Big Foot

Hey friends, people with functioning brains, could you recommend a book about CIA disinformation? Specifically one that draws out tactics like: flat earth: Plant totally stupid ideas and use that to discredit everyone and every idea. UFO is the same kind of disinformation. It’s planted as “going against the narrative”, although UFO has different connotations […]

Heil Dictator Fuhrer

…and it’s even worse that that. The concept of the Covid pandemic has been premised since day one, on the belief that we DON’T live in a world of viruses, that human respiratory illness is NOT common, and does NOT accompany severe illness and death TYPICALLY. And that death ITSELF is novel, never seen before. […]

Spectral non-classical “science” assaults you

Celia Farber mentions here the “spectral non-classical science” that presents itself again, as it has presented itself repeatedly, like weather. A climate described in 1953 by Arthur Miller in The Crucible. It is a TOTAL abandonment of reason. This is becoming clear to more and more people. Again. But it was clear to some on […]

A story about AIDS

Let me tell you a story. I don’t know what people do today. But I know what things were like in the 80s in Lexington Kentucky where I grew up. I graduated high school in 1985. There were about 650 students in my school. There were 4 high schools in our county, plus others in […]

The Pledge of Allegiance

This post is not political. I mean, it’s not about supporting one political party or another.  The pledge of allegiance is recited by every child in the United States of America, every day at school. Each morning over the school’s public address system, a student leads the day’s pledge of allegiance: I pledge allegiance to […]

Lab Leak Reversal

Interesting article here in so far as it calls for awareness of the effects of blind obedience to official narrative up to and including refusal to even look at evidence, refusal to investigate. What we have in this reversal — the lab leak is impossible, “conspiracy theory” the lab leak may be possible (17 […]

8.3 Meters  ^^^^^^ …think about the INSANITY of injecting the entire population for that yellow line (most of whom were over 80). Criminally insane, those who are pushing this. And those who are following it are magical thinkers who believe their magical injection will make sick 80 year olds immortal. Recent articles/commentary: This is […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

I want a plague-ending potion. But there is no plague. The data shows it. Death rate is normal for the current times, and in fact, near all time historic lows. However, the wish persists: “I want a plague-ending potion”. We need to break this down then. Let’s examine the wish. It’s a simple […]

Swedish Vaccine Schedule

I’d like to ask, since you do discuss it (a rare quality), do you think it is a valid assertion, to say that: — any Swede who has a doubt about increasing the age 0-18 Swedish schedule of vaccines from 5 (vaccines) to 54 or 78 (like in the USA which increased to that level […]


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