The Pledge of Allegiance

This post is not political. I mean, it’s not about supporting one political party or another.  The pledge of allegiance is recited by every child in the United States of America, every day at school. Each morning over the school’s public address system, a student leads the day’s pledge of allegiance: I pledge allegiance to […]

Lab Leak Reversal

Interesting article here in so far as it calls for awareness of the effects of blind obedience to official narrative up to and including refusal to even look at evidence, refusal to investigate. What we have in this reversal — the lab leak is impossible, “conspiracy theory” the lab leak may be possible (17 […]

8.3 Meters  ^^^^^^ …think about the INSANITY of injecting the entire population for that yellow line (most of whom were over 80). Criminally insane, those who are pushing this. And those who are following it are magical thinkers who believe their magical injection will make sick 80 year olds immortal. Recent articles/commentary: This is […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

I want a plague-ending potion. But there is no plague. The data shows it. Death rate is normal for the current times, and in fact, near all time historic lows. However, the wish persists: “I want a plague-ending potion”. We need to break this down then. Let’s examine the wish. It’s a simple […]

Swedish Vaccine Schedule

I’d like to ask, since you do discuss it (a rare quality), do you think it is a valid assertion, to say that: — any Swede who has a doubt about increasing the age 0-18 Swedish schedule of vaccines from 5 (vaccines) to 54 or 78 (like in the USA which increased to that level […]

Dispatch from Moon Base Alpha

17/05/2021 Day 472: I remain alive and well on the moon. Communications continue. Today’s contact from an old friend in Japan: sketched some of my art club students  they’re doing 5 min pose sketching exercises  👍 He wears a uniform? kids wear school uniforms, ya ✅ 🧩 the nail that sticks up gets hammered down😑 […]


here’s the result. this is what being in a cult looks like. The complete collapse of reason, replaced by magical thinking, a belief in salvation, a religious zeal, visions, fanaticism. These are comments of Americans in my home town in Kentucky

Briefing For a Descent Into Hell

Well, that’s the title of Doris Lessing’s 1971 book, Briefing For a Descent Into Hell. Which I bought as a kid but never read. Always meant to though… Back then I thought it was science fiction, but for fuck’s sake now… Feldman’s reply here (in the video clip) is of course weaker than, …I don’t […]

Let’s Talk about Doctors

We’re taught, I mean actively, we’re taught to respect and even admire doctors. Above all, to trust them. This teaching happens in many ways. Education itself, I mean, first of all, it’s the primary lesson, the very purpose of education. What did we learn from 12 years of school, plus “university” after that? Really not […]


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