Who is Dumber than Pavement?

Who is dumber than pavement?:

Americans, and others persuaded by American narrative.

I give a couple examples and induce a generalization.

Those who wear masks while believing in this:


Others on Facebook addressed this:

Lori Stuart writes “When I was in elementary school we said grace before lunch. Some kid would always say, teacher, so and so didn’t close their eyes during the blessing. The teacher would say, well your eyes were open too, or how did you see them? So I want to know, how can you help someone else by wearing a mask? Why are you doing it for them; if they have a mask then they’re already covered, it shouldn’t matter what you do!

I mean, there’s so many people saying they only wear the mask “to protect others”. They don’t admit they wear it for their own protection, or because they were forced to. They have to make something noble out of it. But if the other person you’re protecting is so scared why don’t they have one? And if they do, you don’t need to protect them! And if they want one and don’t have one, why not give them yours?”

No, there’s no need to wear it for others if they won’t wear it for themselves. And asymptomatic people shed virus out of their whole body not just the face

Juniper Kozlowski writes “People identify with their masks now. They belong. And they identify with their oppressors, and identify as doctor/heroes/self sacrificing “Front-Liners” and medical experts like they’ve seen on TV. they put on that mask and they not only feel safe submitting to the authority that is going to protect and take care of them, but they also feel like virtuous martyr-heroes like the front-liners because they are ‘protecting’ others from the Invisible Enemy. it’s so repugnant.”

The C19 narrative (full of lies) is like every other American narrative:

a narrative of full spectrum dominance. A narrative of annihilation of societies, countries, regions. A narrative promoting crimes against peace and humanity. A narrative promoting imperialism, racism, concentrated power, a narrative promoting “all for western elites and nothing for everyone else”, a narrative that is nothing more than the vile maxim. A narrative of nihilism. A narrative of destruction of humanity. A narrative of, by, and for psychopaths with asinine dreams of dystopic totalitarianism. To be clear, the narrative of neoliberalism, a shit-show narrative designed to obscure what is in plain sight for 40 years: a fascist ideology of supremacists (and eugenicists) intent on finishing the job of destroying everyone who works for a living in order to revert to an order in which elites live in castles while the rest of us wear rags, eat stone soup, and drop dead.

Who, a commenter asked, am I addressing?

There are two kinds of people who buy into these narratives:

  1. people who are themselves psychopaths and know they are
  2. people who buy into these narratives because they believe the narratives are humanitarian

I’m usually addressing the latter, people who listen to (the liar) Samantha Power speak of “humanitarian intervention” and “R2P”, and think “this is something I can believe in.”

Dumb is everywhere, pervasive. Dumber than pavement. But just how dumb goes from bad to worse year after year, narrative after narrative, spiraling into the abyss. Seeing it spawns “dumber than pavement“, and degrees even there.

There is a distinction between:

  • people who ask for the boot to stomp on the human face – forever, as if people are pavement
  • people who lick the boot and cling to it as it stomps on their face – forever

It occurs (more self flattery!) to me that this is like being a pile of dog shit on pavement.

Shit sticks to the boot, and in a way, licks it.

Who’s dumber than pavement? Answer: people who look at a fascist and see a humanitarian.

One reply on “Who is Dumber than Pavement?”

I saw this online: “The sort of naive, willful ignorance of privileged, which makes people swallow colonizing people of Africa while believing that they are saving “starving children”. Or “saving children of Syria” while supporting imperial war against the Syrian people.”

That’s it, exactly. The stupefied, effectively dumber than pavement. And in some cases taking it further, clinging to and licking the boot.


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