Drunk nude gymnastics at the lake IS essential

University of Kentucky fires cheerleading coaches after hazing and nudity investigation

Who’s the busybody supercitizen who reported this for investigation? Probably one of these fuckers who thinks people should stand 2 meters apart, wear masks and be locked up at home other than for “essential” reasons.

Drunk nude gymnastics at the lake IS essential. Period.

It is likely however that this is the last decision the President of the University of Kentucky will make, about anything. Given that the University is not reopening, or if/when it does, it will be entirely privatized, and online, and owned by some piece of shit like trillionaire Amazon fuck or Bill Hates.

A fitting end. A tribute to nihilst fuckery.

One reply on “Drunk nude gymnastics at the lake IS essential”

A reader comments: “I saw, it was probably just to get out from paying these coaches salaries- they can’t afford these programs anymore- so in the contract it’s written that if you’re found to have conduct detrimental to the integrity of the university you can be fired and I don’t owe you anything.”

Which makes me think: Would be better if they just admit the University is closing; But I guess the billionaires who are going to own it privately (name change to Bezos University) will not be liable for paying anyone even if sued.


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