The mind of the American liberal

A glimpse:

An American liberal writes:

“● I want you to know that I am educated enough to know that I could be asymptomatic and still give you the virus.
● No, I don’t “live in fear” of the virus; I just want to be part of the solution, not the problem.
● I don’t feel like the “government is controlling me;” I feel like I’m being a contributing adult to society and I want to teach others the same.
● The world doesn’t revolve around me. It’s not all about me and my comfort.
● If we all could live with other people’s consideration in mind, this whole world would be a much better place.
● Wearing a mask doesn’t make me weak, scared, stupid, or even “controlled.” It makes me considerate.
● When you think about how you look, how uncomfortable it is, or what others think of you, just imagine someone close to you – a child, a father, a mother, grandparent, aunt, or uncle – choking on a respirator , alone without you or any family member allowed at bedside.
● Ask yourself if you could have sucked it up a little for them.
Copied and posted. Do the same?” 

Not quite the same. No.

This list of bullet points is PROPAGANDA. If you incorporate this into your beliefs and action you are a stupefied STOOGE participating in civil annihilation voluntarily, harming your health and others’ while you proudly declare your abject servility to the fascist boot stomping on your face

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