This is AWESOME!!!

Forbes magazine with instructions for IDIOTS: how to spot, and respond to, propaganda.

Let’s call a spade a spade. Only those dumber than pavement can find this article anything but an instant classic case study in projection.

Read it and laugh your ass off and then cry.

What’s the first premise of propaganda? I mean for Christ’s sake, it’s not Judy Mikovits who’s the global overlord who’s thrown half the world’s workforce out of work, shut down schools, ruined businesses and human livelihood and put half the world under house arrest all on the pretext of a mass media narrative designed to induce panic, terror, fear and loathing.

But here’s Forbes with an article on the dangers of the propaganda OF JUDY MIKOVITS.

Jesus ever loving Christ

There is an avalanche of Mikovits debunking, overkill really, like the use of “conspiracy theory” — what, 50 times? — in the article. That signals probability that the Mikovits story itself is part of the psyop, a debunkable limited hangout reinforcing the narrative.

The narrative is too idiotic though. Or is it? Evidently nothing can be too idiotic. That’s another question for further thought.

But let’s just narrow to looking at terminology. At this point after many decades of overuse, the assertion — “conspiracy theory” — comes only from those astute as the offspring of a parrot and Pavlov’s dog, parrot-barking a slogan on command reflexively. It means nothing to them, or anyone else.

I’m swapping the word for orchestration. Pavlovian obedience training is queued on the word “conspiracy”, not on “orchestration”.

No one, yet, formulates an accusatory — “orchestration theorist” — not with feeble-minded indignation anyway.

Somebody bring Forbes up to speed on overkill:

— “Conspiracy theory” just jumped the shark.
— “Never go full retard”
— “Why It’s Important to Push Back on Plandemic — And How to Do It.”

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