And they vote. They WANT it. They are what holds this insanity in place. What to do?”

I’m at a loss. I really have no idea. It does appear completely hopeless. I appreciate your summary of the situation. Exactly on target.

Even Slavery is back

Now fully realized, The United States has reinstitutionalized SLAVERY, at industrial (and plantation) scale. What more need be said; what other facts need be known?
Of course, there is more. Over the Last 28 years, the United States has invaded and annihilated more countries than Hitler’s Third Reich did, and, threatens constantly the same for still more, including for Russia, which the US hates with a zeal and insanity indistinguishable from, again, NAZI German Fascist anti-Russia hate.

Listen now to the heinous, broken, soul/logic/mind of Americans: “vote Democrat; Trump is fascist!”

Democrats oppose NONE of this. They oppose not the for-profit mass incarceration state (for black people), not the leasing out of black slaves from prison to agribusiness corporations for at-scale plantation slave labor, not the systematic for-profit and for-empire mass-murdering serial wars of aggression, not the racist fascist demonization of others worldwide, nor the continuous death-dealing, nor the perpetual threats of megadeath mass destruction, nor for that matter do Democrats oppose the ruin of The United States’ own population, half of whom can no longer afford to eat except on credit.
Democrats are not in opposition. On the contrary, they are not just complicit, in all of this, but are 100% integral to these policies, now realities, 100% integral in policy formulation, and policy enactment, execution, sustenance, and inexorable scope creep/extension.

Slavery is back, and the US drops a bomb every 12 minutes. But Democrats say “Trump is the problem!” Makes perfect sense, if you’re an infantile narcissist.

Is that, Americans, all you’ve got? Infantile narcissism?

i see nothing else. The US is evil, hell on earth, and its so-called progressive (whatever) people, are idiotic babies. Has anyone ever seen a more revolting sight?

Hideous. Medusa-like

You Sided With The Abuser Like A Fucking Cliché

From Caity Johnstone,é-1b717ca6431a

You sided with the abuser like a fucking cliché.

You told your son he shouldn’t displease his mother when he showed you the bite marks and bruises.

You chugged Nyquil while your husband raped your daughters and pretended to faint whenever they tried to tell you.

You invited the priest for dinner every Thursday and called your son an evil liar when he said what happens during prayer time.

You sided with the abuser like a fucking cliché.

You shrieked “rioting” and “looting” when people expressed their anger about cops murdering them with impunity.

You shrieked “terrorism” and “antisemitism” when Palestinians rose up against genocide and apartheid.

You called child rape in the Church a conspiracy theory and piously held out your tongue for your cracker.

You babbled about bad hygiene and Vladimir Putin when they arrested the journalist for exposing war crimes.

You babbled about humanitarian intervention when your government was arming ISIS and Al Qaeda.

You babbled about free and fair elections when your government was starving people to death for their oil.

You sided with the abuser like a fucking cliché.

You sided with rapacious multinational megacorporations over the people clearing their shelves in rightful outrage.

You sided with the globe-sprawling bloodthirsty empire over the nations struggling to retain their sovereignty.

You sided with greedy tech oligarchs over the public whose voice they’re slowly throttling.

You sided with the murderers over those being murdered.

You sided with the powerful over the weak.

You sided with victimizers over those being victimized.

You sided with the abusers over the abused.

You are the abuser.

You are the rapist.

You are the murderer.

You are the empire.

You are the disease.

You sided with the abuser like a fucking cliché.

You sided with the abuser like a fucking cliché.

One reply on “American Liberal God Damn”

In the Newspeak vocabulary, the word crimestop denotes the citizen’s self-awareness to immediately rid themselves of unwanted, incorrect thoughts (personal and political), the discovery of which, by the Thinkpol, would lead to detection and arrest, transport to and interrogation at the Miniluv (Ministry of Love). The protagonist, Winston Smith, describes crimestop as a conscious process of self-imposed cognitive dissonance:

The mind should develop a blind spot whenever a dangerous thought presented itself. The process should be automatic, instinctive. Crimestop, they called it in Newspeak. . . . He set to work to exercise himself in crimestop. He presented himself with propositions—’the Party says the Earth is flat’, ‘the Party says that ice is heavier than water’—and trained himself in not seeing or not understanding the arguments that contradicted them.

Moreover, from the perspective of Oceania’s principal enemy of the state, in the history book The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, Emanuel Goldstein said that:

Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity.”


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